Barefoot Blonde^^All of our luggage for a month in Europe! left to right … A’s suitcase (aka his games), Rosie’s suitcase, A’s suitcase, my suitcase, David’s suitcase (aka drone and a few clothes haha), camera case, A’s carseat, travel crib. And of course the strollerBarefoot Blonde^^He loves pushing his stroller around the airport!Barefoot Blonde^^All ready to take off! The KLM staff were SOO so nice. Barefoot Blonde^^”What are we doing??” face. Lol.Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

BLUSH SWEATPANTS: H&M (only $13!! they are sooo soft! mine are color ‘light pink melange’) // SWEATER: H&M (only $10) // SNEAKERS: Adidas // SUITCASE: Bric’s

Thanks to KLM for gifting us these airline tickets!

If you have been following on instagram, then you know we are in Europe for a month! We started in Amsterdam for a couple days, now we are here in Ireland for a week, then back to Amsterdam for a week, then off to Moscow (if you have any Moscow recommendations please do tell!)! We flew KLM Airlines to Amsterdam and it was our first time. Because we fly so much we have grown to know what we love and don’t love about certain airlines.. but we truly had such a great experience with them. When we got on the flight there was a man who was right off the bat super bugged that kids were on the flight. I mean I get it because it’s a long flight and maybe he had meetings or a busy day right when he got there but he was really rude to basically everyone! But the staff was so nice and kept reassuring us and telling us not to worry about him which made us feel better. Plus the kids did fabulous. Rosie didn’t make a peep the entire flight, she didn’t cry once and just slept and played. Atticus fussed a few times but not for long at all. So it was kind of funny that the adult was the one acting like a baby because babies were on the plane and our babies acted more mature than him haha! We have noticed that the staff make the biggest difference on a long flight. Especially with kids. If the staff is helpful and friendly, it makes everything so much easier. KLM staff were so sweet! They would play with the kids, they had bibs, kids meals, sleep masks, coloring books, and little toys. They would even offer to wash out bottles or get more milk or whatever it was which I thought was so nice.

I did a post on traveling with a baby, here, but we are putting together a list of tips and tricks we find that work with two kids while traveling and will do it once we have some more flights under our belt. If you have any specific questions for us please ask in the comment so I can address them as I am compiling the post! I lost track of how many flights Atticus has been on after he reached 100 … but its a lot! He has 25 passport stamps and by the end of the year will probably have close to 50. We really do love traveling with these kids. Atticus has learned so much on this trip so far. We love getting to show him all of the new animals we see and teach him about all the places we are seeing! We were saying though how we are really glad we started when A was young because had we tried to start now it would seem really daunting. So I totally get when some of you say you are nervous to try it with your kids so hopefully we can share some tips that will make it easier!

Anyways hope you all had an amazing weekend!!!! XO

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  1. Hi Amber! Love your travel tips blog. My question is- what time of day would you recommend for the flight? We are traveling to Spain (from Chicago) and I am wondering if we should try and do a 5PM flight so the baby will hopefully sleep or early afternoon or morning? I am lost on this! He usually goes to sleep at 6:30PM (he is 6 months old)

  2. Hi Amber! I am a huge fan of your blog and I would love to plan a similar trip to Europe with my family.

    I also follow your snapchat and saw that you said your budget for this trip was $6,000. Very impressive! Were these three first-class tickets included in that budget?

  3. Hi Amber,
    I live in Holland and I’ve followed you on instagram and snapchat. What did you think of Kingsday in the Netherlands at the 27th of April? I like it. Everything is orange then, because orange is the colour of Holland. And what did you think about Keukenhof? There are a lot of tulips, haha ???? I hope you have had a nice stay in Holland and maybe I’ll see you when you are in Holland again.
    And another thing: your kids are sooo adorable ❤

    Kisses from the East of the Netherlands!

