Here is an outfit post for ya:
Pictures are taken by: Amanda Hendrickson
For fun I asked Lauren to style me since I think she is so great at it.. so this is what she put together!

Striped Midi Skirt: Forever 21
“Shut up and Vote” Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Olive Green Sweater: Forever 21
Gold Chain Necklace: Vintage Shop in Carlsbad
Black Pumps: Nordstrom Rack
Have a good weekend!

Photos from Outfit Post and Funky Moods

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  1. Jess!! Oh my gosh yeah found this for like 10 bucks! So glad it was actually long enough because with my daddy long legs I never can find anything!! I must see your baby belly asap! love you!

  2. Joni!! Thank you!!!! Yeah when I had a melt I totally missed the fresh feeling of having your roots done so I ended up going back blonde! But I am obsessed with melts also! Especially since they are so low maintenance!

  3. How did you find a skirt that long at forever 21!? I fail every time I go there these days. Then again, my baby belly wouldn’t quite fit it at the moment anyways. So cute!!

  4. Super cute. And your roots are lookin Faaarresh! My color is melted and sometimes I miss the freshness you get when you color your hair. Oh well. I’m lazy and only have to go every 10 weeks! Yeah for ombre! 😉