dress: SugarLips / shoes: asos / bracelets: here, here, and here
Oh and anyone who is into business should check out my brother’s new business blog: here.
He just started it and has done a few posts so far but he has been interviewing CEO’s, successful small business owners, lawyers, etc. and having them share their secrets for what makes their business so successful!
So definitely keep checking back, it will be an awesome blog!
I told him he should do some for us girls too like interview salon owners, successful bloggers, etc. so we can get some tips too!

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  1. You in that neon yellow dress outfit is just amazing you pull it off way better than that model in the actual store. just saying!

  2. Oh my gosh that last comment It got entered when I left my phone before finished! I mean, so Modest! And I did not mean for that to sound sarcastic! And beautiful! And summery!

  3. Love the dress! Love the background of the pictures too!! You look amazing!
    So I am taking your advice and going to get my eyebrows dyed on Saturday. Is there anything specific I need to know or ask for? Or should I just go in and trust that they know what to do. I have never gotten my eyebrows dyed, but after your post saying you love it, I decided to try it.