    1. Hi Britt!! We loved getting to celebrate Kingsday!! It was so much fun 🙂 And Keukenhof was amazing!! Wow! I can’t say enough good things about our trips 🙂

      1. Thankyou for give a reaction! I love that you enjoyed the trip to Holland!
        Have a nice day with your husband, kids and dog! ????

  4. Hello!!! i would live to know which brand and name of nail polish you have in this pics!!!! Thxssss 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi!! I don’t know what it is sorry! It was a random one from the nail salon.

  5. Was that a bed you were sleeping on with Rosie? Looked super comfy for an airplane!! I just enjoy your blog so much and all your Instagram photos too!! I love your style and that you dress super classy and modest but with so much style!! Not sure if you even know the answer to this and I know this is a few years out, but do you think you will homeschool your children so that you can continue to travel lots? Or will the traveling stop (or just be less) once they start school? Thanks!!!

  6. -how do you afford so much traveling?? Do you find deals before going?
    -do you have any tips for road trips?

  7. Hi Amber! I REALLY love your pictures and your family! You definitely inspire me! 🙂 every photo that you post, I need to show to my hub and he follow you to LOL

    I lot of love and kisses from Brazil <3

  8. Hey Amber, I truly love your posts! You and your husband always catch such beautiful moments with your family. I have a daughter the same age as Atticus and was wondering if you still bring the car seat on the plane for domestic flights? And if not do you check it I’m always worried that it will get damaged they are so expensive!

  9. Hey Amber! I love the blog, and I especially love that you travel so much! A lot of people are under the impression that you can’t travel with kids and that is SO wrong! I have been traveling my whole entire life, albeit i’m only 29. But when I had my first about three years ago i made a decision that i could still travel with my children. I traveled a lot when I was growing up and it really instilled a respect for diversity, a passion for culture and an amazing worldview in me! It makes me so happy to read your blog and see all your travels! Anyway, my question is; How do you manage to really see/explore your destination while not running the kids (or yourself) dry?

    1. Thanks so much Lindy!! I am so glad you are following along 🙂 And yes, you are totally right!! The traveling doesn’t need to stop, it is totally doable with kiddos! I am glad you agree! I think the key for us, is being realistic in how much/ and what we can see in our amount of travel time. If it were just David and I, we would be doing a lot more, but we make it manageable with kids while still enjoying our time! xo

  10. I don’t have kids yet, but I love that you don’t let yours slow you down! I want to travel so much and I was planning on waiting until I was like 29 to have my first baby, but after reading your blog for a few years I really feel like my husband and I could handle trips with a baby haha! So thanks for that!

    My question for your traveling post: How do your kids deal with the time changes?


  11. I would love to know how you manage traveling with a breastfed baby! Do you pump? Do you breastfeed in public? You and your family are so precious!

    1. Great question!! I breastfeed Rosie currently, so I usually just breastfeed in public or pump ahead of time (she just recently started taking a bottle).

  12. Hi Amber! I have been following you for a long time, adore your every photo and now I see you and family in my country! But I live in Saint- Petersburg, tell me please will you come here? I would love soooo much to see you! I’m such a fan of you! Answer please, thank you! Have a good holidays!????????????

  13. Dear Amber,I’m so exited that your family will visit Moscow 🙂 I agree with Kate and Ariana about places to visit, and just want to add if you want to feel the atmosphere of “old Moscow” please go to the Kitay-Gorod, Chistye Purdy, Kuznetsky most. There are a lot of buildings of 19th century.

    1. Thank you so much for the tips!! We are loving Moscow so far 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comment!

  14. That really sucks that there was a miserable man on board! My son just turned one and has been on about 30 flights, never, ever crying, but our last flight back from London to San Diego we had a woman flip out in our row about him and he screamed the ENTIRE way home. It’s like he sensed it. It’s so nice that the airline catered to reassuring you guys! It’s important to keep traveling, especially with kids, because it will teach them so much more about the world than any school can.


