Barefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

TOP: Topshop / CARDIGAN: Topshop / PANTS: Topshop / COAT: Topshop / SNEAKERS: Frye / BAG: Chanel via Fashionphile

Do you like my really creative title for this post? I couldn’t think of what to call it ha! I have TONS more fun pictures to share from the day I wore this outfit but just sharing a few right now until I have them all edited. Yesterday was such a fun day! The cherry blossoms in Tokyo right now are like out of a story book – I can’t wait for you guys to see all of the amazing photos David has captured!

The kids have had a lot of fun on this trip so far and I am excited for all of the other things we have planned for them. Luckily right next to our airbnb there is a cute playground too. People have been so nice to us and have gone out of their way to be kind. A couple examples: when we arrived we had a ton of suitcases, the pack n play, stroller, etc and we were doing fine pushing it all but this sweet woman and her son insisted on taking our suitcases and pushing them and carrying them up and down the 4 sets of stairs for us. After that she kept insisting we take her umbrella since it was raining and we didn’t have one. It was sooo nice. The other example is the other day we got in a cab and the driver offered to keep David’s big camera bag in the front seat so he didn’t have to have it at his feet. David has about 15k in camera gear in there and when we got out of the cab we forgot it was in the front seat. We headed upstairs and got dressed in comfy clothes and about 10 minutes had passed before he realized he left it. He ran downstairs to see the taxi driver waiting for him with the bag. I just thought that was really great!!

It is currently 5:30am – I have been going to bed SUPER early and waking up super early. I kinda like it actually. Then we get our day going and it makes the day feel so long. I love long days when traveling. Today I am dying to go to the Hello Kitty gift shop and I want to find some anime. We will probably hit up one more cherry blossom park too! We leave Tokyo tomorrow and are off to our next city – super excited for our next stop!

Also I didn’t realize I was wearing almost head to toe Topshop. This is not sponsored by the way, just a coincidence. When I ordered all of my stuff for this trip I went on a Topshop rampage because I forgot that they have the cutest stuff and at good price points. I found so many good things.

Hope you are all having a good week! xoxox

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  1. japan is the best! i’ve been living here for 3,5 years and my favorite thing is the politeness of the people. It is truly amazing.

  2. This sweater is amazing! Love following your blog, and journeys!

  3. I love you’re outfit, I hope you’re having fun, I love Japan! I went to Tokyo and a few other cities a couple summers ago and everyone was soo nice! Everyone was just super respectful and aware of everyone around them. Oh, and I don’t know if this has happened to you yet, but I caught so many people snapping secret pictures of me and my sister, or coming up and asking for a photo because of our blonde hair. We stuck out and everyone noticed haha!

  4. Love those pants! They’re so fun! I’m also loving keeping up with the trip on your guys’ Instagrams! I bet that Hello Kitty gift shop was something though!

    xo, Sofia

  5. Sounds like an amazing culture and place to visit!! That’s awesome he kept the camera bag safe! The cherry blossom parks look so beautiful! I hope I get to see some of those trees one day! Can’t wait to her and see photos from the other cities. =)


  6. Hey Amber
    I really love this Outfit! Its so springy and sunny and just makes me happy 😀 I especially love your Pants and the Cardigan with the cute arm details!
    It really makes me feel a lot better when I hear from you, that you sometimes can’t think for a good outfit post title, because I never can think of one… Maybe you could do another #blogging Post about finding a good title for fashion posts or blog posts in general 🙂
    That would help me a lot!
    Thank you so much 🙂

    Love from Germany
    Pauline <3

  7. So lucky about the camera gear!! Thank goodness humanity still exists – this made me smile.

  8. Such a beautiful place – the cherry blossoms are so pretty! It sounds like the people are extremely nice and helpful too, which is always a big plus when visiting a new place. So glad David got his camera back!
    Your outfit looks gorgeous too and it’s perfect for Japan! I’ll have to check out some of the Topshop’s items! <3

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

  9. The people in Japan are seriously SO nice! My husband lived there for 5 years and told me it’s just important to them to represent their culture and people in such a high regard that they bend over backwards to make tourists feel comfortable and make their stay a little easier. Tokyo is amazing have so much fun!! If you love ramen check out ichiran it’s an amazing food experience.

