Okay sooo pretty much I am obsessed with working out.. it is my escape from the day and is totally meditation for me. I know you may not be able to tell because I am also in love with sweets and carbs..
I am in love with finding new work outs so when i found Minka Kelly’s dreamboat work out in this months self magazine i was so excited.
in case you dont know who Minka Kelly is….
here she is:

gorgeous. perfection.
so she alone was enough motivation for me but here is the work out:
1 minute – 5.0
1 minute – 5.5
1 minute – 6.0
1 minute – 6.5
1 minute – 7.0
1 minute – 7.5
1 minute – 8.0
2 minutes – 4.0
*repeat 5 times
Amazing right? I know it’s pretty basic but it is great! I started with an 8 minute walk on 3.0 and for the last 3 sets I had to go on 4.0 for 3 minutes instead of 2 because I am a bit out of shape but it ended up being almost 5 miles in 50 min! I never can run that far.. ever. Which is why I am obsessed with this work out! Anyways hope you like it!

Photos from new work out!

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  1. k yes do its so amazing i love it! youll have to let me know how you like it! p.s. you george and your baby are just the cutest little family ever! miss you guys 🙂