Isn’t it so annoying when someone thinks they are too old or too mature to have fun and be silly? I feel so bad for my cousin Lauren because she is one of the very few people who see me when I am 100% myself  and I think all my silliness just get bottled up and then I come home and let it all out.  I don’t think I could ever be with someone who thinks they are too cool to blast music and dance around the house or lay in bed and laugh about stupid things all night or make silly videos or whatever your “silly thing” is, because those are all of my favorite memories.
“I am reminding myself: Force myself to wander; work at play; be serious about being silly.”
-someone somewhere? no one knows. but I like it.
top: romwe / skinny jeans: nordstrom


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  1. I have a secret for you, its not exactly dannijo… but it should suffice. Look up Love obsessed on ETSY.

  2. You’re absolutely adorable… love your blog!! Advice please… are romwe size charts accurate? No free return shipping and the site is located in Hong Kong lol

  3. First off I love your blog… your adorable!! I need some advice, Romwe comes from Hong Kong and they do not offer free returns… do you believe their size chart is accurate?