HAIR EXTENSIONS: Barefoot Blonde Hair in the color Barefoot Blonde

Finally have this tutorial!!! We were having some technical difficulties with it lol but it is finally done and I am so excited because it is requested on the daily! I have always had STICK STRAIGHT natural hair so doing these no heat, tight waves is fun for me. I kind of envy people who have hair like this naturally! But luckily it is really really easy to achieve this look and there are three ways I get my no heat beachy waves so in the video I share all three. In these photos I had my natural hair braided and my extensions just scrunched from the salt water in the ocean and I let them air dry like that. The good thing about most hair extensions is that they are naturally wavy so when wet they scrunch super nice! You can use a mousse or salt spray if you aren’t by the ocean but you may have to wash them sooner since product does kind of start to build on them. Here in these photos I am wearing 3 extension wefts (4 clip/8 inch, 3 clip/7 inch, 3 clip/6 inch) and in the video I am just wearing 2 wefts (7 and 8 inch)! Since my hair is thinner I love the thickness.

You obviously don’t need extensions for this style and if your hair is already naturally thick then you can do just the braiding portion — I would maybe do three french or dutch braids if your hair is naturally really thick and make sure you do them really tight! They don’t have to be perfect and in fact the less perfect they are the more they will look like waves you get from the beach.

Also one more thing! When you take out your braid make sure you toss your hair around a little and break up the waves a bit – you can even add texture spray if you want but DON’T brush through your hair with a brush because it will turn into a bit of a frizz ball. If you are wanting to brush it then just brush through with a wide tooth comb 🙂

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  1. I came across your webpage by chance. I rarely post comments, but I just couldn’t keep my thoughts to myself. Absolutely beautiful hair! All girls should have hair like yours. I also like the name you use for this site. It’s natural and down to earth. Peace!

  2. Love it! My only problem is taking the extensions out at the end of the night/ dealing with them the next morning… the little curls always get extremely tangled and having to brush it out after makes me nervous that I’m going to damage the extensions. Any suggestions? I would wash it condition them but that means I’d be washing them a ton with how often I do this!

  3. Hi Amber! Do you do full or partial color? Thanks in advance! xx

  4. Is your hair completely dry when you braid it? Or is it damp, just after washing it?

  5. Do you sell to salons? I have lots of clients that ask about clip ins and I’ve seen yours and they always look beautiful. I sell Halo couture extensions but like I said I have lots of clients that want the clip ins as a option.

  6. I wish I could braid my hair that fast and perfectly, wow, I’m impressed! I always use the third option at the beach, but I will try the braiding one, you make it look easy.


  7. Your hair is beautiful like always 🙂 i love your ideas and i am going to try and recreate them. my hair is also so straight and so sometimes it is difficult to curl it or wave it out without heat so i will definitely try this!

  8. These are so beautiful! You’re the cutest Amber! I do have a question! I have been using your hair extensions since January (Love them btw!!) but I just washed them for the first time and they are supppper dry. Any suggestions to rehydrate?! I have used a ton of Paul mitchel hair oil but it doesn’t seem to cut it. I also left them to deep condition over night.

    Also! Maybe Heat protectant recommendations??

    1. Aw thank you Sydney!!! So glad you love them!! And oh no so sorry to hear that they feel dry! I would say to try getting them wet with warm water and then put a deep conditioner on let them sit for a while but sounds like you already did that! How long have you had them? You can email us directly too at 🙂

      For heat protectant I love using this kerastase one because it is a serum and heat protectant and I also love this one

      1. Using a salon quality sulfate-free shampoo is the best for extensions and to wash with cold water. Also to use salon quality conditioner be gentle to the hair don’t rub or twist it. Gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry with a towel. Gently comb the hair starting from the ends, keeping the pressure off the weft area. Using a wide-tooth comb. Do not use a hair dryer to dry the extensions. Hang them up on a hanger and let them air dry. And extensions don’t require a lot of product. It’s worth the money to invest into good shampoo and conditioner and a good heat protectant. You pay lots of money for the hair and most people don’t know how to take care of them after. They last so much longer with good products.

  9. I have soo much envy for girls with naturally wavy hair! Mine is pin-straight like yours, probably because I am asian. Thanks for this tutorial!

    Simply Lovebirds

  10. I’m so glad you did this tutorial, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get these natural waves for the longest time. Thank you!

  11. Loved this! Thanks so much! You’re beautiful and so is your hair! I love no heat, makes it super easy!

  12. Any suggestions for thick hair??? I love the scrunchy look but when I braid my hair it ends up more crimped!! Maybe I’ll try more small braids??

  13. I love these! I want this style every day:) and, seeiously no heat?!!! That’s awesome!

  14. Thank you for posting this!!! Have loved all your branding tutorials and hair growth tips! It has totally helped my hair GROW. Can’t wait to sport this no heat look for my lackluster hair this summer! 🤗

  15. I have the same thing, my hair is dead straight, people at school tell me they want my hair, but I’d rather have this😉! I’ve done this method before and works well, but do you have any tips on hair holding curl longer since my hair tends to just go straight almost immediately?

    Ps. Stunning hair

  16. Thank you for sharing!!! Love your hair like this. I’m so excited to try this. And I LOVE that pink swimsuit!!! Where is it from? 🙂

  17. I have waited for this tutorial for so long! YAY and now its finally there 🙂 I really need to try the braiding method tomorrow after washing my hair !
    Your hair with the extensions is soo freaking pretty and perfect! I really wish I would have naturally hair like that 😀 but I think we are all dreaming to have hair like that 🙂
    But why did you cut your hair when you love having long hair? Your hair was so long before! Or do you want to grow it healthy and thicker back?

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  18. Gorgeous! I love the french braid idea, starting at the top of the head. When I do braids, I only braid the bottom half and it always looks mismatched when I finally take it out. I like this idea so much more. So fun!