You know how we all love Lauren Conrad? And how on The City they made Olivia Palmero out to be the biggest b word. Well my friend and I are at the Lela Rose show.. Lauren Conrad and Mandy Moore were there so my friend goes up to Lauren and asks if she can have a picture.. her response: “no, I tell everyone no.” ……………. um okay. Then rewind to the 3 days prior we see Olivia at like 3 shows/events and so we go up and talk to her- nicest girl ever. So sweet and genuine.
Very unexpected/disappointing. I am now team Olivia…
Sorry LC.
(but thanks for pinning my hair on your primp board 🙂 🙂 )
Anyways.. I fell in love with Ted Gibson in NYC.. he was the head hair stylist/creative director for a lot of the shows I went to and he is the sweetest man, I seriously just want to be best friends with him. Anyways he did the hair for the Lela Rose show and when I asked him about it I loved his response…
“This girl is an artist. So you know, she needs her hair out of her face but when she goes to throw it up, she doesn’t put it in a pony or bun.. she quickly does something artistic and simple with it”
How great is that?! I love descriptive people! haha I would have just said yeah we are starting it as a bun and ending it looking like a pony. or something of the boring sorts.
Oh and the Lela Rose collection was amazing too. Lots of laces and feminine-ness. She does great work.
bag: c/o Rebecca Minkoff / booties: zara / blazer: zara
How cute was Lela’s daughter?


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  1. Super disappointing about LC. I hate hearing that about celebs who seem so nice.

    I actually made awkward eye contact with Olivia in Soho while shopping during NYFW – it was a little dark and I must have been staring at her trying to figure out if it was her or not (she’s a lot shorter in person than I expected her to be) and she gave me the biggest smile! I was little shocked but even that seemed really nice.

    By the way – I adore your blazer with the graphic tee. The colored jacket is a great take on the trend.

  2. Love the blazer. It’s crazy how what you see on “reality tv” isn’t how people really are. and while oliva was always made to look like a B, she was on the city and not the hills.

  3. Wow. Funny how reality tv can make a person. super disappointed in Lauren Conrad!! She’ll get what’s hers for treating people that way. Not like shes Madonna or something.

  4. When you say C/O Rebecca Minkoff, do you mean that she gave you that purse? If so, why? Just curious. 🙂