okay so im going to make my blog private now due to rude people who feel they need to read my blog and then comment on it. so if you would like to continue to read it then send me your email address via facebook or you can leave it in a comment and i will add you to the list of people who can read it! ill make it private in a few days!

Photos from new news!

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through a bunch of blogs, I’m sure. I’m always looking at blogs! I love them. (: And you are so cute, have great style, and I love your pictures! My email is smalls_09@msn.com, I will totally invite you to my blog too! (: I used to live in Springville. I want to say we know some of the same people..


  2. yay all you guys are just the sweetest, nicest, friends ever!!! i love you all!!!! i will of course add you all to the list!! and i didnt mean that we should post negative things or dwell on negative moments in our life! if everyones blogs are only positive, i think that is amazing! i just think we can learn from hearing about other peoples hard times ya know? k well i love you all and thank you for your sweet messages! i was kind of getting down on myself and you all totally turned my day around! anonymous can suck it right?!

  3. Personally, I would not make your account private, becuase now “anonymous jerk face” will think he has won you over. I can not believe the things that people can say sometimes, they just do not know how deep someones words can hurt someone. I think that you should keep your blog open, because it is YOUR blog and you can say whatever you like, and that is what makes your blog so fun to read. But if you do choose to make it private, count me in!!!

  4. Bbchild89@gmail.com

    I love your blog. Your beautiful on the inside and out an I look up to you and am amazed at your ability to write and be so creative. I wish I had that talent. Don’t listen to these anonymous people whoever they are there will always be jealous people. You have EVErYtHING going for you and they have some sick mental issue that’s all. Feel better girl..Loves.

  5. So here’s the thing. It’s probably not a married male. If it is, then he is a perv for reading a young girl’s blog. Just set it so you have to ok the comments before they post. That’s what I had to do. The person will at some point get a life. You have to feel sorry for them. Kinda sad.

  6. AMB what the HECK. Why are people so stupid? If this person is ever found, he will have a lot of haters. Why is a supposedly “married” and “older” man even reading a 21 year old girl’s blog? Get a life!! Love your blog, and love YOU! Add me for when you go private… caitlintealbaker@gmail.com

  7. amber! im sorry that someone is being rude about you and your blog! I hope he feel’s REAL stupid! your blog is my most favorite website to even go too! I know we dont know each other that well but you are just as beautiful inside as out!!! here is my email bree_holzendorf@hotmail.com xxxxx. bree!

  8. so when we were in high school on the swim team I was always like….omg amber is perfect. perfect hair, perfect body, lots of friends no way is she real. and then like the next day in the pool bathroom you talked to me and asked me if you could borrow a tampon. (oops TMI people) but then I was like ok this girl is cool. AND THEN when you beat me in the turkey trot by a few minutes I was pissed. This girl has it all!
    hahaha anyways put me on the list


  9. Amber!! K I miss you! But I read your blog all the time, and I normally always end up cracking up. Your hilarious! I know it’s hard to not get down on yourself when people are rude. But honestly they’re just jelous. And I totally feel the same way when I come across someone’s blog who just portray their life as perfect. I try to keep my blog to a minimal bc I don’t want people to think one way or another and I think my blog is BORING. Anyways, I want an invite! Kyndallrachelle04@yahoo.com and my blog is tknakken.blogspot.com. Oh and I’m private so send me your email if you want!

  10. i secretly read your blog ALL THE FREAKING TIME. you seriously would be so perfect for a column writer in a magazine or something. (whatever thats called) and just so you know, exaggeration makes reading sooooo much more exciting anyway. if anyone is complaining about that then they are boring! i don’t read magazines because they don’t exaggerate enough! anyway here’s my email: mrs.arballo19@gmail.com 🙂

  11. NOooo please don’t make it private!

    -me aka the good girl behind the mask.

  12. i’ve been contemplating whether to write you a comment or not! i’m one of those creepy girls who found your blog through friends of friends of friends of friends… you know how it goes, i have a desk job, so don’t judge! anywayyyyy… i’ve been reading your blog for about a month once i found the one about all the products you recommend. i tried the sugar (my husband thought i was nuts when i yelled to him to bring me a spoonful of sugar in the shower. but was sold once my face was freakin beautiful after) and i’ve been meaning to try the vaseline. but i always forget to buy it when i go to the store. i also really really really want to try the eyelash stuff but i have no idea where to get it!

    anyway i’m being annoying. all i really want to say is what my husband always says to me when i am bummed out about other people (aka mean girls) he says “the best revenge is success.” so girl, be successful. make money off this blog or something. i dunno. just be you and forget everyone else. i should totes be a motivational speaker or something, i know!

    also, if you are accepting random people into your private blog, sign me up! melissaraesullivan@gmail.com 🙂