Okay so in October of 2010 I was at the gym (24 hour fitness) and I go to get a drink and see a small group of guys. One of them was David obviously… He had a mustache and was wearing these short shorts and red tank and striped, tall-ish socks, he kinda looked like an 80’s work out dude but I thought he was soo dreamy. I loved his mustache and for some reason he just looked cool.. (ya know those people you see who are so confident and have cool style but don’t look like they try hard?  Cool is the only word I can think of to describe it) his friends looked cool too.. One of them had a mustache like David and the other had these cool glasses. Anyways… I would see him there for like months it seemed like and we made eye contact all the time but he NEVER came to talk to me. But of course I made sure I went when I knew he’d be there. Still, nada. So then one day I’m on Facebook and I am looking at this random girls pictures for some reason and recognize him in one of the pictures.. I didn’t know his name before that but I knew that was him so I added him. Then, he sent me a message 🙂 holy crap I was so pumped but I tried to be super short and act like I didn’t care. (so stupid how we play those games.. Sometimes we have to) 

We didn’t have time to get together because right after that I left for Arizona for 2 months. In Arizona I met someone and started dating him non exclusively. When I came back up to Provo I was still going on dates with other people so when I saw David at the gym he then messaged me and said we should get together. We went out a few times.. Enough where I felt like I got to know him but I wasn’t interested just because I was still dating the Arizona guy and my mind was just shut off to other guys at the time. BUT he did leave me a little note with a daisy on my doorstep one morning and I hung it on my bulletin board and thought that was so sweet.

Fast forward a month, I break things off with Arizona guy and realize “holy crap I want David!!!! Like so bad.” I had learned that he was such a nerd… He loves rocks and star wars and is really smart. He loved working out like I do. He listened to oldies music which I thought was cool. He likes crafts.. He can crochet like no ones business. He is an amazing cook. He is good at all sports. He is a total mountain man (which is super important to me… if a guy couldn’t catch a fish or didn’t like to camp.. he was out). And he was so sweet and funny. What else could you want??? But I soon found out he had gotten a girlfriend… Ugh. From February 2011 to may 2011 I would just gush about him to my friends. My friend tony was in the geology dept at school with him and since tony is one of my best friends I would talk about David ALL the time to him. I would be like, “Tony you don’t understand you have to get him to love me I HAVE to marry him he’s perfect for me” haha seriously, I was pathetic. (but he never actually said anything to David or did anything). Then I started a summer fling and kind of accepted the fact that he was taken. 

In August I moved and as me and my cousin were moving in we were going through all my little nothing’s… Notes/receipts/etc and we saw David’s note and she said “okayyy amb it’s time to throw this away” but I wouldn’t let her haha even if I wasn’t going to date him I still wanted to keep that note as some sort of memory or something…. yeah I don’t know but I kept it. 

In late September 2012 summer fling guy and I broke things off.. 2 weeks later David contacted me and said we should get together.. I guess him and his gf had also broken up (which I had nothing to do with). So we start dating. 

We are dating casually… For 5 months. 5 months! That’s a long time for me to “casually” be dating someone especially someone who after our first night out (second time around) I already wanted to be my boyfriend. Plus I was still going on dates with other guys which was so painful.. I didn’t even want to, I only did to show him that he doesn’t just get me all to himself and that I am still busy.. ya know?? Soo after 5 months I sadly ended things. I sort of told him if we weren’t going to be official and progress then I was out.. And he said goodbye.

I started dating a few guys after that even though I was hung up on David still. After like a month-ish David starts talking to me again. He invited me to go see the Star Wars movie that was in the theaters and I was sooo excited. I get all ready thinking it was a date.. get in the car… pissed. 3 of his guy friends are with us. Someone shoot me. I don’t even like Star Wars. After the movie they were telling me what we were going to do next but instead I pretended I already made plans and had him drop me off. I was seriously soo bummed.

Later that night I go to vent to my friends of course then go over to the guy I had started hanging out with house thinking that would take my mind off it but it didn’t. So I am sitting in my car after driving home and I decided to text David and tell him we couldn’t do this again and that I wasn’t going to just be his little friend to hang out with… and maybe I confessed that I thought that night was going to be a date. From there he said he was going to come over so we could talk. He came over and said he wanted to do this… aka he wanted us to be official and just move forward.

From there…. everything was perfect and kind of progressed at a perfect pace and now we are getting married in 71 days. 

