Barefoot Blonde^^Atticus can’t walk past our corner market without trying to snatch an apple and quickly take a big bite 🙂 Its always worth buying the one single apple that I didn’t plan to buy because its too cute how much he loves eating them like a big boy. Barefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde^^Atticus’ face when he is waiting for Chauncey to come grab his stick is so priceless. Can you not just feel the anticipation? Ha!Barefoot Blonde^^We live less than half a block from the park so we rarely do a stroller and just carry him or let him walk. Its actually been really good because when I hold him I can point out things and chat with him and when he walks he learns to listen. AND THEN THERE ARE THE KISSES!!!!!!!!!! He kisses me now when I carry him and it melts my heart. I am so happy David caught this one on camera even if the lighting is horrible.Barefoot Blonde^^Waving to the dog walking past us 🙂Barefoot Blonde^^Had to include this one because this has been non stop at our place!Barefoot Blonde^^I forgot how much I love blazers… a few years ago I wore blazers almost every day of the week, they were my obsession and now I feel that coming back. They are just great.Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde^^Yes yes yes I know ……. he shouldn’t pick these flowers but he picked one so whateverBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

TEE: Gap Maternity // BLAZER: Zara (similar here and here) // JEANS: Citizens Of Humanity // FLATS: Chanel (similar here) // GLASSES: Derek Lam // BEANIE: Zara (similar here) // LIPLINER: MAC ‘Spice’ (filled in the whole lip) // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Fanfare’ // A’S BEANIE: Slouch // A’S SHOES: People (my FAVORITE shoes of his, they are so easy to slip on and off)

These are some snaps from our Saturday! We went on our morning walk and did our normal, every day thing and then went home and had a pretty lazy day. We did some organizing and got things ready for baby and just played with A and Chaunce. Atticus shot lots of hoops and we got chalk which he now has an attachment to… when we take it away he is not very happy. He would walk around with a piece of chalk in each hand all day long if he could. Yesterday marked exactly one month til I have this baby (assuming I get induced like my doc thinks I will, and I do too). Unfortunately right now she is breech which means unless she moves and switches positions I COULD have to have a c section. I have nothing against c sections (for some reason some women have issues when women have c sections? I do not understand this) but I have to admit that it does scare me a bit and I prefer not to have one. Mainly because I like that with natural birth you get to hold your baby right after and surgery in general just really really scares me. I would really love to experience a natural birth again but whatever it takes to get this baby out into the world healthy.. so we will see what happens. I go in this week and we will see if she has moved!

Oh and can you spot the bruises on A’s face? Poor kid is so accident prone!! He fell twice in one day and hit right under his eye the first time and his cheek the second time 🙁 it was so sad!!!!

Hope you all had a good weekend!!! xo

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  1. Also your husband is a really great photographer (or whoever is taking the pictures)!

    1. Thanks so much!! And yes it’s my husband that takes them 🙂

  2. Your life is so interesting1 Your family is also adorable, looking forward to becoming a regular reader on this blog 🙂 I wonder what you are going to name the bubba?! Xxx Geri

  3. Did you have a natural (non-medicated) birth with your son? Make sure you look up the c – section rates at your hospital! I don’t have an issue with women needed c- sections, but a lot of hospitals have a 50% c- section rate which is what I don’t like. My husband is a doctor and the majority of c – sections are being preformed for convenience and profit (they cost twice as much as a vaginal). The hospitals are having to crack down on the “cut happy” physicians now by setting up legal boards. However if your baby is breech I would consider that a good reason to go the C-section route. Delivering breech babies is considered a “lost art” throughout the profession.

