One of our favorite activities is picking and juicing oranges! As you have probably noticed by now. Fresh OJ is a staple of my childhood and reminds me so much of growing up and of memories juicing oranges as a kid and my dad always spoiling us with a nice cold glass in bed in the morning. I wanted to show you guys bits of our kitchen but thought it would be fun to do so through an activity that we are often doing in our kitchen, juicing oranges 🙂

We have loved having these orange trees in our backyard! For those who didn’t already hear this, David found a guy who owned a huge orchard of orange trees and he was wanting to develop the land and was selling his trees for a good price. We got 2 transplanted into our backyard and it has been so fun to walk back there with our baskets and pick oranges. (David has the info for the guy if you are local and want it! Just DM David on insta and he will give it to ya!)

I ordered these Ollie Ella rolling baskets a long time ago and the kids have used their little ones a bunch over the last couple years but I hadn’t really used my big one because I realized I didn’t really have anything to use it for.. which I should have thought of prior to buying it buuuut just got distracted by how pretty it was. Anyways when we got our orange trees I was looking for something to put the oranges in and voila, my rolling basket had found its calling in life! The other little basket we got while in Vermont this last fall at a pumpkin patch!

We worked with Becki Owens on designing our kitchen and one of the things I told her I for sure wanted was a butcher block island. I love the warmth it adds and just think they are so pretty. I know it is absolutely ridiculous but I don’t cut right on the butcher block yet haha we didn’t have ours sealed and I wasn’t ready for scratches on it quite yet. I know I am going to get comments about how stupid this is because that is the point of butcher block BUT you know when you get a new phone and you treat it like gold at first and you don’t want to even get the tiniest scratch on it? Then as time goes on you care less and less. That is me and right now I am still in my new phone phase. I am sure in a couple months I will be choppin things up on there but for now, cutting boards.

I am always getting asked about our juicer! We have this Breville one that we have had for a few years now and we lovvve it. My dream is to have one of those automatic orange juicers that you see in restaurants.. but I looked them up and they are VERY expensive.

Another thing I am asked a lot is about the white paint we have throughout our home. We have the same white in all of the rooms and also on our kitchen cabinets – it is Benjamin Moore ‘Dove White’. Masterbrand was able to custom match the color for our kitchen cabinetry. We went with their Decora line again – as we did for our mud room and laundry room also – and we love them! I went back and forth on cabinet style a lot but decided to do a mix of shaker and flat panels for all of the drawers. We also had custom panels made to cover our fridge and freezer so it looks like cabinetry. Then next to the fridge are two doors that Masterbrand designed to look like cabinets but those are doors to our pantry!

Then there is my white wash brick 🙂 all the smiles for that backsplash because I really love it so much. It was another thing I had told Becki I had to have! I had a lot of you guys ask how they did it, and they applied bricks and then white washed them – but they are actual bricks and not tile.

When these pendants got installed in our kitchen I was literally giddy about them! They are sooo beautiful in person and one of my favorite things that Becki picked out for our kitchen. The lights are from Urban Electric and wow their stuff is so beautifully made. There are so many details in a custom home build and I found lighting to be one of the most difficult.. we had multiple get installed only to realize I didn’t like it or it didn’t work for the room. So when I saw these and they beyond exceeded my expectations I was sooo happy because the kitchen is the one place I wanted to love our lighting.

Below are pictures of our breakfast nook! We got this table from Wayfair as well as the chairs. Our chairs are another thing I have been asked about a bunch and a lot of people asking if we are happy with them. We lovvve them and multiple people have noted how comfy they are when they sit in them. We need to give our chair pads a good wash because.. kids. They will probably never actually be clean but thats okay.. I will just flip them to their clean side before guests come over 😉

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  1. Hi Amber! I hope you and the kids are staying safe and healthy. I love your kitchen, and am in the middle of building my dream home in Northern Nevada. I have searched far and wide to find your kitchen faucet, and can’t locate it. Any chance you remember who makes it? Or what it’s called? Thanks so much!!

