Barefoot Blonde ^^SWIMSUIT: here, bikini version here
Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

^^SWIMSUIT: here, bikini version here, and LOVE this version here // HAT: Revolve Clothing // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

^^A’s SWIMSUITTucker and Tate

Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

^^ I told you guys how we are collecting onesies from all the cities we take Atticus to and this pirate one from Monaco is my favorite so far 🙂

Barefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

COLORFUL ONE PIECE: Nanette Lepore, bikini version here // PURPLE MOSAIC ONE PIECE: Nanette Lepore, bikini version here, and LOVE this version here // BLACK HAT: Revolve Clothing // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker  // A’s SWIMSUIT: Tucker and Tate

I have been coming to Nice for the last three years and it was SO much fun this time with my sweet boy! I love watching him in the water because he loves it so so much. He could be screaming and so sad and the moment he gets in the bath he is the happiest boy ever just splashing away. I didn’t know if he would like the water in Villefranche since it is kinda cold but he still loved it and was just floating and splashing out there with me, it was my favorite thing ever. It was a time I was extra bummed David wasn’t there to see.

Our first day there we got those massive watermelon wedges on the beach and also got massages on the beach which seems nice right? But let me tell you, it was one of the most intense massages ever haha and not in a good way. She was GRABBING my butt – not in a massage kinda way where it actually feels good – but in a very weird and uncomfortable way haha and it was like she was doing karate on my back! I kept looking at my sister like, “are you seeing this??” Yikes. And she didn’t hesitate to almost take my entire swimsuit off right in front of everyone.. I totally flashed the entire beach.. which I guess is acceptable considering it was a topless beach. But still, a little weird.

I hope you guys all have a good weekend!! xoxo

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  1. Did you style your hair with the extensions? (new to clip ins and wondering whether they’re ok for the beach)

  2. you are so beautiful!! and what a dreamy trip!! seriously, i just melt at your photos every time. they have the best vibe!! and these have such a film like quality! so so so beautiful!

  3. Amber you are such a hoot! I love reading your blog so much. You are so real, honest and fun. And Atticus…my word but he is gorgeous baby! his baby chunk and that fuzzy little hair growing in. I melt. P.s. you look incredible in a swimsuit…id never take one off if I looked that fine 🙂


  4. Can you please post details about your necklace in the post?! Beautiful

  5. Beautiful as always! The southwestern prints and colors on the swimsuits are gorgeous.
    Watching the little ones playing in water is so cute! My little one has been a water baby since the day he was born.
    Dresses & Denim

  6. I am absolutely in love with your blog, your pictures are so beautiful as well as your baby! Sounds like you had an amazing time; I want to go back to France again soon!

  7. YOU should be ashamed! It is a very evil thing to do saying such things to a woman. I also doubt very much you have visited Ethiopia then blogged about it. Tearing people down doesn’t make you a better person so just remember judging someone else makes you seem like an awful person.

    Amber, continue being you just you are doing just fine.

    1. look at this other whore!
      blinded by too many labels too heh?
      instead of showing off what you have go and fucking HELP the needed ones
      primitive empty headed american bitches

  8. What fun! Not the massage though, that just sounds weird. I’m ordering one of those swimsuits that’s for sure! I have such a hard time finding one pieces that don’t look like granny suits or have giant cutouts on them.


  9. wishing I could hop on the first plane out of Idaho and head over to France this instant; when I was there is was cold and rainy! Your aztec suit is too flattering and I wish I could pull off a one-piece as well as you!

    xoxo hails.

  10. Your dialogue at the end just cracks me up! I’d be silently freaking out too!
    I love love love the colorful suit. I decided this year I’m just more suited (pun intended) for one pieces yet I never found one I loved and could be confident wearing. I feel like that one is the ONE and I must buy it. Just beautiful.

  11. Beautiful photos! Collecting onesies from all of the places you visit is such a great idea. The onesie from Monaco is so adorable!

  12. One day when I have kids, I want to look as beautiful, fashionable, fit and fun as you. That’s all. You guys are adorable!

  13. I swear Baby A is waaaaaay more travelled than I will ever be! Haha. Lucky baby! Those photos are amazing and I miiiiiiight be a bit obsessed with your swimsuits!