  15. Hahah! Your “what are we doing face” is perfect! NOT that I wonder what you’re doing, your family is always so sweet and having such a great time and what a great experience to take the kiddos to amazing places all over the world, but that is one of those just perfectly captured moments in time that in 20 years when the kids are grown up you’ll all look back and laugh on like “what were we thinking! But I’m so glad we had such a fun, adventurous time with the kids when they were young”. I love it! And I can’t wait for more of your tips and tricks. I think travelling is so fun and special, especially with family. I hope the trip is going GREAT!

    Xo Angela

  16. Did you go on business class or first class? I normally go busniess with the kids, and was wondering because I’ve never been on KLM, but looks great since they are nice to kids!! xoxxoxo

  17. I would love to know some tips on traveling! I really want to try and stop overpacking when I travel. When we go somewhere I end up only wearing a few things that I actually pack. Do you have any tips on not overpacking? And do you plan out your outfits for your trips when you are packing? Thank you so much!

  18. Can’t wait to read your post on travel tips. Would love to hear your recommendations on how to make travel affordable, how, where and when to book best flights and hotels. Traveling especially to Europe can be expensive if you try to go for a longer period of time so I would love to hear how you guys make it work. Thanks!

  19. Love this! Xx have a great trip! You guys make traveling with kiddos look great!

  20. And by the way, there is a great Children World mall, not fat from Red Square. There is an observation platform on the roof on the 6th floor, you can use special binoculars there for free to have a look on the whole Moscow, they have special child`s benches, so it will be comfortable for them to have a look too. Probably it will be interesting for you and your pretty kids to visit Moscow Zoo, as well.
    There are tons and tons more places of interest over here, actually… Ostankiskaya tower, Arbat street, Gorky Central Park, The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Ismailowo Kremlin (this one you shouldn`t miss for sure), Kolomenskoe park, Moscow Metro (some of the subway stations are just the piece of art)

  21. I love your posts! I’m 28 weeks pregnant and totally get the travel obsession & plan on doing it early on with my lil man but my parents are so against it before they turn 2. How do you cope with ears not adjusting to altitude & pressure changes? Or people wanting to touch them? I’ve seen strangers playing with babies on planes and it freaks me out a bit oh last how do you deal with time changes and naps for little ones? Hard enough for me 🙂

  22. It`s so splendid, that you finally will be here in Moscow! I`m working just 50 meters far from Red Square, so if you want to have a guide for free/native citizen/friendly person/a great fan of you, just ask me, and it will be my pleasure to help you!
    Besides Red Square you should deffinetly visit Tsaritsyno Park. It`s very huge and beautiful with some small palaces and a big one, where Catherine the Great used to live, with fountains and ponds, fields and forests. Besides this, Moscow City view point is a fascinating place as well, you can see skyscrapers over there. Another place of interest is Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills), a hill on the bank of the Moscow river, which is supposed to be one of the highest points in Moscow, you can take incredible panorama pictures there. VDNH park is also very picturesque with lots of museums and buildings from the Soviet Union.
    Btw, if you fly to Sheremet’evo airport, just let me know and your family will get the best coffee you ever tried for free=) My husband works in Coffeemania, so he can treat you there.

  23. Amber you’re such an inspiration in so many ways. The way you manage to juggle work and photos with two kids, is truly amazing. Sometimes mom life with my first has me feeling like staying in pjs all day but you really inspire me (and probably so many other mamas) to get up and work it! I wanted to ask you what domain would you recommend for blog starters? I really love the idea of customization and what not so please shed some light. What domain do you use and what works and what doesn’t? I could use all the insight and tips!


  24. I love your posts about traveling with little ones. I refer back to them periodically – when it’s time to prepare for that next trip. What I’d like to know, is how to entertain a toddler. What do you do when they’re very wiggly and they just want to run everywhere? Have you done it without your husband? What tips do you have for traveling alone with toddler/baby (or both!)? What tips do you have for tuning out grumpy/mean people? AND if it’s possible, can you share what airlines you have been repeatedly pleased with? Thank you! Good luck with every travel!

