Honestly I didn’t know what to expect with Nice and I was amazed. I think it is my favorite out of Annecy, Paris, Geneva, and Nice (all the places I have been.) I just love that there are so many places close by that you can take a bus to and each place is a bit different. And I loved the people. The people in Annecy were super cold and anytime I walked in town I felt like I was getting stared down by every single person. In Nice everyone was SOO friendly. Not to mention, I wish I would have saved all my pennies to shop in Nice!!! I had no idea the shops would be so awesome and unique. They had the most amazing “hippie boutiques” and thrift stores that were so cheap and SO cute! Tons of crazy, unique clothes that I have never seen before and wanted to take them all home with me!
Anyways, so here are my pics.
Oh yeah and p.s. of course everyone is topless on all the beaches in Nice and I was absolutely floored. I really had no idea there was such diversity among boobs. I saw way too many weird nipples….
 Headed to the airport.
 9 hours = lots of list making, speculoos and baguettes and candy bars, post cards, and a dead, worthless laptop.
sunset flying into Nice
 the walk down to the beach in St. Jean Cap Farrat
 just exploring
 the most beautiful beach.
 I got recommendations to go to this place.. just know I went, and found it, and decided it was too expensive 🙂 haha but it did look very tasty!!
 I loved the flower markets
 The water is unreal
 Evening time in St. Jean Cap Farrat
 Every time I got ice cream it would melt faster than I could eat it! So hot outside!
 My sketchy hostel
 Looks like someone got married!
You will see this captain hat a lot in my Europe pics. I never take it off.
Oh yeah and you guys keep emailing and asking, “who takes your pictures since you are traveling alone?!” or “do you feel dumb asking strangers?!” or “do the kids take your pictures for you?”
Answer: No I never ever ever had the kids take them!! Thats so weird. Plus I am done nannying! I usually make friends on buses and whatnot who are also traveling and we end up sticking together and we just take them for each other and hang out OR I ask a stranger! And no I NEVER feel dumb asking a stranger! A. I will never see them again B. I am in Europe, who cares about feeling dumb? You gotta take pictures! Plus a lot of times people see that I am traveling alone and will just ask, “do you want a picture?” The ones not of me, I take myself 🙂

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  1. What editor do you use to put the filter on your pictures? these are stunning!! as are you, “eat something” pfft how RUDE! you look fabulous, ignore her.

  2. Lisa- Thank you my love!!!! Haha aren’t people funny? So excited for your baby number TWO!!!! Yay! And how cute was your post with your wedding pics?! Loved that, you guys are such a sweet couple!!!

  3. Anonymous #1- The bathing suit is from Etam!! And you are so sweet! I will try and put together a diet/fitness post!! Oh my gosh you are an angel for telling me about this!!! No I have never tried it!! I am totally going to now, I just hope it tastes similar! xo

  4. Just know I’m living vicariously through you in each of your posts! Such amazing pics. You look rockin’ in that bathing suit too 🙂

    PS- Ignore the “eat something” anonymous comment. That’s what jealous thicker girls always say to skinny girls 🙂

  5. Please do a blog post about your diet/fitness routine!! You are in great shape!! Also, where is your bathing suit from?

    P.S. Have you ever tried the Trader Joes version of Speculoos? Its good but I don’t know how close it is to the real thing.