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SHOES: Birkenstock

SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

If I could just sit there and stare at this milky blue water for the rest of my life I would – it is my favorite water ever. I do wish the beaches were sand.. it is nearly impossible to make a sand pillow under my towel with stones haha but I will take stones if I can have that blue water. I had the best experience in Nice last summer.. which you can read about here if you wish.

But Nice was even better this time having David with me. It is so fun to be with him in Europe (he has backpacked Europe twice) he is such a history wiz and everywhere we go he knows the history behind it and he teaches me so much. We rode bikes up and down the coast and visited Villefranche-sur-Mer and some other adorable villages annnd we found some really yummy doner kebabs (which we can never find in the states) in Nice which David was a little too excited about if you ask me 🙂 I am not a huge fan of lamb because I just picture an adorable lamb as I eat it but I was adventurous and ate half of one so that counts I think.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a good day! xo


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  1. Hi Amber! I am going to Nice this and would LOVE to know where this spot is on the rocks with the ladder on the water!! thanks xx

  2. Hi Amber! I have been following your blog since college and remember your travels in France…. I recently met you at the beach in Encinitas and you and David are seriously the cutest ever! My husband and I are going to France in a couple of weeks and are road tripping from Saint Tropez to Florence and was wondering if you had any recommendations on places to stay/stop, eat, and things to do along the way?

  3. Hi cute Amber! I was hoping to read more about your trip to Nice but the link isn’t working. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I am heading there in early August with my husband and kids. Do you mind sharing where you have stayed while there?

  4. Ah, I’ve been following your blog like crazy lately! I recently just started going through all your travel posts and it looks like so much fun!! I saw you mentioned you can never find doner kebabs in the states but I live in downtown Salt Lake and they just opened Spitz right in front of the Judge building. You gotta try it!! You always seem to be around downtown anyway! 🙂

  5. Just found your blog and I am in love! Fabulous style but really enjoying your post from France!! Have so much fun!


  6. I can’t stand when people sit behind their computers and talk crap and are abusive, but I didn’t think MOST of the comments about the swimsuit being VERY revealing were rude at all. Except the one about the temple thing (that was just from a jealous hater). They were just simply an opinion that it was a pretty racy suit. I thought it was too. However, I agree with a few of the posters that it doesn’t seem like you take feedback very well-by either deleting comments that aren’t glowing and complimentary or by posting a snarky comment back. I would do the same if the comments were rude, but they weren’t. Just some food for thought. No one likes to be criticized, but as someone that writes a public blog, you’ve got to expect that people may have an opinion that is different from yours. As long as it’s respectful, I don’t see why there would be a need to delete it.

    1. Hi Camille – while I understand and appreciate your advice I just wanted to let you know that all but two comments, one being this comment, were from the same IP address and it was the same person pretending to be other bloggers and even friends of mine. You might not have seen a lot of the other comments that person left because they were deleted but they were 100% offensive and inappropriate. You are right that some were not necessarily rude but I deleted all comments from that IP address and another one got deleted in the mix and maybe my response was rude but hey, if you are going to come on a blog daily and leave over 11 personal jabs pretending to be different people I think you have to expect some back lash. The IP address has now been blocked and I will consider how I present myself in comments in the future. Thanks for reading and hope you have a fab day! xo

      1. I totally agree with you then and would have done the same thing! I didn’t know the full story, so was just going off what I thought, my bad. It’s sad that some people are so unhappy and jealous. Love your blog and wish you nothing but success!

      2. My comment was definitely not from the same IP address as any other comments, but still got deleted? I don’t think I said anything mean, just gave my opinion…

        1. Mine was also deleted and wasn’t the same IP as the others? I wrote back again to ask where it had gone etc and notice that’s the one and only comment on here that got completely blanked. I don’t think I’ll bother following a blog by someone who snubs a regular follower just because they had a different opinion and weren’t lavishing you with compliments. If you don’t handle (polite & constructive) criticism well, then posting a public fashion blog is an odd choice.