  25. Hey Amber,
    I just wanted to mention that I saw your post on Twitter about people bullying your son for his delay in speech. My little brother had delayed speech and had to see a speech pathologist, but by the time he was in first grade they were testing him to see if he was a genius. Every kid is different and it’s pretty obvious that you have an extremely cute, and happy little boy! I admire you a lot for braving flights and different countries with your little ones. I only hope to be they breve one day 😉

  26. Love this post! So natural. Cannot wait to read about your Amsterdam trip as I am taking my six year old there in a few months! I use to visit Leiden as a kid- 45 mins outside Amsterdam- which is very pretty x

  27. Dear Amber,
    It’s really wonderful news that you with your nice family are going to visit Moscow. And it’s actually splendid, because I live in Moscow 🙂 Of course I’l try do my best and advise you some good places.
    Firstly it’s a Red Square of course, like a center of the city. There’s a zero kilometer there, where you can make any wish and it’s certainly will come true 😉 Kremlin is also on this square. It’s the most famous residence of Russian Emperors.
    If you want to have some walk I recommend you to go to the Park of Gorkiy (Gorkiy- is a famous Russian writer, lived in 19-th century). But better in the good weather. It’s located along the Moscow River. And you can walk from Park of Gorkiy to the great Temple of Jesus Christ. Very big and really beautiful. In the evening visit Vorob’evy Gory (they are called mountains but actually they are only hills). There’s a wonderful view to the Moscow.
    My husband says that you should look at the impressive metropolitan stations: The Square of the Revolution (the station of the Red Square with Kremlin), Mayakovskaya, Kievskaya (from the mooring near this station you can travel by the ship along the Moscow river to the Vorob’evy Gory).
    And maybe if you’ll have some free times visit with David The Big Theater. The remarkable sight of Moscow.
    How long are you going to spend in Moscow?
    I wish you the best impressions ever!

  28. Atticus is two and has more passport stamps than me in the last 20 years of my life lol I’d love to travel with my babies this way in the future♥ Can’t wait to see your post!
    PS: HOW did you guys manage to carry around so many suitcases?!?!

  29. Hi Amber!
    I’m a first time mom and attempting to fly from east coast to west coast when my daughter will be 6-8 weeks old. Any suggestions especially either holding her or putting her in a carrier the entire time? Thanks!

  30. Hi! Have to ask another question-I would love to hear more about the sleeping arrangements for the little ones while you travel. Do you keep them on the same schedule as they are on at home? Where do they sleep in the hotel room? How do you deal with the time change? Do you head back to the hotel for every nap time? Thank you, thank you!

    1. I ditto these questions. I’m planning a trip with a ten month old and I’m nervous about sleeps when we are out and about sight seeing. Would love to know how others deal with this. Thanks xx

  31. I’m dying to know-how do you travel with a convertible car seat? My babe is quickly outgrowing his infant car seat and we are going to have to move up to a convertible car seat soon and I’m just not sure how to get around with one. We live in NYC as well, so even just how you handle the day to day of taking cabs and ubers around town would be great to know. I’m assuming none clip onto a stroller and they all seem so large and heavy. Thank you so much!

  32. Hi Amber! I love to read about your stories, specially around the world. I am flying with my 4 month old from Asia to the USA for 30 hours! I am so scared. I read your last post, and it was so helpful. Thank you thank you. I think you cover everything. I will definitely re-read it again before our flight date.

    Carolina |

  33. I have been loving the insta photos amber! They are amazing! definitely do a post on Moscow. We are planning a Christmas trip there in december so will love that. Thanks again, always nice to read your posts 🙂

  34. Sorry you had to deal with someone being immature. Your kids had every right to be there just as much as him. Good thing the staff were nice! It really does make a difference. 🙂 As always, love the photos!
    Unique Geek

  35. A question I have is how did you handle Atticus on a plane when he was in the wiggly 1 year old stage? I’m going on a cross country flight alone with my one year old in a couple weeks and I’m just not sure how to keep him happy for such a long flight.
    My best advice to rude people on planes is I just try my best but then in the end think, well I won’t ever see these people again so oh well. What can you do. Ha
    Have safe travels!

