Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeTOP: Eileen Fisher // JEANS: Anine Bing; similar here // SHOES: Chanel via Nordstrom in-store // SWEATER: Rag & bone // STROLLER: Uppababy

Our last day in San Francisco I wore this black top from Nordstrom and some sneakers and we went to one of our favorite spots and then had a chill day. I love relaxed outfits like this and I especially love tops like this one that are tight on top and then flare out a bit while still laying flat – I know that is very specific haha but if you want your legs to look skinnier than they are then this is the shirt for you! It is super flattering for your legs and since I have bigger hips its always a go to style for me! But back to our chill day turned not so chill day – Atticus took naps while we watch Parenthood on repeat (I am addicted!!! I love Adam and Christina best!) and then we went to lunch with some friends but right before we left for lunch I decided to touch up my curls and had my straightener on. I am usually SO careful when I am curling my hair when Atticus is awake and I will put him in the pack n play or something but this time I was NOT thinking and turned my back for a sec and Atticus was crawling and totally yanked the cord and got a little straightener burn on his finger 🙁 it wasnt too bad, he just has a small blister on one of his fingers but I know how bad I HATE burns and that annoying stinging feeling so my heart was just hurting for him. Right after it happened he cried for a sec and then acted totally fine and there was no sign of any burn or irritation on his hands and he started giggling and being happy so we figured the straightener had just fallen and scared him. Then at lunch he was acting sooo sad like fussier than hes ever been while out and about (he loves being out!) so I looked at his fingers again and there was his little blister forming! I seriously felt soo sick to my stomach and just felt so bad for him! We headed to Walgreens to pick up some stuff for it and then home and had him sleep with us and we cuddled all night and took care of his little finger and now he doesnt even notice it and it doesnt bother him at all. Tough little kid, I would have been whining about the stinging!

Here are some more “leg flattering” tops from Nordstrom that I love 😉 …

*Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.


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  1. Poor little A! Don’t be too hard on yourself though. Accidents happen and little boys are just too curious to avoid little things like this. You’re such a good mom! In fact, I think you should post more about parenthood. I’d love to hear if you have any pointers for sleeping. Did anything in particular help Atticus? And how do you deal with naps and sleeping since you travel so much? We want to do some travel abroad soon but I’m worried about disrupting sleep patterns, so I’d love to hear about the tricks you use to keep up your lifestyle! Thanks.

  2. You are seriously the best mom, I look up to you in so many ways! The fact that you are constantly willing to put yourself out there and share your mom stories and show the world that no one is perfect, that is so brave to me! I can see how harsh and criticisizing people can be on social media and I really commend you for not only sharing your stories, but telling them with style and class 🙂 I’m only 21 but I hope to be like you one day! I always tell people to go read your blog and follow you on insta!

    1. You are such a sweetheart, thank you so much for this!! It made me so happy to read! Thanks for all the love and support, I love having amazing followers like yourself 🙂 You are a wonderful person I can tell! I hope we can meet someday! A thanks for following along, and sharing my blog with others!! You’re the best! Love ya!! xo

  3. really lovely pictures Amber. Awe I can imagine how bad you must have felt for him, I guess we have to learn not to be so hard on ourselves. My son is 3 and I still cry when he hurts himself:) We brought him out for dinner last week and in the restaurant was a wood burning stove, the door was closed but in the split second my back was turned my son touched the door which of course was so so hot and I swear I am still tearing up thinking about it.. Accidents happen and there will be a lot worse I guess:) Your son is just so so cute Amberxx

    1. Thank you so much Katie!! I loved reading your comment, seriously!! I love hearing from other mama’s, it’s so touching. It is so true, we can’t be so hard on ourselves because unfortunately it’s impossible to watch our kids every second of the day.. things are bound to happen! Thanks for your insight 🙂 Love ya!! xo

  4. I simply love these adorable pictures of you with your baby. These are so touchy and looks like a perfect family..touchwood.

    1. Thank you so much!!! So nice of you! 🙂 Thanks for reading! xo

    1. YAY!! I am glad I am not the only one obsessing over the show haha 😉 And thanks so much!! I am glad you like the pigtails!! xo

    1. Aww thank you so much!! You’re so sweet!! That is such a nice compliment to hear 🙂 xo

  5. I’m TOTALLY a fan of fit and flare tops because I have potato legs that deserve tent coverage! haha but they are SO cozy and soft and I just adore them!

    xoxo hails.

