Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde ^SWEATER: Alexander Wang via the Outnet // SWEATS: TargetBarefoot Blonde Barefoot Blonde

Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeHIGH CHAIR: Nuna ‘Zaaz // BABY SEAT: Nuna Leaf // TRAVEL CRIB: Nuna Sena // A’s HENLEY: Target // SALMON LEGGINSGS: Target // THERMALS: La-di-da // SOCKSHappy Feet

When it’s snowy and cold outside, it’s sometimes nice to just stay at home, relax and have fun with Atticus. Especially after days when we have been out in the city all day long and he is just stuck in his stroller. There is nothing worse than nap times and lunch times in a car seat:/ So it’s nice to let him stretch, relax and have fun. Before we moved we got a few Nuna items that we use almost daily, as I am sure you see in all of my snapchats! I thought we might have to get rid of them in moving to NYC and downsizing but we have made it work because they make my life easier. We absolutely love the ZAAZ high chair, especially the older he gets.. you can tell he is so proud of himself, being so independent and sitting up on his own as he eats his snacks. It can keep him entertained for hours. He loves the LEAF too, it’s just a gentle side to side swing/rocker and it is my preferred method of feeding him since he is more relaxed and squirms much less. And the SENA pack n’ play is perfect because I don’t have to worry about bonks on the head:) It’s the perfect because he just sits in there and teases Chauncey. I love watching them play! Anything that makes life easier as a parent I am a fan of!

*Thank you to Nuna for sponsoring this post!


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  1. I love all of your pictures of Atticus! One of the main reasons I still have my snapchat is because of your snaps!

    Thanks for the awesome posts! <3

  2. He is just the sweetest little guy!! I loved all the pics. I need to take more of my own boys. I have 5 boys! 11yrs- 11 months. I never thought I would be a mom of just boys. But I love them so much. Boys are so fun and funny.

    I love your blog. Thanks for all the tips to help me be a little more glamorous.

  3. Love these! I have actually never heard of Nuna, so I will have to check them out! I have different brands of many of these items though and they really do make life SO much easier!!!

    Blonde with a Chanse

  4. He eating by himself. Oh NOOOO, stop the clock! What a big boy! I love the picture of you dog’s eyes looking up at him. It’s so precious and at the same time heart breaking (that expression in his eyes).

    Is that a spoon with the food in it? Who makes it? What a great idea.

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