  4. Atticus’ face waiting for Chauncey to come take his stick is priceless 🙂
    I love your post but I took special interessed in the c-section part. My baby girl was positioned wrong too. They started me off like a normal birth (I had no idea c-section maybe necessary) and after trying over an hour to get her out, I had to have an emerency c-section. I got scared really fast. I didn’t know what was happening. Because my baby girl had a rough ride before deciding on a surgery, she was taken away right after (including my husband and midwife). I spent an hour and a half without them. It took me a while to get over this, but you are prepared. A c-section is not fun, but it is necessary for your baby girl to come and see you. Your c-section will never be like mine, because you’re prepared. It’s normal to be scared for something you’ve never experienced. It’s our child for crying out loud. You’ll do just fine and before you know it, you’ll be home with your husband, Atticus, baby girl and Chauncey 😉

  5. You and your family are soo beautiful, and I love your style! I just found your blog, and i’m about to become obsessed with it! / a girl from Sweden

  6. I had two c-sections for both my kiddos (they are 19 months apart…2 y.o. & 1 y.o.) My only advice, if you have to have one, is to stay on top of your pain medications/control. I learned the hard way with my 1st! Yikes! But like you said whatever gets them into the world safe and sound is all that matters! Once you get to hold them all of those thoughts/fears just disappear. Love all your posts!

    1. Ahh okay that is really good to know just in case!! Thanks so much!! I appreciate the helpful advice 🙂 Thank you for following along Allison!! xo

  7. amber! I had a c-section this year with my twins. It seriously is NOT that bad at all, don’t be scared! I was terrified, and it took me by surprise when after pushing for a little bit my Dr. suggested doing a c-section. The recovery was a piece of cake! And I got to hold my babies pretty quickly after the surgery in recovery.

    1. Thanks so much Hillary!! I am glad to hear that!! I don’t feel as worried!! xo

  8. So adorable! And the bruises – poor thing! I have to say, though, you shouldn’t worry about A being accident prone! When I nannied, I had a little 1 year-old in my care that went head first into every surface! Totally normal.

    1. Thanks so much Sara!! And oh I know 🙁 He is such a boy haha! So rough and tough! 😉

  9. Such a cutie pie! I love the photo when he is waiting for his dog to come and get his stick. I will pray that your baby will turn so you won’t need a c-section.

  10. Look up “natural c-section”. I had one for my 2nd child and it was incredible! Not all MD/hospitals will allow it. Our midwife was in the OR and took the most incredible photographs and I held both of mine immediately after while they sewed me back up. Make sure to ask for multi-layer closure too – less complications. Hope she turns!

  11. My 10 month old son is sitting here laughing and laughing at these pics. The one of Chauncey coming for the stick from Atticus is making him laugh so hard. Thank you for the entertainment <3
    ps (as if you need more advice on this, but in case no one mentioned it) acupuncture and chiropractic for flipping breech, and

    1. Oh my gosh that is so cute!! I am so glad he likes them 🙂 And okay thank you! Those are great recommendations! xo

  12. LOVE the little pompom fluff thing on your beanie! So cute <3

    xo Kristen

  13. I had a c-section with my first and I, by far, preferred the VBACs I had with number 2 and 3! My number 2 was breech, and I got her to turn by laying upside down on an ironing board, propped up on a couch at a 45 degree angle, for as long as I could stand it (supposed to be 15 minutes but that is hard when you are hugely pregnant!). You have to do it when you are between 36 and 37 weeks pregnant. Good luck! I hope she will turn for you.

    1. Wow that’s so crazy!! Thanks so much for the advice!! I don’t know if I could physically do that haha! 😉

      1. It was a little scary but midwives suggest it and of course, my husband helped me. I tried an external version and that hurt so much plus it didn’t even work!

  14. I love this look! So cute together and perfect for fall. I really love the necklace, but didn’t see it listed. Could you please tell me who made it or where I might find it? Greetings from Georgia!

