So the outfit I wore in this post… I wore for 3 different shows in the same day. Since I want to show you pictures from all 3 shows all be wearing the same outfit since I never went home in between shows and what not! These pictures are from the Skaist-Taylor show! The hair and clothes were super out there and fun… and I had an obsession over this gorgeous model.. you’ll see below.
My hair for that day was the braided half-up that I did a tutorial for: here!
 can you tell that I had an obsession with this model? holy crap she was gorgeous!

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  1. Love these shots of behind the scenes – you really capture the event!

  2. Did you delete your “Mitt’s the sh*t post?? I thought it was great!! Although, I don’t blame you for deleting it because of how cruel people can be. You did the most courageous thing by not lashing back to those people and leaving it at “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.” You are a strong women and you are amazing. It’s so sad that there are awfully mean people in this world. You rock girl!! Love your blog.

  3. I love your blog and was hoping that you would do your curly hair tutorial before i take my maternity photos so i can have my hair curled beautifully!