It is absolutely stupid how much I love fashion week. I don’t think I would love it as much if I didn’t get to see all of the magic behind the scenes. I love fashion, but I love hair and make up (and modeling/models) more, so it has been so fun getting to see all the magic happen! The first show I went to was Peter Som.
Like I told you guys, I am interviewing the designer, hair stylist, and make up artist for each show. For Peter Som I don’t have the inside scoop on the make up (it was my first show and I got so caught up in the hair part! whoops!!) But for the hair they went for a wavy, rockerish look. The inspiration was kind of a East meets West, he said “its a girl who lives in the upper East side in a wealthy area but has a rebellious side.” I loved it.
SO for the hair he said they:
1. sprayed Hydrate Finish by Wella all over the hair (product pictured below)
2. twisted hair up and blow dried it
3. added pastel-colored extensions
4. tousled hair and finished with a light hair spray
I always want my hair looking messy and beachy but never thought to do it like that! So I will definitely be trying this and posting pictures of it soon! minus I probably won’t do colored extensions.. we will see though… because apparently I am a punk rocker:
someone tagged me in a comment on this pic so I saw it that way and thought it was hilarious.
(that is me in case ya didn’t grasp that 🙂 )
{all pictures taken by me and must be linked back to this url}
dress: HM; similar: here, here, and here / flats: zara / aviators: HM
 I saw my favorite blogger, Tuula (Jessica Stein) and my jaw accidently dropped. If you know me you know how much I adore her! She was backstage taking pictures and I am usually not the type to go ask for a picture with a celeb (she is a celeb in my eyes haha) but for her I had to. So I finally work up the courage to go introduce myself right? And after introducing myself this is the first thing I say:
“oh my gosh you are my cutest blogger!”
WHAT?!?! you idiot. ahhh.
hahaha I meant to say, “you are my favorite blogger, you’re the cutest!”
But I was so nervous/excited I jumbled them together! But luckily she is thee nicest girl on the planet. Seriously couldn’t be sweeter which just made me love her even more.

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  1. Looks like you are having a blast & I love your dress so much! That same picture of your hair (except not purple) is on tumblr and has 30,000 notes haha your hair is famous!

  2. wore almost the same thing today, but in skirt version! great minds think alike haha oh and yet again still jealous you’re there!