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Barefoot Blonde

Living in the city is fun because we get to be tourist everyday. We went out exploring and on the subway I started to get a little hangry.. (I get very moody when I am hungry ha) Soo as soon as we got off we went to the first hole in the wall place we saw and it happened to be the most delicious bagel place EVER!! We are absolutely obsessed and it made all my hanger go away haha. Tomorrow is David’s birthday and Murray’s Bagels was where he requested to go for breakfast and I am already excited!

We just got back from L.A. and our luggage (our NEW, nice luggage) totally got destroyed… it was crazy because as we were waiting for our luggage to come down people’s suitcases were coming down totally opened with clothes all over the place. Us and four other people were stuck in the baggage services office for hours after because I guess the workers had a fun time taking knives to baggage and stealing things. It was such a bummer!! But I am so happy to be back in NYC for my sweeties birthday.

Since it is his birthday I of course have to give him a little shoutout because he is just the sweetest man ever. I sometimes feel guilty because he treats me like an absolute princess! Breakfast in bed and hour long massages are a regular occurrence over here, he makes all of our meals homemade (and DELICIOUS), he is the best dad to our boy, and he is so patient with me. I really could go on and on but I feel very very lucky to be his wife and to have him as my best friend forever!!!! No one I would rather fake British accents with in the airport and act like we live in harry potter land or living in the 20’s on a daily basis. LOVE YOU!!!!


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  1. I absolutely love this coat!! Also if you’re looking for another amazing bagel place in the city check out Thompkin Square bagel. They seriously have the best bagels, cream cheese, and everything else!


  2. That is such a bummer about your luggage! I do love hearing that someone else gets hangry, it’s like my favorite word! I’m currently attempting the Whole 30 cleanse and I’m pretty much hangry all the time!!! Hope you have a lovely evening!

    Dimples of Dixie

  3. I believe that mood is called, “Hangry” and I feel that way too sometimes- haha!

    1. I’m in AZ too and hear you on the limitations of living somewhere so warm. I think Amber is from here too. I checked out your blog and followed you on IG. Keep up the blog, it’s awesome!

  4. I’m absolutely in love with the love that you and David share and look forward to meeting and spending forever with my bestfriend! and on a fashion note…haha I’m in love with your faux fur coat and your always beautiful braid!!

    xoxo hails.

  5. Happy birthday to David!
    I love seeing Atticus playing with the water bottle. My son was obsessed with them at that age. He literally would toss aside his toys and go for the water bottle
    The Doctor Diva

  6. Sorry about your destroyed luggage, I can’t believe someone would even do that. And so fun about your husband’s birthday! I hope he has a good day.



  7. I’m confused.. did you have your suitcase zippers locked? I fly all the time and check my bags all the time so that’s pretty scary

  8. Yum, goodness, I can’t believe the baggage workers did that! I hope the airline paid for you luggage and/or stuff that got damaged. Good to hear everyone is home safe and I love all to read about happy marriages!
    xx Ashleigh