Pictures from my weekend in Newport:
 Kier and I on the plane!
Us at a yummmy din din
 New Port Temple for the sealing
 Adam and Share

 Lex’s Dress
 Laying out at the pool. Vitamin D… oh how I’ve missed you.
 Lovvvve da beach.
 Best corn dogs EVER
 The bride.

 My “arm party”
 The beach.. I was playing with my new apps 🙂
 The New Port Pier
 yummmmmy shaved ice.
 at the reception
 my bestest friends.
 i love her.
and thats all!

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  1. Hey i am in love with your bridesmaid dresses. Where did you find those?

  2. Anonymous- The app is called pixlromatic! Im in love!!

    Emily- isnt her dress dreamy? loved it!! and I also loved the originality!! Thanks for reading! xox

    Kier- Yay glad you like reading it even though youre my bff and have to say that! haha loved our weekend too! I am missing you so much we need to play asap!

  3. I love reading your blog! I loved our fun weekend together! You have to send me the pics from the reception of us on your phone! xoxo! keep up the great work on your blog baby girl! Ps. you are so young i am nearly 23.. FML!

  4. OHHH…yummy, and soft and dreamy I say. Different, whimsical. I’m loving your bridesmaid’s dress. I mean it,the softness, the lace bottoms, the color, perfect, especially on you. Wow, okay I will look a the other pictures now. haha

    p.s.nude lining -Smart girl, the dress is so worth it. The sleeves, the, contours and details…just love her originality. .emily.

  5. She wore that dress after the sealing? DIdn’t think you could have see through sleeves… Gorgeous dress though.