  15. I love all of your posts, mostly because I love what they are about (babies, doggies, fashion, hair, etc.) Thank you for sharing your world with us!! I was wondering if you had any good recommendations for stretch mark prevention, any lotions salves or creams you’ve used that you’ve loved. Thank you for your time and inspiration! <3

    1. Thanks so much Lindsey!! I love the positive feedback, I am so glad you follow along!! Oh and I don’t use anything special for stretch marks.. just regular lotion. So I am not much help!! Have a great day! Love ya!! xo

  16. your life is literally GOALS ! haha this is totally random but when you brought Atticus home for the first time did your dog adjust well or did you have to ease him into it? and if so how?!! I am pregnant with my first baby and i have a german shepherd and he is totally friendly with everything and everyone…… if danger ever strikes i don’t think i could expect much from him haha …… but if i show someone too much attention he gets jealous lol…. did you have that problem….. sorry for the long comment !

    1. Wow you are too nice!! Thanks Jay!! And no, Chauncey kind of ignored Atticus completely at first!! It took him a couple weeks to adjust and realize Atticus was staying for good 😉 The best suggestion I have is to not force it and just let your dog come around to the adjustment of a new baby in the house! Good luck!!! xoxo

  17. omg i cant wait for the baby girl!! i hope it’s everything going be okay and may God bless you!
    Baby A looks so cool with that outfit haha i always repeat your snapchat because i cant stop looking Atticus playing with Chauncey, he is soooooo cute <3


    1. Thank you so much Cindy!! I appreciate that so much!! And aww you are so sweet! I am glad you follow along on snap!! xoxo

  18. Hey Amber!

    I hope everything goes well with your baby girl! So exciting!! 🙂 Prayers for you and your family! I hope she turns fro you… I was going to say maybe yoga or something might help? Have no clue. I am sure you have looked up many things to get baby girl to move in the direction you need her to. Anyways just wanted to let you know I am praying for ya!
    I was going to ask you if you did a post on Atticus’s birth? I am really interested in having my first baby natural. How did it go> And was it what you expected? What were some things you would suggest for first time mom’s?

    Xo Alexandra

  19. Your posts never fail to put a smile on my face! I absolutely LOVE your glasses!!! You are glowing with beauty and A is adorable as always! Love your posts and I adore all of your content! Do you have any advice for a good website to use to start up a blog? I have been using wordpress but don’t feel like it is an “actual” blog like yours. What did you use to start up this one?

    You are so inspiring to so many girls out there! Thanks so much and I would love your advice on starting up a blog!! <3 Taylor

    1. Thanks so much Taylor!! 🙂 You are the best!! And I use WordPress as well, and BlueHost hosts my site. I had Gadabout Creative design my site. I hope that info this helps!! Good luck with everything!! xoxo

  20. Amber you look gorgeous. I love the blazer! Also, I just wanted to say thank you so much for looking at my blog! When you replied to my comment saying you looked at my blog, I literally cried tears of joy because you have no idea how much that meant to me. Thank you so much Amber, you are my inspiration in life.

    1. Thank you so much love!! And of course!! I loved it 🙂 You are amazing!! Love ya! xo

  21. My baby was due on the 18th of nov of last year and was breeched too. But by the 21st of nov (the day she was born) she turned and I didn’t have to have a c-section.

    1. Aww thank you!! They are best buds. I love it!! 🙂 Thanks for reading!!! xo

    1. Wow thank you so much!! That is such a sweet compliment!! I appreciate it Randie!! 🙂

  22. Aw these pics are adorable!!! You look amazing. It is great living so close to the park, the city is An awesome place to live. There are so many fun things to do with the little ones.
    I wanted to ask what your favorite places/restaurants are to go to with the fam in Midtown? Here for a few days and wanted input. Thanks Amber!

  23. Aw, poor Atticus!! I love his pictures with Chauncey.. so adorable! And his kisses to mama.. SO sweet, melts my heart! Yikes about baby girl being breach! I know one of my best friends babies was a mover and was somehow breach and not like three times in her last month or two of pregnancy and she was able to do a few natural “remedies” including acupuncture and chiropractic and was able to help him move naturally back into position. You will probably get a thousand recommendations, but it might be worth doing some research into natural ways to help her flip!! Either way, little beauty will be here and will be safe in your arms soon!!! Can’t wait for you!

    xoxox Angela

  24. You seriously can really feel the excitement through A’s face waiting for chauncy! His joy is SO contagious! you are a luck mama Amber. I hope all goes well at the docs for baby girl cannot wait till she comes! You look gorgeous mama as always!

