Barefoot Blonde Amber and David wearing DSquared2Barefoot Blonde Amber and David at table wearing DSquared2Barefoot Blonde Amber and David Hugging in front of TaxiBarefoot Blonde Amber Black Dress and BraidBarefoot Blonde Amber and David Fashionphile Back PackBarefoot Blonde Amber and David Side by Side DSquared2Barefoot Blonde Amber and David in Doorway in black dressBarefoot blonde Amber and David at table Barefoot Blonde Amber and David kissy kissy against wallBarefoot Blonde Amber and David holding handsBarefoot Blonde Amber DSquared2 and braidBarefoot Blonde Amber and David kissy kissy in chairBarefoot Blonde Amber and David topsBarefoot Blonde Amber and David walking in front of green wallBarefoot Blonde Amber in black dress and braidBarefoot Blonde Amber and David kissing in doorwayBarefoot Blonde David and Amber holding hands in front of green wallBarefoot Blonde Amber on David's arm in front of green wallBarefoot Blonde Amber and David Butcher's DaughterBarefoot Blonde Amber and David hugging in front of green wall

DRESS: DSquared2 / BLACK SHIRT: Rag & Bone / CHOKER: BaubleBar / SNEAKERS: ADIDAS / David – SHIRT: James Perse / JOGGERS: Zanerobe / BACKPACK: Louis Vuitton via Fashionphile / SHOES: Vans / WATCH: Daniel Wellington

Today’s look is a look I wore for fashion week! Not going to lie it was so tight on the bottom that I couldn’t take big steps and I felt like I was waddling through NYC haha. I showed on my snapchat how I had to hop up curbs lol. Anyways, David filmed and made a fun video for fashion week and I love how it turned out! It’s an outfit with little Q&A interview and I think we may have to make this a regular thing 😉

If you haven’t seen my snap go check out David hanging out of a helicopter over Manhattan – it was so fun! (Snap- amberfillerup)

Have a good day!!!!

*photos by Tessa Barton

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  1. You didn’t mention if this post was sponsered? I’m curios to know if you paid $1,000 for the dress?!! or was it sent to you?

  2. You and David are adorable! I loved the Seinfeld reference! Plus I love your dress you look so great!

    Aimee x

  3. Not sure exactly what it is about this outfit, but it’s one of my very favorites! I love how it’s both sporty and sexy at the same time. And I LOVE that loose messy braid you do!! Do you tease your hair on top before you braid it, to keep the nice volume on top? Just love it. hahaha I think I just drooled!! >__<

  4. You guys are absolutely adorable! I love that you talked about your favorite looks from NYFW and gave us a little insight into what your week was like! xoxox

  5. This post is more than perfect!!! Can you please do a tutorial in this pretty hairstyle 🙂 xx

  6. The video was sooooo cute:) It’s heartwarming to see couples like you guys!
    The outfits were amazing and you looked stunning.
    Greetings from Poland:)

  7. You guys are awesome! I love the lipstick color your wearing! Whats the name of it?

  8. OMG you guys should have your own tv show hahahaha cracking up this was so cute/funny please do more!!!! ? also your outfits were adorable as always???? xoxo!

  9. This pictures are really cute, I can feel your love through my screen <3 Your dress is so pretty too. Much love for you and your family!!

  10. I love you two so much!! That was my favorite video you guys have made, it was so fun and David made me laugh so many times! Such a cute couple!

  11. Definitely my favorite photos of the two of you guys. So cuuuute and romantic. The video is hilarious and definitely needs to become a regular, David is great as an interviewer.
    The snap over Manhattan were sick, so fun and amazing!!
    Carolina MJ |

  12. Oh my goodness, these are too adorable. Your relationship is such an inspiration for what I want in the future!

  13. Love this look so much! Could you do a YouTube tutorial for this braid? It’s soooo cute! 🙂

  14. Amber and David are the cutest couple ever! Hope to have that someday!! New post//

  15. LOVE your lip colour! Please share the shade and brand??? I so enjoy following your blog. X

  16. The video was super cute, y’all made me laugh! 🙂 can’t wait to here about the behind the scenes beauty looks!

  17. Oh my gosh! Do more videos with David! He has such a great sense of humor and fun personality! You guys are such couple goals!!!

  18. This was amazing. Definitely think you should do them more! David should mos def start his own talk show.

  19. This is probably one of my favorite shoots of the both of you!
    It would be so great if you guys made a video together talking about how as a young married couple y’all have gotten through hard times and and just giving advice to other young married couples! My husband and I will be married 3 years on October 19th and we’ve seen a lot of hard times already. Like right now for instance, we have both been working at the same company for the last year and for the last 7 weeks they haven’t paid us and we are now having to move in with his mom and dad for a while until we get back on our feet and find new jobs that we can actually get paid for. I can’t even imagine the troubles that lie ahead of us. I’m sure you’ve probably never had to move back in with either of your parents, but if you guys have any advice at all on how to get through hard times without taking it out on each other that’d be amazing to hear! I love reading your blog posts. Your family is such a light! You have the ability to mak people feel a certain way through photos and words and that is truly a great gift!

    1. I agree with Whitney, you have such a gift of lighting up people’s worlds. Your family is beautiful, so loving and humble. I would love to see a reality show of your family, authenticallyAmber

  20. So funny! Thank you for posting a candid and fun video about fashion week. They are so hard to find!

  21. K you and David have always been my favorite….but this just solidifies why!! Love seeing your guys’ personalities and relationship in action!! Keep the videos coming – we LOVE them! and you 🙂 xo

  22. How does David like his Daniel Wellington watch? I’m think of getting the leather with rose gold.

  23. I was literally yelling “ARE YOU CRAZY?!” at my phone from the snaps – phew! Heights are not my thing haha It looked AMAZING though. Love the video!!

  24. So glad to have found your site! Absolutely in love with your style and these photos! I’m laughing about not being able to walk properly in your dress – we all have our own “suffer for fashion” moment 😀 xx Rox-Anne,

  25. Absolutely love you too! #couplegoals
    How do you keep your hair in the braid when the top part is so loose? My hair is a little shorter, but it always falls out completely if I do it loose.

  26. YOUR HAIR IS A DREAM!!! I’ve been wanting extensions because right now my hair is just so thin and I want to be able to try out all your hair tutorials haha. Love this post. Cutest couple!

  27. Those navy velvet pants you wore to fashion week are absolutely amazing! Thanks for the inside scoop on NYFW!

    xo, Sammi

  28. OMG! That video was the best thing ever!! You guys are so cute! We should get the kids together!???

  29. That dress is to die for!! And I love seeing you and David more as a couple! As cute as the kids are, sometimes you miss that.

  30. You guys are so cute!
    Question, do you have extensions or is your hair naturally that thick? Either way, you look amazing!

  31. That Q & A was awesome/adorable, love seeing how much fun you guys have together 🙂 Wanted to ask which black sun glasses you have on in the post? There perfect smart, fun & classy! Thanks xo

  32. Loving seeing David and you together more in couple-ish pictures 🙂 lmao your comment about how tight this dress was. I am imagining you hopping onto curbs like a penguin now. I haven’t had a chance to watch your video yet but I did see it go up on YouTube. So busy with programming school!

  33. This was seriously so so stinking funny!!! I love y’alls sense of humor! Your outfits were so amazing and you’re beautiful as always!!!
    XO! Terrell in OKC

  34. I work for adidas and LOVE that so many of your outfits includes our sneakers! Great office style inspiration!