Amber and Frankie in their new guest room. Amber Fillerup Clark | Barefoot Blonde


We took these pictures for a Boll and Branch campaign we did and I wanted to share them on here too! This is our guest room – I have since added some more to the room – a little console from Target on the other end with some art on it but I don’t have those pictured yet! It has been so nice to have a guest room – in the past we have always had guests on a blow up mattress lol so this is a definite upgrade. I wanted to keep the room pretty clean and simple so that is exactly what it is. We have a bench at the foot of the bed for guests to put a suitcase on and then we have a little bathroom attached and a closet too. Which has actually become some of our Christmas decor storage haha. I took full advantage of a lot of the Christmas in July sales that went on last month and I ordered a 15 ft Christmas tree that I got I think 40% off! BUT I had no idea it would come in 3 huge boxes hahaha ahhh I feel like we need an entire room just for all the garlands, wreaths, stockings, ornaments, etc etc etc! Wowww.. would love to hear what you all do with your Christmas decor! Also as a side note, I always get a text saying how soft the sheets are – just sayin!

bed – Amazon

headboard – Urban

sheets, duvet, pillows – Boll and Branch

lamp – anthro

palm leaf (hanging above bed) – Etsy

decorative object.. thing – anthro

bench – anthro

Amber and Frankie. Amber Fillerup Clark | Barefoot Blonde
Frankie smiling. Amber Fillerup Clark | Barefoot Blonde
Amber and Frankie in their new guest room. Amber Fillerup Clark | Barefoot Blonde

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  1. Hi! Is this the same wood you have through your house? Can you tell me the name of it? I’m in love!

  2. I really love your home! And the color of the room! You have a nice style Amber ❤️ Besos desde Argentina!

  3. Love this space! Do you know who the artist behind the decorative object is? The link for it doesn’t work 🙁

  4. When I redid my basement I had them build a large walk in closet with some shelves that would hold the Christmas trees I have. I do have to take the top off of the large tree to store. I also had a double wide door closet with shelves built to hold various Christmas items. Best thing I ever did, I can see everything I have which is nice.

  5. Love it. Just bought a small Snow Bird house in Sarasota FL and this is like my deco throughout. Simple, easy to keep clean, light & bright! And NOT breaking the budget! Picked up an upholstered queen bed frame today at Ikea for $129! Also a killer love seat. Target is my go-to for area rugs and got a gel memory foam queen bed (delivered to the front door!) thru Kohls $900 on sale and with coupons for $330! It’s great, too btw. Brava!

  6. I LOVE how airy your guest bedroom is. The white makes it so clean and crisp. The pop of color from the quilt is so clutch. Where did you get the quilt? Your daughter is so beautiful. It seems you and I are pregnant around the same time so I love seeing pics of your family. We have 5 kiddos. Our youngest is 11 months.

  7. Your home is goals!!! I love your taste in design and decor Amber!!