    1. Oh my goodness totally!! Haha he is so funny!! And thank you so much!! I am hoping for the best!! We can’t wait!! xoxo

    1. No way?! Haha how cute!! They are twinners! And aww thank you!! I am glad you like it!! xo

  25. Hi! I just happened to read this today and saw your baby girl is breeched. My son was in the breech position at 37 weeks and I did an acupuncture technique called Moxibustuon, and it worked and he flipped head down later that day! My sister in law told me about it because she did it with her second baby and it worked too. Honestly, everyone I have talked to about this does it and their baby flips. But you have to do it soon or else there won’t be much room for baby to flip anymore. Ask your local acupuncturist about this! I never did acupuncture before this procedure, by the way.

    1. Hi Sarah!! Thanks so much for the suggestion!! I had a few people mention acupuncture! I will definitely look into it 🙂 I have never done it before, but it’s worth a try! I appreciate it!! xoxo

  26. OMG! Love this… everything about it. The color of your blazer, Atticus’ cute face, your hair, your beanie…. all of it! Hope you had a great weekend and stayed warm! 🙂

  27. You look amazing 🙂 I hope everything will be fine with you and your little girl, I keep my finger crosed. <3

  28. I just love that blazer. the color, the length, the way you styled it, everything. And those pictures of Atticus with his apple are just too cute. I love how perfectly happy he looks so often! How great to live so close to the park!! Your Saturday sounded delightful!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am obsessed with this blazer!! It’s so comfy! And aww thanks! You are too nice!! Have a great day beautiful!! xo

  29. Atticus is such a character! I love you snapchats of him, always the cutest! I love him and Chauncey together, what a team!! C sections kinda scare me as well, actually giving birth in general scares me, but I will know in march. I just tell myself not to stress about it and just enjoy everyday being pregnant. I think as I get closer I will not be as nervous and ready to just meet baby. Thanks for sharing Amber!


  30. My first baby girl was breech… The doctor tried a Version to no avail. I was upset to have to have a C-section, but now I don’t know why I felt that way! My second baby girl two years later was a natural birth. 🙂 The c-section was WAY easier. Love to you and your family!

  31. Hi Amber! Y’all are insanely adorable I can’t get over it! I have a little one too she is almost nine months old.. Ahh!! Throughout my pregnancy with her I was going to my chiropractor at least once a week and more towards the end just as preventative care. My chiropractor Lexi is also a doula and an old friend of mine we used to work together so it just made my weekly visits more fun! So when we got the news that Scarlet Mae was breech I drove right over to Lexi and we started doing this technique called “spinning babies” sounds awful I know but it worked like a charm! Ten days later I had a natural birth! If you’re able to get to a chiropractor that specializes in pregnant mamas it could really help, or try looking up spinning babies online you can do a lot of stuff for it at home with help from your husband (: just make him promise not to make fun of you because there’s a lot of awkward moves haha! All in all though Gods plan will prevail and he will make everything as its supposed to be, c-section or not. Praying for a healthy and safe delivery for you and sweet little baby!

  32. I love the settings and colors both of you are wearing! You can feel the season… and makes you want to be there… but as it is, you and Atti look like you are having an AMAZING time… Mamma and Kiddo! Love all of you… Chauncey too!!!!!

  33. I love the settings and colors both of you are wearing! You can feel the season… and makes you want to be there… but as it is, you and Atti look like you are having an AMAZING… time Mamma and Kiddo! Love all of you… Chauncey too!!!!!

