it is true that the world’s ingredients are mostly idiots.
but there are lots of really good idiots that i love a lot.
example: my best guy friends.
jk they aren’t idiots at all.
last night one of my best friends and i went up to watch the meteor shower.. we made a cute little bed in the back of his truck and went up to the top of sundance and talked about his girl situations and my boy situations and lots of other things.
i love having guy friends that im close enough to so they can tell me when im being an idiot, when i should stop waiting around for a boy, when i deserve better, etc.
plus boys are zero drama and non emotional.
i just love men.
me and sis start school tomorrow… grrr. im going to need a stats tutor… sooo if anyone is interested, let me know.
bundled up for the meteor shower
rawr. dino.
i thought these were pretty.
my flash went wild. clearly… where did i go?
anyways. this is Kyle and I.
i love butterflies.
i love STARS. i love love love love stars.
so needless to say i was loving the astronomy section at the museum.

when i am a mom.. i am going to wake my kids up and drive to the top of a mountain with donuts and hot coco to watch EVERY single meteor shower. they can be late for school. my family will never miss one! and hopefully by then ill own my own telescope… ahhh. i cant wait for this tradition im starting with my non existant future family.

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  1. Amber, Ive been following you since you got pregnant with your wonderful Atticus. And I just found this because I was looking for a post with donuts, Im getting married next June and I really wanna have a donuts bar and I couldnt rememebr the name of those so pretty colourful donuts. Sorry Im telling my life right here. ANYWAY, the point was: this post is hilarious! So have you start the tradition yet?
    Congrats on your beautiful family, you’re an inspiration 🙂