  36. Awwe, this is such a sweet post ! It seems like you have a great flying routine to make sure the kids don’t get too bored and that’s amazing ! I can imagine how hard it would be but they seemed to have done great ! I love all of these photos, they are so fun <3


  37. I seriously thought that once you had kids it would be super difficult to travel. I love that you guys manage! It inspires me to try the same from early on 🙂 Xo

  38. Considering Atticus is almost 2, shouldn’t be be off of the bottle by now??

    1. Every child is different. Mine was never big on bottles, went straight from boob to sippy cup. I know lots of toddlers that still use a bottle for comfort. No biggy!

  39. I would highly recommend you to find some time for Sankt-Petersburg, it’s a real diamond on the crown of our big and beautiful country. Just one hour by plane))))) also it would be so nice to meet you in Moscow!!! It is a very kids friendly city!

  40. Can Atticus be any more adorable?! People are always going to be crabs on the plane. Just ignore them! Hope you are having a great time! You are making me miss Amsterdam so much!

  41. Hi Amber!! Your trip looks like so much fun!! From someone who doesn’t travel often because of a tight budget, how are you able to travel so much? And any travel tips? Thanks!! xxoo

  42. I love traveling with kids!!! I mean occasionally they will have their bad days, but most of the time they do great, and having the family all together is just so much better. I am getting a little morr nervous about long flights now that i have a toddler though. Now that he is rumming around he doesn’t like sitting still much. How do you keep Atticus entertained and happy on the long flights? Thankfully 4 hour flights are still a piece of cake, but we want to do a Europe trip next year and that will be a very long flight. Thanks so much!

  43. Hi Amber!! I really love your travels aro una the world!!! When do you’ll go here in Italy????? I’d really love to meet you!!!

  44. Hi Amber! I’m so glad you are going to post about traveling with two, I was hoping you would! Some questions I have are what do you do to keep Atticus entertained? Also, what headphones does Atticus use? Would you recommend the Bugaboo Bee or was it hard for Atticus to not have a place to sit/lay down? What do you do when you need to take a cab? Are you able to carry the kids on your lap?

    Thank you!!!

  45. I have to comment again because you just uploaded a picture of Atticus on your instagram and he is too cute. I cant believe those chicks. Too cute i am dying!!!!!!

  46. Thus is great! Glad to hear the staff was so amazing on the airline! We have been on a few flights with my 7 month old and it really does boil down to the friendliness of the flight crew on whether I had a good flight or not! My son is alot like rosie, hardly makes a peep and just happy. But you always get a few glares from people but I always say oh well, I’ll never see that person again! Most people are actually very sweet and love seeing babies I’ve found!
    I main question is have you mastered what to bring vs overkill. I feel like even on simple road trips I pack way too much crap I end up not using and forget things that would come in super handy!! We also try to go as light as possible (I know ya right with kids) so just wanted to see what your must haves have been thus far! Safe travels!!

  47. I am currently pregnant with my second child and we will travel to japan in February (when the baby will be 5 months old). My biggest concern is how to travel with a súper active boy like my older, 2 years old by then and a baby that I dont even know yet!! Is it better to make stops along the way or just make a long trip?? If it is stops, how many??
    I hope you can give some tips

  48. I’m so impressed that you were able to control that many suitcases at once, way to go! It’s unfortunate how rude strangers can be sometimes. Either he’s never had children of his own, or he doesn’t remember what it’s like. Regardless, there’s no excuse for making parents feel badly about having their children with them, even if they have fussy babies! That’s sometimes out of your control. Sounds like your little ones are perfect little travelers – hope I have similar luck/skills! I’ve been enjoying following your travels on insta and snapchat. Can’t wait for more pictures on the blog!! xoxo

  49. Hi Amber,

    I would love to understand how you deal with jet lag for the kiddos! My husband and I are taking our 7 month old to Europe soon and she’s been on a schedule similar to one you’ve talked about before (about every 2 hours)…how do we maintain something similar so that she’s comfortable and well rested, while also dealing with the time change?