  34. Try doing Pelvic Tilts!! You can google to see how it’s done. You’ll feel like a nut job, but it’s totally worth it and helped with my baby girl! 🙂

  35. Hi Amber! I don’t know if it’s different in the States, but in Canada hospitals really try and do skin to skin right after C sections as well as natural births. You might have to specifically state that would be your desire, though… and I think people don’t like C sections as much because of taking the historical mom-baby route of childbirth.. it caaaann make it harder to breastfeed etc..but for the most part there are good interventions in place that make that a non issue… at the end of the day baby needs to come out healthily, right!! !! hah.. you will be great!! love your blog!!

  36. You are such a beautiful pregnant woman, truly glowing! I needed to have a C – section with my daughter, and it was scary, but ultimately no big deal. I healed, she was healthy and all was well! I hope your baby turns though, I am hoping for a natural delivery in a few months too! Enjoy the last month before the craziness of two sets in – I know I will while I’m still pregnant!


  37. As someone else mentioned, there are specialists around who can change the position of the baby. My midwife has rotated a breech baby at 38 weeks, so it’s totally possible. I’m sorry I can’t refer you to anyone in your area though as I’m quite far from NY.

    Love little A’s smile and joy in life. Thank you for sharing these moments with us!

  38. What camera/editing software do you guys use? The photos always come out so beautifully!

    1. Thanks so much!! I use a canon 5d mark iii and I use a program called Lightroom to edit my pictures!! I hope that helps!! xo

  39. Praying for you and whatever delivery you have will be special to you! I had a planned c-section because my baby was also very large and they knew she wouldn’t have room to turn(I also struggled after 2nd trimester to put on weight). None the less I loved everything about her delivery and as long as you keep a positive outlook your recovery will be just fine!

  40. Aren’t you loving blazers this fall?! I am loving the color of that one you are wearing and I love how you paired it with that beanie. You are rockin this pregnancy style! Also, I cannot comment without talking about Atticus. I love how his little personality is coming out! Such a little cutie

    have a wonderful day //

  41. I had an emergency c-section. Not fun! Do whatever you can to avoid having one. But, if you do have to have one, just know that you will be okay!!! If you end up needing one and have any questions please feel free to email me! <3

    1. I totally agree!! I want to avoid it definitely! Thanks so much Andi!! You’re the best! xo

  42. I smile the whole morning after reading your post Amber-the pics all warm my heart! Hugs to the little one & that awesome pooch of yours!

  43. Another adorable post – love your blog! I’m also pregnant with my second babe, so it’s fun to follow along with your sweet family. Wanted to comment as my first baby was breech until the last week before birth, and I had the same nerves! He flipped with a couple of days to go, and here are some things I tried (who knows what worked!): yoga, osteopath (really recommend), sitting on yoga ball instead of chair, and (don’t laugh) playing music on the floor below me while I got ready in the morning! The music from below is meant to encourage baby to move towards sound 🙂

  44. ps. I was born breech and my mom had me naturally with no issues during the delivery 🙂 however, I’m crossing my fingers the little one turns into better launching form!

    Hahahaha! I absolutely love your style of parenting Amber – You made my morning with that caption! 😀

  46. I I know you’ll do what is best for your baby, & I don’t want to sound too presumptuous. But I do know for a fact that many many Midwife no different movements stretches / exercises to get your baby to sleep on its own. My mom had all 8 kids at home and I had my baby with a Midwife, and it was the most relaxing,amazing and non stressful experience I’ve ever had. Just a thought 🙂

  47. So precious. Enjoy your last few weeks as a family of three! You are glowing! I remember my prenatal yoga instructor had some poses for the ladies with breach babies. I have no clue if they actually work, but might be worth a try. Maybe google it and give it a go:) I’m sure you will get a million suggestions here, haha.

  48. Seriously, little A’s excited face holding the stick for Chauncey is SO precious! I think babies and dogs are such an amazing combo.

    You used ‘passed’ twice when it should be ‘past.’ I think it would be great if you took time to proofread your posts, as the typos can be v. distracting from the amazing content you generate!