  7. Amber,

    You are freaking beautiful. I cannot believe some of the things that people say and how judgmental they can be. Who on earth takes time out of their day to put other people down? The sad part is, they only say these things because they are behind a computer- they would NEVER say these things to your face. I live in UT and that is one my biggest struggles- everyone thinking they’re better than every one else. We all have an opinion, but any rational person knows to keep it to themselves. WHO freaking cares what religion you are? This is technically your “business” and in any sort of work place, you keep your professional and spiritual life separate. I get that you’re an example to some, but you are on vacation! Anyways, sorry for the novel, but just thought I’d throw some love out to ya. Have fun on your amazing adventures 🙂 I sure love to follow

    1. Abby!! Thank you so much that was so so sweet of you!! I too have a really hard time with that living in Utah and this blog and those comments have tested the whole thing for sure! You are so nice to take the time to write and just know you totally made my day! Hopefully we run into each other one day in Utah! xo

    2. I think the point of living the Gospel is that it is not a “separate” thing that you just do on Sundays. It’s supposed to be something that is reflected in your life all the time, and I would think especially at work where you have the chance to influence people around you. I think that is why people are having a hard time understanding Amber. I mean obviously her choices are her own but people have a right to ask for clarification on things, at least I think so.

  8. You’re body is rockin’ and you look stunning. Looks like you and David are having a blast. I wish we were there (someday!) I love and miss you gorgeous.

    1. Thanks baby!!! You guys seriously need to come here one day! Miss you and love you!!

  9. This swimsuit is not for me either but the comments left about Amber and what she does in her life are actually no one’s business. Does what she wear affect your outcomes in life? Not likely. While I am a bit disappointed in this choice of swimwear, it does not make me any better than her to judge her in her choices. Everyone has their own vices. Just because your standards are different doesn’t mean you should be rude. There are a lot of things that people wear that I wouldn’t necessarily wear myself but I like to look at how they put things together. Helps me find a way to modify it for myself.

    1. Whoops that last comment was not for you haha getting all jumbled while replying to these but thanks for that Beth! But I agree, a difference in standards never warrants rudeness. The mean comments all are coming from the same IP address oddly so really it is all one person, which I find odd! Thanks for your comment! xx

  10. Hi Amber,
    I just want to say that I love your blog, and I look forward to reading it everyday! Keep doing what you’re doing because trust me, you have way more lovers than haters! Instead of people being so negative, offended or whatever you want to call it, maybe they should go find something else to read that doesn’t get them all worked up!
    Have fun in Europe and keep the posts coming!!

    1. Desnie! Thank you so much that was so nice of you to take the time to write me and that totally just brightened my day!! xoxo

  11. I have just recently discovered your blog and I think you are just fabulous!!! I hope you don’t let what anyone says keep you from having fun on your trip. We are only young once…wear whatever swimsuit you want!!!

  12. Just clicked back on here and noticed that mine and a few other comments have all gone? I’m not sure why you’ve deleted what I posted as it wasn’t rude or mean – I complemented you on being in great shape but said I wasn’t comfortable with how revealing the crotch area of the bathing suit is, which I’m not. I follow your blog a lot and usually love your outfit choices but this one just feels really inapproriate. It seems anyone who wasn’t willing to make you feel good about the bathing suit choice just got deleted, even if their comment wasn’t at all mean. Instead of deleting comments why not just respond or leave them there and let people have their opinion?x

    1. I can not believe someone would comment on the temple, if you attend the temple you know how scared and special it is. You also should know that judging is a sin. How about instead of posting rude comments and commenting on someone’s temple worthiness, you just stop following. This is my best friend and it makes me sick you think you can just say whatever you want on here, if you don’t like it don’t look. She has a whole world of followers and people loving her for who she is.

  13. You NEED to do a workout video, seriously I would buy it in a heartbeat. You both look so in love and happy , living really healthy lives obviously pays off !

    1. Oh and I just saw this comment too!! We both enjoy working out and I do cardio daily as well as weights!! 🙂

  14. Amber, you are totally rocking this Adorable swim suit girlie!!! I am just so happy to see you enjoying yourself with your hubby! Keep being YOU, and not a second wasted on what other’s think of you! XO

  15. Is LDS side boob different to normal side boob? Either way, it’s hot. Go Amber!! Keep up the good work!

  16. I’m OBSESSED with the swimsuit and the hair, makes me wish summer would last a litttttle longer. You look amazing as usual! xx

  17. Girl, your bathing suit is stunning! and so is your beach bod!
    It’s like you have a personal tour guide with you 🙂


  18. Thanks for “taking us with you.” Gorgeous photos — my husband and I went to Villefranche-sur-mer last year on our honeymoon. Such an idyllic town. Enjoy your trip!