Barefoot Blonde Amber on the beach with FarmacyBarefoot Blonde Farmacy on the beachBarefoot Blonde Amber with braid on the beachBarefoot Blonde Farmacy SetBarefoot Blonde Farmacy on the beachBarefoot Blonde Lip BloomBarefoot Blonde Amber on the beach with FarmacyBarefoot Blonde FarmacyBarefoot Blonde on the beach with FarmacyBarefoot Blonde FarmacyBarefoot Blonde FarmacyBarefoot Blonde Farmacy

Christmas is coming up and I love getting gift ideas online so today I am sharing some cute gifts for the holiday season!!! Especially perfect for anyone who loves HONEY. David lovvves the smell of honey so anytime I wear something honey flavored I get compliments 😉 He even wants to get a beehive when we move to Arizona so we can have our own honey. Farmacy Beauty has the cutest gift sets – all of which smell incredible! I am wearing the Honey Potion Face Mask from the Buzz Box as I type this and it smells just like straight honey. For every purchase of the Buzz Box, $5 goes toward City Growers Bee Education Workshops. It also has Echinacea GreenEnvyT M which helps to firm your skin, evens out skin tone and keeps collagen from breaking down. My other favorite is the Skin Dew in the Skin Savior Kit – it is a hydrating mist that I basically just use as a perfume lately 😉 and the Sweet Lips Set which comes with three flavors of the cutest chocolate bars (I am a sucker for good chocolate with cute packaging) ! The flavors of the chocolate (Lavender Mint, Apple Rosemary, and Strawberry Basil) match the lip balm.

Good luck holiday shopping everyone!!! Xo

*Brought to you by Farmacy Beauty


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  1. Which lip balm is your faviorte? Do they make your lips extremely soft? Just curious because I am in love with lip balms and want to know how well they work or why you love them so much! I am a sucker for burts bees lip balms.

  2. I love honey as well! In my tea or on my body haha 🙂 Absolutely gorgeous pics as well! I’m dreaming of the beach now Xx

  3. Ohhhhhh after reading this and looking at the picture I want it! Definetly on my list 🙂

  4. Our family has 1000 acres and let a beekeeper place his hives for free. We then get free sweet clover honey as a thank you. They also make homemade products. If you have some land you could always look for local beekeepers!
    I love supporting local businesses!

  5. I really appreciate how you are doing a post about bee products. Bees are almost extinct and people don’t realize how serious the situation is!

  6. I love so much the smell of honey, but I don’t eat it lol Is too rich for my taste. You look amazing in the pics and I’m really sorry people are saying mean things to you.
    Tonz of love

  7. Wow these pictures are gorgeous! I love honey as well, so I will definitely look into all of this, any specific recommendations?
    xxxxxx Isobel
    p.s. So excited for you to come to Sydney

  8. About a month ago I pulled out an old post of yours where you gave the recipe for your honey, cinnamon, nutmeg face mask, and it has done WONDERS for my skin. Excited to give some more honey products a try!

    Also, what is in that delicious looking acai bowl?!

  9. You’re so pretty and looking like you are having a blast in Australia, I’ve always wanted to go! I’m making my Christmas wish list (a little late) and always want to try everything you use 😉 these products look neat I’m going to check them out! Thanks and have a blessed day!

    Love, Jeannette

  10. Such cute photos Amber! Did you shoot them in Hawai? I love honey and it has the most amazing properties from healing scars to soothing throats etc. I also like the smell, it is amazing what nature brings us. Will be checking out those products. Sorry if that spunds cheeky but would you do any giveaway with this brand? ? I hope life in Austrlia is treating you well. Love from England. Julie xx

  11. Honey is such a good base for beauty products! I bet these are awesome!

  12. Amber I love the color of the dress! Will you post outfit details?! Hope you guys are enjoying down under!

  13. I love more natural and organic brands – will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing!

    Also – slightly off topic, but you posted a while ago (must have been roughly 6 months back) about trying out some new methods of structuring your day that you thought would help with productivity. I occasionally work from home and would love to hear more about this! Did you find something that worked well??

    Fiona +

  14. Your skin looks so clear in these pictures! So pretty! Looking forward to more beach photos!

  15. Super cute …love these pictures & the products look pretty neat too!! Can’t believe you guys have left NYC. I will miss your NYC posts, but happy that you and your family are moving onto new adventures plus I know you guys probably won’t miss the NYC cold! God Bless!!!