my weekend.
(pics are out of order. stupid blogger. makes things so difficult. or i just suck at uploading pics.)
today was my dog, burke’s, birthday!! he turned 9. so i made him a party hat.
he also goes by:
too many to name really.
his presents.. yeah i know i wrapped them poorly.. you try and wrap a cylinder shaped item….
we decided to dress up today. jamie was our christmas tree.
i waited up all night for this one to get home from her date. finally she did and we laid in bed talking and giggling for hours. this is us laying in bed. 🙂 sleepovers with her are my fav. 
jamie and burke this morning! he was so not having it with that hat.. he hated it
he is just thinking….. “someone kill me. and give me my gosh dang presents.”
us dressed up tonight at grandmas for dinner. she got such a hoot out of jamies costume haha
omggg i love them so freaking much its insane.
what up reindeer.
hi santa.
all three………….
annnnd… this is our friday day/night. i adore my sisters. 

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