my obsessions as of late:
1. messy fish tails {and messy hair in general}
2. bright lips {specifically lipstain}
i always wondered why my sister, emily’s, lips always looked like a dream and a half… and come to find out she has been using lipstain all along! she has like every color and they are all stunning.
in these pics im wearing “flirty nude” from OutLast Lipstain.
i’ve been wearing it every day. 
its so great because it doesnt give you the texture of lipstick (which sometimes bugs) it just tints your lips and lasts ALL day long. literally all day!
the only bad part is.. if you have chapped lips it intensifys the “chappiness” look of them by a gazillion. but i usually just scrub my lips with sugar first (surprise surprise, i know i use sugar to solve every beauty problem) but doing that makes it go on a lot smoother. {or you can just put lip gloss over top :)}
just make sure you outline your lips first and very PRECISELY because.. like i said.. it doesnt exactly come off that easy
{also.. scrubbing your lips with sugar is so great because then when you kiss your husband/boyfriend/whatever… i will hear “oh your lips are so soft” and i just say, “what? really? hmmm thats weird i have no idea why! (secretly bowing down and thanking the almighty sugar gods)”}
don’t worry.. i 100% recognize that this is thee worst possible angle i could have had for a pic… but oh well. it shows da fishies.

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  1. love the braids and yes i love love lipstains they are the best!! and i sugar scrub my face every morning (i knew you would be proud) feels so so soft 🙂