    1. I always write my posts late at night, usually like 1am haha so thank you for pointing that out. Hopefully the one mistake among many photos and thoughts didn’t distract you too much, that would be awfully sad. Thanks for your sweet words.

    2. Oh Amber, I hope you read right over this critical post and don’t take it to heart. I myself am a grammar freak but I can only imagine the time it takes to create each post. I like your genuine style in writing. If the above person was your boss or editor the comment would be appropriate. As we are all non-paying beneficiaries of ALL the time you take to share your life, style and family with us, the comment is most definitely NOT appropriate (and if I had to bet, I would guess that you DO proofread your posts). Praying for that little one to flip! I understand not desiring a c-section. Blessings to you and yours.

      1. Angie –
        Amber does use ShopStyle links on her outfit items (incl this post). When you click on the links, she receives a small $ amount for every click, whether you purchase or not. This is 1 of the many ways that bloggers receive income to support full time blogging. While I’m sure that she is not trying to hide the fact that she generates income from her readers (i.e. they are paying beneficiaries), some people may not be aware.

        1. I am well aware. I just felt it was unnecessary.. Amber does SO much and I’m sure she spends hours on each post. Amber has so many talents- maybe grammar isn’t one of her strengths (God help the rest of us if she is perfect at EVERYTHING! Lol!!) It’s one of those things that the reader should just pass by, even if it is bothersome. I don’t wish for any drama so I will not respond again. Just one busy mom trying to defend another busy mom. Peace everyone. 🙂

          1. Honestly, I wasn’t trying to be critical, at least in the context you are using it. I was just pointing out a simple error that Amber could easily fix in order to better her blog. In fact, I praised her for her content whilst mentioning she could fix the boo-boo. Amber is talented and gorgeous and of course I appreciate the work she puts into her product but like Kim mentioned, this is how Amber makes her living so I don’t think that getting feedback from her readers is unexpected. After all, without her fans, she wouldn’t be able to blog as her means of income so even if this is free content for us, in the bigger picture, each time we view her page, it’s like we’re giving her money. And it’s not like I was speaking negatively about the tone she uses to write her posts. If my math teacher gave me marks off for making a mistake, I would just see that as a correction. If my math teacher gave me marks off for my penmanship, I would see that as criticism.

            In conclusion, I didn’t mean to offend Amber. My comment was said with good intentions – just a fan helping out a blogger.

  49. Hey Amber! My good friends baby was breach and she went to see a chiropractor/ acupuncturist around 36 weeks and they were able to turn the baby before going into labor. She delivered the baby a few weeks later. Worth a shot!

    1. Hi Aryn!! Thanks so much for letting me know! That’s great to know!! I appreciate it 🙂 xo

  50. I love your blog and I love the pics of you and your baby!
    I am currently 5 months pregnant, so it would be great if you could share some more tips for moms to be and about pregnancy. Amber, come on, what’s your secret…where do you get all the energy with Atticus and a baby on the way? 😉

  51. Honestly I think that you are the most stylish pregnant person ever!! Oh my goodness <3 Also I am soo afraid of anything relating to surgery so I totally know what you mean. I dunno it's just the though of it eeek haha.
    {my blog}

    1. Thank you so much!! You totally made my day 🙂 And yes exactly!! I am hoping she will flip!!

  52. Will they not let you try birth her naturally even if she is breech? If she’s not in too crazy of a position that is.. safety first!

    1. I think they can, but there are more chances for complications. I am hoping she flips!! Thanks Kristen!! xo

  53. Beautiful pictures of you two. I hope your baby switch positions and you are able to have a natural one. Your belly looks lovely, can’t wait for you baby to come! Goof luck!

    1. Thanks so much Carolina!! And I hope so too!! You are so sweet, I appreciate it!! xo

    1. Thank you so much!! I am totally obsessing over blazers lately 😉 Thanks for reading Supal!! xo

    1. Thanks so much!! I am so glad you like it 🙂 Thank you for reading from Singapore!! So cool!