    1. I am a huge fan too!! And oh my gosh yeah right!!! I doubt that 🙂 But it makes such a difference when I wear clothing that flatters my body so I know what you mean!! Thanks for reading love! xo

  6. OMG! I live in the apartment next to the bike rental shop on the 6th photo. I wish i would have walked outside when you were out there! So funny!!

    1. YOU DO?! What a great location!! I wish I could have seen you too!! Next time 😉 xo

  7. Your pigtails are so cute! I just have to do this tomorrow!!
    I feel ya about the baby pains. It hurts my heart!! I nanny twins and one smacked his face on the concrete today while they were playing and my reaction was 10x worse than his! They’ve hurt each other accidentally so many times and I feel so hurt in my own way every time it happens!!

    1. Thanks so much!! I am glad you like them! And oh my gosh scary!! I know what you mean!! My reaction is always way worse than Atticus’ haha! You’re such a sweet nanny!! They are lucky to have you 🙂

    1. I know!! So sad! But he is all better now so I am happy about that 🙂 Thanks Julia!! xo

  8. Loving those sneakers!!
    I need some fashion advice though! I would like to buy cool (neutral) sneakers, that are still classy. People are suggesting adidas superstar or Stan Smith’s, but I’m still not quite sure! What do you think?

    Thanks, love your pics and happy faces!

    1. Thank you love!! I am glad you like them!! Those are great recommendations you have!! I would maybe suggest New Balances? They are kind of a sporty look though.. so I am not sure they are what you are looking for?! But they are cute and very affordable 🙂 I will link a pair I like below!! xo

      1. Thanks a lot!
        Yes, I think New Balances are definitely more ‘me’ than the adidas ones! I just think the adidas models would look too ‘big’, not very elegant on me. Also, is Converse still a must-have? Like, is it a classic or do you feel like it’s a little outdated already?

        Again, thanks so much for your kind answer! 😀

  9. Hi Amber! Where are you sunnies from in this post? They are toooo cute, and I’m dying for some mirrored ones like that. Thanks! Love your blog so much! XO

    1. Hi Alexis!! They are Illesteva from Nordstrom!! They are amazing!! And thanks so much!! I appreciate it! xo

  10. You have bigger hips?! Haha. So funny how we perceive ourselves when other people see something totally different!
    Last year I was about to curl my nieces hair with my nume wand and my son, who was 4 at the time, grabbed the barrel (he loves play swords) while it was on 350°. It was SO bad. He had his entire palm wrapped around it. I’ve never heard him scream like that. By the time we go to the hospital, the whole palm of his hand was one HUGE blister. I was crying just as bad as him even though I was really trying to keep it together for him. He was screaming for 90 minutes until he finally cried himself to sleep =/ ugh. It sucked. But thankfully, the next day he was much better. It was so scary, but at least now if he even sees a hot tool plugged in, he won’t even walk in that room! Haha Burns are so horrible. Really happy your little guy is better now!

    1. I really do!! I have big hips in proportion to the rest my body is what I meant I guess haha! But I know what you mean about the perception part of it!! Totally true. And oh my goodness!! That is scary!! Thanks for sharing that experience, it makes me feel a little better about what happened!! Glad I am not the only one. I love that your son learned from doing that, and doesn’t go near the curling iron haha I hope Atticus does that too!! I can only dream 😉 xoxo

  11. I really like those fish tail braids. They look so cute. And love all black outfit even in spring

    1. Thank you Lindsay! I agree, I love them!! Thanks for reading!! xo

  12. Poor little A! Straightener burns even hurt me! haha. Even just from babysitting a one year old multiple times, they seriously are so sneaky within like a split second! Glad he’s still all smiles though 🙂

    1. Seriously!! I can’t even count the amount of times I burned myself oops! And ohh yes so dang sneaky and busy!!! I better get used to it now that he is mobile and on the move haha 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment!! xo

    1. Awesome!! I am glad like you like the look!! And aww thank you!! I am glad he was just fine, such a relief!! 🙂

    1. I am happy you like it, thank you!! And aww you’re so sweet, I appreciate it!! He is good as new thank goodness 🙂 Love ya!!

  13. I love these cute little pigtails and am envious of all your cute sunglasses lately!!

    1. Thank you Lauren!! I am glad you like them!!! Thanks for reading love!! xo

    1. I agree, San Fran is gorgeous!! And oh yess!! The houses are so dreamy!!! Thanks for reading Laura 🙂 XO

  14. Aw, poor A! But cuddles are the best medicine 🙂

    That top is totally cute! And I am obsessed with that sweater! I LOVE it. I think you’ve worn it in other posts – very flattering and so cute!