    Thank you so much! Your tips will help me feel a lot more comfortable about such a big trip!

  50. I’m so glad that it was a good flight!! I’m so impressed that you packed for a month in that small amount! I am the worst packer ever haha!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  51. Both of your kids are so adorable and lovely!!!❤❤ Is the name of Atticus and the word of Amsterdam in A’s suitcase (nametag) is wrriten by himself?? And he is always bring and hug his doll (dog), such a cute thing❤
    Oh really you stay in Europe for a month?? Enjoy your holiday!! Have fun! Would you think of another holiday to Paris between August 2016 and January 2017? So I can meet your lovely family❤

  52. You’re so lucky to be able to travel so much. I love travelling and I hope one day I make a ton of money to spend it all on travelling haha! hope you have a great time and you can stop by Greece any time 🙂

  53. How fun!! So jealous that you’re in Europe for a month! Loving all your beautiful pictures on Instagram :)!

    xo Raina
    The Mama Queen

  54. Adorable! Rosie looks so comfy sleeping on the plane! Hope you love Europe can’t wait to see more pics!

  55. How amazing and brave of you to travel with both toddler AND a baby at the same time! We’re going to see my family in Czech Republic in August. We go annually, but this will be for the first time with our then-18 months old, and I have a couple of super crucial questions:
    1. is Atticus’s car seat considered an additional “suitcase” you have to pay for, since both my husband and I each will have 1 suitcase with us (and most airlines we fly with allow only 1 suitcase per person…)?
    2. Were Rosie and Atticus’s suitcases considered carry-ons therefore free and you didn’t have to check those in?
    3. Not having a car seat with us, how easy it is let’s say in Amsterdam to take a cab. Do cabs provide toddler car seats per request?
    4. Is her stroller considered an extra luggage, since our daughter still flies for free and will NOT have her own seat? (Bugaboo Cameleon3).

    Thank you soo soo much for answering. I can’t wait to hear a bit more about this. Enjoy your travels, xoxo Maggie

  56. I would love to hear what you’re favorite things in Ireland have been! My fiance and I are going in September (also London and Paris is you have suggestions on there as well) and working on our itinerary!

  57. haha this is so cute! You guys deserve a standing ovation (I think I spelled that right lol) on traveling with your kids!! I hope my hubs and I can do it when we have some!

  58. Love the pics! Your babies are so beautiful. I haven’t traveled nearly as much but when I do people always get upset when they see my two babies, 1 and 3.5 yrs boarding. It’s amazing how rude people are. But we always come prepared with snacks and new books and toys and luckily my babies have never disturbed anyone. It’s nice to know we are not alone dealing with rude passengers!!!!

  59. It is funny how your children acted better and I’m so happy for you to have such easy children! I am so inspired by you and David, I can’t believe you travel with little ones! I’m am having so much following along and the castle was amazingly beautiful! I am also happy to say i have added Giants Causeway to my travel list, so thank you for that!

  60. Hi Amber! How do you get rest while traveling with the kids? We took our 8 month old on vacation and she didn’t sleep well. It was difficult to enjoy the next day’s activities because everyone was exhausted. Thank you for sharing your tips! You are such an inspiration and I love your blog! 🙂

  61. Go to the Moscow Kremlin Treasury it has all the crowns and jewels from imperial Russia. Also if you can you must see the Balshow Theater and a ballet show there. We saw swan lake and it was amazing.

  62. Hi Amber! How do you manage to get enough rest while travleling with the kids? We took our 8 month old on vacation and she didn’t sleep well at all. It made the next day of activities more difficult to enjoy because everyone was exhausted. Love your pictures! And thank you for sharing your tips! You’re an inspiration 🙂

  63. Hi,
    You make traveling with two kids look so easy. I would love to know what kind of snacks and toys you bring with you when you travel with your little ones. Also, I wanted to know how do you decide what clothes or how many outfits to pack for the kids.


