I just did an outfit shoot with Kate Livingstone and let me tell ya.. she is unreal.
Well first, she is gorgeous.
two, I got the pics back quick
three, I love her use of colors
four, I love the candid shots
five, she is just a great photographer
definitely recommend.
I love letterman jackets, leather, and leopard so I decided to pair them all together:

shoes: payless {yes, payless :)} / jacket: f21 {similar style: here} / tank: hm / skirt: hm
hair: see tutorial


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  1. I just started following you on instagram and I love your blog. I love all your fashion tips I am going to start using sugar in the morning! I’m excited to see how it works anyways I was wondering if you use any lip plumper or if your just lucky and have pretty lips! I think you are super pretty and I have started using LiLash and I hope it works as good as latise does. Anyways if you would let me know what product you use on your lips I would love it thanks! -Victoria Olson