    Did you guys go to Cavallo Point? If you get the chance, try to stay in one of the Modern Rooms! We stayed there on our wedding night and it was perfect! They are so so so kind, accommodating, kind.. did I mention kind? They took the best care of us! The room had the best view of the Golden Gate, heated floors, fireplace, ah, the list goes on! Plus a heated salt pool! Definitely recommend it!!

    Hope you guys get some nice spring weather in NYC!

    1. I agree!! He loves the extra cuddles and so do I 😉 And thank you!! I am glad you like the outfit!! And no, we didn’t go to Cavallo Point!! It sounds amazing, wow!! Thanks for the recommendation, I will keep that in mind next time we are out there!! Have a fabulous day!! xo

  15. Poor Atticus! I am so glad that he is doing good 🙂 It is hard sometimes when little ones are crawling because you turn your back for seriously 2 seconds and they are into something 🙁 I love your top!!

    Blonde with a Chanse

    1. I know it!! Like how can they be watched 100% of the time?! ahh now I know what to expect with a crawling baby haha 🙂 And thank you!! I agree, the top is amazing!! xo

  16. I am obsessed with those sunglasses! They are perfect! I have become obsessed with fishtail braids as well. I practice on the little girls at the preschool I work at. You have the best hairstyles Amber! And don’t worry about Atticus, accidents happen, trust me! I don’t have any children of my own, but I work with them and sometimes things happen. Don’t stress too much! Atticus is a one tough cookie!


    1. Thanks Cassie!! I am happy you like them!! Fishtail braids are some of my favorites! So fun and easy!! And aww thank you for the reassurance! I am feeling much better about it now. I appreciate the kind words!! xo

    1. Oh my goodness you’re too kind!! Thank you!! And ahh I agree, I get more obsessed with them every time I put them on!!! 🙂

  17. Awe poor Atticus and you Mama!!! This sounds all too familiar to me having four daughters, and I have truly experienced many times like this, seeing them get hurt and at times feeling like it was my fault too. I bet he was soaking all the love and compassion in with getting to sleep with Mama and Daddy too! You guys are so adorable and full of love, your my type of family for sure girlie! So glad you guys had a great trip and hope you are getting some relaxing time in now… Love ya! xo…

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me and reassuring me!!! I feel much better now! I appreciate it!! He is totally back to being himself and I am SO happy about that 🙂 Thanks for the love!! You are the best, thanks for always cheering up my day!! And yes, we had an amazing time, thank you!! Lots of love and memories!

    1. Oh my goodness stop it!!! You are a sweetheart!! Thanks for the amazing compliment 🙂 And I am glad you like the shoes and hair!! I appreciate it! xo

  18. oh my you are the cutest lil mama most parents I feel like, would just put a band aid on and forget about it. Im sorry that happened but its cute to see how much you care. Have a bomb day.

    1. Aww thank you so much!! That is so sweet of you to say!! Seriously! You always know what to say to brighten my day!! I appreciate it! Have a wonderful day!! xoxo

    1. Ahh I know!! That’s the worst part.. knowing there will be more accidents in the future 🙁 That’s all a part of parenthood I guess!! Thanks for the love!! It means the world to me!! xo

  19. Awwww Amber! Im sorry about A but it’s alright!!! We all make little oopsies as Moms! Don’t be hard on yourself. We learn everyday just like they do! Your an awesome Mom! Believe me, he’s forgotten a llllll about it!! *HUGS*

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment!! It made me feel much better about everything! I appreciate the reassurance 🙂 You are so right, parents learn something new every day!! Thanks again Erin!! Love ya!

    1. Yes, we had a great time!! Thank you!! A is back to new so I am happy about that 🙂 xo

  20. Ohhhh no poor little A. Happy he’s okay, I know you were prob. freaking out a little bit. Your pictures from your “chill” day are so cute. A’s hair is getting so long! Swear he’s the cutest baby 🙂 Hope his finger heals quickly.

