So I am in love with this denim skirt! It fits so well and is super flattering. I did buy a size up though – I am usually a 4 or 27 in denim and I got this in a size 6. SHOP JEAN SKIRT | SHOP YELLOW TEE

These jeans were another favorite!!! The darker panel on the side makes your legs look skinnier and longer – I seriously love them so much. Something about the fit is just really good. I got a size 25 which is two sizes down from my normal 27 — Which I thought was weird because the brand is 7 For All Mankind and I have tons of their jeans always in a 27! But try sizing down? SHOP JEANS | SHOP TEE

This lace bodysuit is so so pretty and I tried it on under 3 dresses and it looks so fun under all of them. It is a different way to mix up pieces you already have – layering something under instead of over. This dress also was a really pretty fit and it had peplum detail which I still love peplum haha. SHOP DRESS | SHOP BODYSUIT

Two jackets – one distressed and one not! I got the distressed one just because it was more my style but both fit really good. SHOP DISTRESSED | SHOP NON DISTRESSED

I promise if you get these pajamas you will thank me!!! They are sooooo soft. I have had a set for over a year now and hands down my softest and go to pajama always. Usually when I wash pj sets they get all weird or are never the same (in a bad way) but these get softer and softer each time you wash them. They come in lots of colors!!! SHOP THE PJ SET

I always love a classic black skirt! So I loved this one. And in the second photo I bought this amazing sweater! I love long sweaters like this that go with everything for fall and winter. SHOP SKIRT | SHOP BLOUSE | SHOP LONG SWEATER | SHOP STRIPED SKIRT


FRIDAY!!!!! Yay! What are your weekend plans? I am taking the kids to go with me to see my grandma today and then tomorrow we might go to the lake. I know I already shared these images on insta stories but because they disappear I thought I would share them on here too. And because this is one of my favorite sales and they have soooo many good things on sale! I think there are more good things this time than any other Anniversary Sale!

Hope you guys have a good weekend!!!!!

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  1. I want that striped Midi-skirt! I am SO getting it. Thanks for the great pics, Amber!


  2. That distressed denim jacket is everything! Also love the t-shirt + denim skirt combo!

  3. Loving all of these Nsale picks! There are so many cute pieces this year! I just posted my favorite picks on my blog, and I may have to go back and purchase some of these too 😉

    Lots of love,


  4. I’m a summer intern for Nordstrom and was SO excited to hear that you shopped at our anniversary sale! I talk about your blog all the time to my customers as fashion inspiration and they love it! Love everything about your outfits and love to see whatever you’re posting always!

  5. Girl, if you were to cut your hair like it looks in the 2nd to last pic (wearing the skirt) it would be HELLA CUTE.

  6. I love everything, those pink pjs are so cute

  7. Gorgeous! Can you share the sizes of the denim jackets shown here?

  8. Can’t wait for the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale next week! And this weekend, my fiancé and I are celebrating our 6th year anniversary on Block Island! 😀

    Simply Lovebirds

  9. Love your pick Amber! Especially the long sweater and denim with the dark side panel!! 🔥🔥

  10. I love Nordstroms Anniversary sale!!
    I’m to buy pjs for sure and denim jeans. I like how they are 2 different!!

  11. I saw these on insta already but I of course had to scroll through the whole post because I just love all your pics 🙂
    I love the denim jacket and how you rolled the sleeves…taking notes from you!!
    Once again, you slay the game. Have a good weekend!!!
    Fondly, Emily

  12. I love all the outfits you picked out! The only thing I don’t like are the prices, hahaha.
    But I do love your style!

  13. Hey Amber! I love your blog… I read it way to much in class, but sometimes you just need a break from law school, ya know? I had a question for you since we are about the same height, are the PJ’s long enough for you? I love sets like that but they are never long enough on me! And I’ve just fallen in love with them. Please help!


  14. Amber,

    I absolutely looove your style. I remember when I first started seeing your hairstyles on Pinterest years ago and I’ve been such a big fan of your blog ever since. I hope you have a great time with your Grandma.