  64. You guys are so freakin cute! I loved all the photos of the babies, so cute!!!! My favorite was of your baby girl with her big eyes looking at the camera. I hope you guys have a lovely time and I can’t wait to read your next post.

  65. Love this so much! I’m really excited to read your tips on traveling with 2 kiddos. We did 17 days in Europe last October with out 12 month old (it was his first flight ever, and went surprisingly well!). We just had our second baby last month and I cannot wait to travel with both. I’d love to hear how you and your husband tag team both kids and share time with both kids. I feel like I’m usually on baby duety and my husband is helping with the 18 month old. We have to be super strategic with swapping rolls. Haha. Thanks again for sharing your experiences and insight! It’s so helpful!!! XOXO

  66. How exciting!! What a fun trip all of that is going to be. There always has to be one of those types on the plane but it sounds like an amazing experience.

    Sara Kate Styling

  67. I love that you travel with your kids. I think it is inspiring as well as proves that having kids doesn’t mean you are stuck at home now, you can take them and do things and explore the world and too many people think you can’t. Glad to hear the flight went so well!


  68. Love your blog!! We have a 21 mo old boy who has been to 15 countries and we are pregnant again and don’t plan on stopping!! What double stroller do you love for travel?? Our son naps in his stroller up to 3hrs so we want to get one where both kids can sleep when we travel but don’t want something too bulky for small European shops & restaurants!

  69. Your travel photos are absolutely adorable! I love your kiddos …they’re so sweet looking & look as if they did so well on the plane 🙂 I also LOVE how relaxed & comfortable your travel outfit was, yet it was still chic & sexy at the same time …no effort! I still love your hair darker too with bangs …such a great look! Thanks for sharing all the European photos too on Instagram! 🙂 #RIPPrince :’-(

  70. That’s great! Have a nice trip, full of new positive emotions and impression! Totally recommend you to visit Kyive, maybe next time. But it worth seeing! It has picturesque landscape, beautiful and historical architecture and nice and communicable people.If you decided to visit , let me know and I tell more about that city.
    Good luck! And enjoy your trip!

  71. Loved this post! Chance is now 4 months old, but we travelled with him between 6weeks and 12 weeks to Denmark, Sweden and New York, and each time he was ‘well behaved’ and slept through, but we could see the looks of those around us, scared that there was a baby on board that was going to be a screamer…I did a little post here actually about travelling with babies x

  72. God I would love to travel in style like that, business class with kids seems the best! But even economy, the KLM staff always goes above and beyond! I would never ever choose a cheaper airline over KLM, just because of their uber children friendly staff.
    Did you know they even have baby formula food on board and diapers etc? Awesome!

  73. Awe this post is so adorable!! I love little Atticus with his travel gear, you guys make it look easy 🙂 I’ll be in Amsterdam next month and am looking forward to seeing some more of your pictures. Have a wonderful trip.

    Morgan |

  74. So awesome that you take the kids traveling so much! People always talk about how you can’t travel once you have kids, but you prove that wrong 🙂 That’s great that KLM was so friendly and helpful 🙂 have an awesome time in Europe! I am dying to go.

  75. WOW!!!! How amazing!! ???? What a lovely post!! You are beautiful even when your sleeping! HA!! A I think has been more places than I will ever have!!! ???? That is amazing!!! Ahhhh how beautiful it is to see the world with you family!!!! Simply the best!!!! Enjoy enjoy!!!! ???????? ya!!!! xoxoxo P.S. A and precious little Rosie are gorgeous!!! ????

  76. Have a great trip! Do you mind sharing where Rosie’s pink blanket is from? Thanks!

  77. Please ignore this comment, as I am not leaving one, knowing how crazy nuts things must be right now. E… XO ADARC

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