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David is asking me right now – “are you going to tell everyone what you guys call your group chat?” haha.. And no I am not!!! But really these girls are the besssst. They planned one last girls night in NYC. We got tea at The Plaza, got massages at my fav spot, went to Shake Shack, and spent the night at The Knickerbocker Hotel. Since the hotel is right in Times Square we walked out in our pajamas to take a pic and suddenly became everyone’s photo op haha – so many people were asking to take photos with us. We were so hyped up on adrenaline after laughing our heads off in the hotel that we weren’t one bit cold and I think everyone was confused what we were doing in short sleeved dino pajamas. It was so funny. My friend Mikelle even surprised me and flew in town for the girl’s night which was just the best surprise ever ever. It still hasn’t hit me that I won’t be seeing these girls all the time – they are pretty inside and out and so lucky to have met them and become friends with them!

I had a room reserved to do one big Soul Cycle class with more friends that I wanted to say goodbye to and I even picked my favorite instructor (James) but I got really sick that night and had to cancel just hours before 🙁 we will have to try to do it again when I come in town sometime.

Also I just have to point out that I finally got off the ground in a jumping photo – I made David proud. (if you have followed for a while you know he makes fun of me because I never get off the ground! haha.)

Anyways, love these girls and love New York City!!! And our dino pajamas.

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  1. Love the cute pjs. Having nights like these with my girls keeps me sane. What would do without our sisters from other misters?! Good luck in pastures new.x

  2. hey amber! what i really want to know is the night you and your friends went out in your pyjamas you snapchated a guy who looked very much like casey deidrick!! so was it really him or were my eyes just playing tricks on me?

  3. That is so sweet!
    I love watching girls that uplift one another.
    Gitl power!!

  4. Matching pj’s are my favorite with my girl friends & my fam!! Such fun pics I’m sure you will cherish! Also, shake shack is on my list of yummiest places in nyc!!

  5. This is so cute I love the PJs, I totally want to do this with my friends in the future!
    xxx Isobel

  6. Aww, looks like you have such a wonderful group of girlfriends! Love that you went out in your matching dino PJs together!!

  7. What a super fun night. You have some amazing friends. You really made New Tork your home. Much love xoxo

  8. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! We did a similar thing when my friend moved out of NYC and left us…it was SO fun and everyone in Times Square was wanting photos/slightly confused by us! Hahaha! Hope you’re loving Hawaii!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  9. Sounds like such fun night! You guys look so adorable in the pajamas love love love xoxox

  10. I hope you girls had an amazing night! I remember seeing your snaps that night and I thought I have to get those pajamas! My son would flip! So thank you for posting this my dinosaur obsessed 2 year old will be so happy to see me in those! Hopefully I can find something similar for my partner and my son so we can all somewhat match!

  11. This is just perfect! You ladies are gorgeous and i neeeed those pjs. Where are the from?

  12. Y’all look amazing! Love friend sleepovers like this


  13. The best inspo for a girls night even though we might not go too overboard like yours! I love the matching sets and the fun idea x

    I daily blog from LA. For more travel and fashion, it would mean so much to me if you checked out my blog and subscribed! x

  14. I can’t believe you left NYC, but I’m very happy for you in moving closer to your family plus a brand new home!!! You’ll always have New York & all of the memories PLUS experience …that’s priceless PLUS all of the pictures for memories as well!! God Bless! Enjoy Hawaii in the meantime!!!!! Love the last of your NYC girls night out photos by the way 🙂

  15. Oh my gosh so much fun! Girlfriends are the best. You’re all so gorge. Can’t wait to see more of Hawaii! God’s blessed you and your little fam so much, and it’s so great to see how hard you’ve worked (I know we don’t even know the half of it!) to get where you are today! You guys are awesome!


  16. Aw this looks so fun!! Girlfriends are seriously the best! I can’t wait to see more Hawaii pictures!!