  2. I absolutely love your kitchen, but I am most interested in your stove – could you post a link or the brand?

  3. Gorgeous kitchen! How deep are your counter tops next to your range? I am in the process of designing my kitchen and am torn between 30″ or 24″ depth counter tops and love the look of yours.
    Thank you 🙂

  4. Love the whole post – the palette is gorgeous throughout and I love that you show the kitchen being using, it was done quite editorially and the photos look almost from a vintage family album. So sweet.
    The little romper on your boy is precious! I did not seem to see outfit deets here but where are your pants from? The fabric (linen?) looks so cozy.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. gorgeous kitchen! where did you get the light fixture? I love how the copper picks up the warmth of the floor.

  6. Could not be a more beautiful kitchen. What an amazing job you all did!

  7. I love your kitchen so much! So warm and inviting. Where are the counter stools from?

  8. Hi! Do you remember the name of the breakfast nook table? The link is just taking me to Wayfair’s homepage. Thank you!! I absolutely love your home.

    1. Hi! Did you ever find the table? I’m also very interested!

  9. Absolutely beautiful kitchen! I’ve been searching for the barstools. Can you share the link?

    Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hey! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! The brand is actually a New Zealand based company called Douglas and Bec! It took about 6 months to receive them and I didn’t have the best experience (I think the international aspect with larger items is just hard) but I do lovvvve our barstools so I suppose it was worth it! Just wanted to give a heads up on that.

  10. I love this kitchen you did such a great job. I am so in love with thise terra cotta bowls!!! I’d love to know where those are from!

    1. The Terracotta bowls are from a shop on Etsy that sells thrifted items!!

  11. I love juicing. Where did you get those bottles with the lids?

  12. I love this idea about juicing. Where did you get the bottles with lids?

  13. It all looks so amazing especially thinking about how HARD you’ve worked for this all these years. Its more than ok to be careful with new items.
    I also love how you didn’t photoshop away that milk stain in one of the pictures, just showing us how mom life really is, milk stains and all 😉
    I was wondering though, what is that copper thing you have hanging above your stove? Never seen anything like it before..

    1. I think it’s a pasta arm! It’s like a faucet over the stove so you can fill pots without worrying about spilling when you walk from across the room

  14. Wow, I love your kitchen! Everything looks so nice. You look like such a great mama and your kids are adorable!

  15. Love your kitchen and style! What pebble ice maker do you have? Looking to get the perfect sonic ice!

  16. Wow, your kitchen is pretty much my dream! Brb moving in haha!
    xoxo Carolyn @

  17. I totally hear you on the butcher block!! It’s gorgeous so why ruin it with scratches? I probably wouldn’t end up using it to actually cut on either. Oh what a lovely breakfast nook!! (is that a normal size for a breakfast nook? could be a dining room in itself!). A friend of ours built a house recently as well with a glass-walled dining room off the kitchen. Theres a gorgeous view of the valley and a lake, and a custom one-slab wood table piece. All that light is just perfect for the eating area! Enjoy your house and your children, they are beautiful.


  18. she used a cutting board though, it matches the butcher block. Amber, it’s gorgeous, like you and your family. xoxo

  19. I am in love with how much window light you have! It’s truly gorgeous. It’s so sweet how you pick and juice oranges as a family. PS my husband is obsessed with the butcher’s block as an island – such a great idea!


  20. You and your great family are so so beautiful! I love to see your lifes together and that you share it all with us ❤ I read your blogposts since 6 years and it is still amazing
    Thank you Amber, you are such a wonderfull and natural mama!
    Love from germany

  21. Love seeing your kitchen!! The white clean look is so beautiful but you added so much warmth with the details and I really admire it! Also, we love fresh squeezing orange juice over here too!! It’s the best!!

  22. There’s that infamous step stool again. 😂
    So pretty, love the color scheme. Earthy and traditional. I love your blog I’ve been following since you and David were sleeping your car on vacations. 😋

  23. I picked a butcher block island for my house that will be done in June & I definitely won’t be cutting on it!! Your kitchen is gorgeous!!

  24. So much fun! Wondering where the super cute orange juice jars are from. Love those!

  25. I would have done the same thing about the butcher block counter, Amber! I mean why not -it’s easy to just grab a cutting board and wash it after under running water… We used butcher block with high poly stain as our his and her bathroom sink counters. I love the look of it! Your kitchen is beautiful. So light and airy… Dreamy! XOXO M

  26. Isn’t it amazing how much different, and better, fresh squeezed orange juice tastes?! You kitchen is beautiful! I love the open shelving and all of the drawers.
    Thank you for sharing your new home with us! xAllie