  10. Amber, all of your beautiful photos are making me want to go back to Japan so badly and you guys look like your having a blast! I’d love to know what sunglasses your rocking in these photos. I noticed in another post you said they are from
    urban outfitters but I can’t figure out which ones they are exactly and I love them! Haha. Any feedback is much appreciated! Arigatou gozaimasu 💓🍡🍬🌸

  11. So cute, Amber! Love the top and cardigan. Tokyo looks so amazing, and I admire you and David so much for taking such adventurous trips with Atticus & Rosie. Can’t wait to see more, enjoy the rest of your trip!

    xo, Miranda

  12. Love this look! So sweet that everyone has been so kind to you, that always makes experiences in new countries that much better! Can’t wait to see more pics 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark

  13. Super cute pants! I can’t believe the taxi driver was waiting for you to come back down and get the camera bag! That is amazing so such a blessing! Sounds like Japan is great so far and I’m excited to see where y’all go next.


  14. LOVE this outfit!!! I notice you’re wearing very colorful outfits while in Japan, stuff that really pops! It stands out yet seems to blend in at the same time in all of your photos there so far!! Love it! How are the locals there? I assume they see a beautiful blonde and are taken away …haha!! God Bless 🙂

  15. I love hearing stories about everyday kindness! I’m so glad you’re having a fun trip and hope to see some pictures from the Hello Kitty store. Also, Rosie & Atticus have been beyond adorable on your IG story.


  16. did you ever figure out your nail color when you got them done?? I love them so much for spring! Hi from Atlanta!

    1. Yes! It is DND and the color is Forest Green!!! Weird I know that its forest green since its not an accurate description at all haha!

  17. LOVE! What are these sunglasses? Are they sold out on Urban…can’t find them anywhere!

  18. Tokyo sounds like it has been so good to you and your little family! We have left camera equipment in a taxi before too and it’s terrifying!! So glad to hear you two got it back. Such a perfect outfit for a fun day out in Japan, gorgeous!


  19. I hope you have a lot of fun in Japan! The picture look amazing!

  20. Glad you are enjoying Japan! I love watching you and the kids on insta stories 🙂 glad the taxi driver waited for you to get the bag, it would have been SUCH a bummer if he went off with it!! x

  21. Hi Amber, you look beautiful as always. I also like your sunglasses and i couldnt see its brand. Could you please share its brand? Thanks

  22. Your outfit is so cute! I’ve only been to the Tokyo airport, but I remember how the ppl there were soooo friendly! A friend had a panda pillow pet, and when we were going through security, the guards thought it was so cute and were so friendly.

  23. Love this look! So happy you are loving Japan – I hope you are going to Kyoto! It is INCREDIBLE. If you do, you have to take the kids to the monkey park at Arashiyama – they will love it!!

  24. So fun! The pictures are beautiful – I am re-living my trip to Japan through your family’s pictures!!! I was in Osaka visiting family! I’m definitely jealous that you are there in spring for those beautiful trees. I will definitely want to take time to visit Tokyo next time I go back!!
    xoxo, Hannah

  25. love that you blend in with the cherry blossoms! Excited to see bits of Japan, my husband had a deployment there and we’ve been dying to go see it together! Thanks for sharing!

  26. This outfit choice is beyond cute…the pictures so far are so beautiful of Tokyo…are you guys enjoying the food? It looks super crowded over there. Will be anxious to hear more stories

  27. Hey Amber,
    Do you think you could do a post on how you felt with school and what your experience was like?
    Love you blog btw xx

  28. Looks so fun!!!! You HAVE to try Kobe Beef….. it is the best from Japan since it orginally from there. Go to the restaurant Sense in the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo and order kobe beef-it is the absolute the best although pricy, but the restaurant has one or two michilin stars:)))) Hope you’re having a great time!! Go to the disney store-so fun!!

  29. Cute outfit! Wow the people there sound soo nice! How amazing that the cab driver was waiting with all that camera gear?! The cherry blossoms look gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more 🙂 xo Holly

  30. I love this outfit!! The mixing of the two different floral patterns on the top and the pants works together so well!


  31. I am so jealous that you are in JAPAN! The blossoms look AMAZING! Oh, & I also love that you’re sporting two different prints in this outfit. 🙌🏻