These are pictures from the Parkchoonmoo and Nahm show at Milk Studios and Lincoln Center. It was all in the same day as the Peter Som show and what not so I am wearing the same outfit as I was in the previous post 🙂
  wearing H&M dress; similar styles: here and here / bagChanel from Fashionphile
 goodie bags, vegetable juices, and Chanel from my favorite new company, Fashionphile
 I pretty much saw Olivia everywhere I went in NYC or at least it felt like it.. but I loved her outfit so I took a stealth picture of it. She is wearing Valentino heels,  and Tibi shorts; similar: here
Sometimes you get to be a pretend celeb during fashion week. So many street style photographers.
 wearing H&M dress; similar styles: here and here / bag: Chanel from Fashionphile
K I had this really weird obsession with this couple at the Parkchoonmoo show… They had the most awesome style and they just seemed so cool. I love couples like that.

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  1. Hello Amber! I’ve just discovered your website/blog and I’m very impressed. I’m currently doing research into how bloggers end up working with designers, clothing brands, etc. and I was wondering about your NYFW posts; I see that you are holding a microphone and wanted to ask you what you had the opportunity of doing in NY? I would greatly appreciate learning more about what you do, thank you kindly! x

  2. He is in the Lana Del Ray “Born to DIe” video! Bradley Solileau is his name I think.

  3. Where are your shoes from??!!! They’re so cute!! Like little dorothy slippers!! Please let me know where they are from!?

  4. Where are your shoes from??!!! They’re so cute!! Like little dorothy slippers!! Please let me know where they are from!?


  5. I love the clothes in the first two pictures – are they parkchoonmoo? (I am not what you would term a fashion insider lol.) Looks like you had a great time!

  6. Hi girl! I just stumbled across your blog and I’m obsessed. You’re so adorable and seem super sweet and down to earth. I had to comment on this post and let you know I’m obsessed with your dress! It’s gorgeous.

    Will you post some hair tutorials soon? You have pretty much the perfect hair color, style and length that I’ve been shooting for for years and just never seem to pull off.

  7. new to your blog and obsessed with the fact that you went to fashion week, kill me now. you are stunning, and i have obsessions with couples who are just so out there themselves and are just “cool,” no other word to describe.

    and she sort of looks like angelina jolie… no?