Why this matters: girls always think things have to happen in the picture perfect way.. like the guy should be chasing them around even after she turns him down countless times. Well it doesn’t always work out like that and sometimes you’re the one who has feelings before he does. I knew I loved him before he knew that he loved me… and I also knew I wanted to marry him before he knew he wanted to marry me. And I think thats fine. I am not saying to sit around and wait for a guy to come around.. eventually you have to show him that you are better than waiting on your sorry butt for him to commit, but if he does come around 

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  1. I love your story! I recently found your instagram page and I sent it to my friend and I said “look, another person living my life!”. I was always dreaming about living in Hawaii, married best friend and have a children. I am far away from this right now, but who knows, maybe one day 🙂 I liked your story, it somehow gave me…hope? Girls thinsk that everything must happen in certain way. But that’s not true and your story is a proof of that. Kind of sweet, kind of romantic, kind of compilcated but it is real. That’s why I love it. Wish you guys all the best! 🙂

  2. I loved this sometimes it hard to see things online and everyone is perfect. I love that it was a normal and there are ups and downs 🙂

  3. wow, I love this. you should write a post about this. especially since your so known now. I would have assumed that he chased you around for months yadda yadda. But what’s also refreshing to hear is that you would duty date even though you would have rather dated him. Its so important to know this. Us women meet men and think that it’s suppose to happen so organically and sometimes it doesn’t. Now that’s no excuse for a girl reading this and putting her jerk boyfriend in this category. But I’d really like to know more on how you kept yourself busy and finally put your foot down after 5months. during that five months did you date other guys?

  4. I loved reading this and you don’t understand how badly I needed to hear something like this. Sometimes I feel like I’m running out of time because I want to move forward with my life but haven’t found the one yet and it gets me upset but I need to remember patience and it’s ok to know what you want. I hope I find the real thing. I can’t keep waiting around either falling too hard. Ugh. Haha Thank you so much for this.

  5. Love the story. You have such a beautiful family! My husband and I have been together for almost 15 years and married for almost 7! It’s not always easy in the beginning and nice to hear a real story about what other people have gone through! You guys seem to have such a fabulous life. Just curious what does your husband do for a living? You guys are all dressed spectacular all the time and get to visit beautiful places. What a beautiful life! take care!! Your baby girl is beautiful too. I have two boys was hoping for a girl but you love them no matter what!!

  6. Your story IS perfect! It’s the main characters that kept ”killing” it in the begining. Why? Because of silly mind games and fear of loosing something that eventualy ended to be EVERYTHING! People, just go with the flow, dream, speek your mind, don’t be afraid of life, you have nothing to loose 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing that. First, that is so nice to see you as “real people”, not only though your perfect photographies but actually trough what you felt at that time. And that really helped me to read that. I think I am always searching for the perfect story right at the begging, and I realize things do not always work like that. I always push guys, rush things, because I am afraid of the guy don’t love me right after we met them he never will and j am losing my time. But thank you Amber for reminding me that some things are worth the risk and that love story aren’t always perfect, but that’s what makes them so special. I wish you and your family an eternal life of love and happiness.

    1. Of course!! I am glad you liked the post 🙂 And yes exactly!! There is no perfect story so take your time and you will find the perfect person for YOU! Thanks for the sweet comment, I loved it! xo

  8. I was searching for a story about the two of you because I wanted to know how you guys ended up together and having such a ‘perfect’ relationship. It’s such a lovely story with a message. Thanks for sharing Amber. I hope one day I will meet my David. 🙂 Xxxx

  9. Oh my gosh, this is so sweet❤️ I may only be in 8th grade but I would like to say that I’ve found someone that I could have a future with, I know it sounds stupid but I just have a gut instinct. FYI, I’m not one of those girls who just falls head over heels for a guy in an instant???? I guess I just have to wait and see what God has in store☺️

  10. I love your story!!! Henry and I married after less then a year dating our 5 year wedding anniversary is August 28th he loves Star Wars too ???? Only thing I know about Star Wars is princess laya hair buns lol

  11. This story makes me laugh. I had to chase my husband when we were younger 🙂 he was always so shy, and NEVER talked to me. Lol
    I’m so glad everything got worked out and y’all have such a gorgeous and happy life together now ????

  12. Your story made me SO happy. You two are both gorgeous people who are obviously so in love with each other, it’s just so beautiful and encouraging to see 🙂

    I’ve been a long time reader (since before you even starting blogging about david haha) and I love how you flat out said that it’s okay to have feelings about a guy before he does for you. So I really, desperately want your advice. I met this guy 3 months ago, we hang out in friend groups all the time and I have strong feelings for him (we’re both in our early 20’s so its not just some teen fling haha). He added me on facebook first and always comes and talks with me and invites me to hang out with him and his friends but he’s never even so much as asked for my number. I think there is the possibility that he is interested in me but we’re both shy people. How did you show your interest to David? How did you help speed him up? What would you recommend to do?

    Whether you respond to this comment or not I want to say thank you 🙂 Thanks for inspiring your readers with your love & your honesty. Thank you for always having AMAZING fashion & beauty advice 🙂 You are amazing! <3 a long time reader