    Stay Styled,
    Instagram: stay_styled

    1. I know 🙁 I was so sad!! But he is back to himself, so I am happy about that!! And thanks so much!! I am glad you like the pictures!! You’re so sweet! xo

  21. aww so sad! I would have been feeling sad about it too, but you are seriously theeee GREATEST mom ever it seems like!!! And doing an amazing job!! try not to be hard on yourself (and definitely don’t let anyone else be!) Kids and doggies a-like are sweet little individuals, and they will do and get into and explore what they want to sometimes despite all good efforts at watching out for them!! people need to remember that and NOT be so hard on each other as parents!! you guys are doing GREAT! I aspire to be a mommy like you!! xo

    1. Wow thank you so much!! You are too kind!! I appreciate the sweet compliments!! I do my best but yes, I have to remember accidents will happen 🙁 Hopefully not anytime soon but now I won’t freak out as much next time maybe! Oh yes Chauncey too!! I have two trouble makers in the house 😉 Thanks again for your lovely insight and thoughts!! I loved reading them! xo

    1. Thanks so much Megan!! He is back to himself, so I am much happier and relieved!! 🙂 And I am glad you like the top!! Thank you!! xo

    1. Thanks so much!! I appreciate the sweet compliments 🙂 And yes totally!! It’s so important to wear clothing that is flattering on one’s body type 🙂 Glad you agree!! Love ya! xo

  22. These pictures are adorable! Did you have a feeling you were having a boy before you knew when you were pregnant?
    First time preggers over here and I have an inkling but I didn’t know if the whole mama intuition thing is true!


    1. Thanks so much Paige!!! And I actually thought I would have a girl!! Crazy! So excited for you! I hope pregnancy goes smoothly for you love!! O and I definitely believe in the mama intutition though 🙂 xo

  23. I’m so sorry to hear about Atticus! I burned my wrist when I was working at a bakery one time. The bakery sent me to a doctor just for compliance rules, but the doctor gave me a prescription white burn cream. It got rid of the stinging sensation, and helped keep it ‘moist feeling” when the blisters turned into terrible scabs with that awful dry feeling. I loved that stuff, I still have the jar and keep it in my kitchen.

    I sincerely hope he gets to feeling better!

    1. Thank you Ashley!! I appreciate it! And that is good to know about the prescription burn cream! I may have to get some just to have on hand! Oh and Atticus is feeling good as new 🙂 Thanks love!! xo

  24. Your note about Atticus summarizes everything about how you cute, candid, authentic, and loving you are – even in sponsored posts! Kids are so resilient, but I will never forget when my then-5 month old baby rolled off a bench onto the floor, the one second I lifted my hand up to shift her! I felt so badly, but by the second child, my heart doesn’t stop quite as fast! 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness thank you for this!! How sweet are you?! You sure know how to make a girl feel special 🙂 And thank you for sharing that experience with your baby!! It is so refreshing to hear similar stories from other mamas!! I seriously appreciate it so much!! I am sure I will not be as panicked the next time an accident happens, which is a positive 🙂 xo

  25. Poor A, but seriously don’t be too hard on yourself… happens to everyone. I had a similar situation with my son and while we never want things like that to happen to them, it is part of life. He will be fine and you can use the experience as teaching tool to help him understand what hot means. For my son I always tell him not to touch the stove or fireplace and say “it’s hot like mama’s hair curlers” and he will nod and say “Hot! Ouchies…no touch” and he won’t come near anything that I say it hot like my hair curlers.
    Dresses & Denim

    1. Thank you Carly!! I have to remember that accidents WILL happen, and I better get used to it unfortunately!! Especially now that he is crawling and so mobile! And aww what a great idea, I love that you turned a bad experience into a teaching moment! What a good mama you are!! I am definitely going to use that with Atticus, thanks so much for your wonderful insight!! I loved it 🙂 xo

    1. Aww thank you!! I am happy you like them!! They’re so easy and fun! xo

  26. It is so sad when babies get hurt, it’s like your heart feels so heavy and guilty! The little twins I nanny are so fragile and I am so careful with them but life happens and sometimes little accidents occur! It is so hard to see babies sad and hurt at all though-you feel like it is completely your fault!

    On another note your hair looks so cute in the fishtail pigtails, love it!!!

    1. I know it!!! Worst feeling ever I decided 🙁 And wow nannying twins?! How cute but I bet they are a handful too haha! It’s hard to watch babies 100% of the time ugh. Hoping for no more accidents!! And thanks so much, I am glad you like the pigtails!! xo

  27. Dressing in ways that accentuate your body is def the way to go! Each person is made unique so different things flatter different people! Love this. Love the happiness in these photos too – so great!

    1. Totally!! I always stick to styles that I know will flatter my personal body type!! And thank you so much!! I love hearing that!! 🙂