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A lot of you have asked about my fitness routine and I wanted to share what I did to gain muscle, what my fitness routine is like currently, and a bit about my diet. I had talked to you guys a while ago (I think it was New Years Eve ish?!) how I wanted to gain muscle! I have always been into fitness for the sake of being healthy but have never made muscle mass my main priority. I first started just lifting weights at the gym which was fine but I did feel a little lost some days or like I was doing the same thing over and over. I decided to try out the PWR program on the Sweat app. The app is I believe $19.99 a month which I thought was actually quite a bit but if you look at it like having a personal trainer it is actually very cheap compared to what it actually costs to have an in person trainer. And it does feel like you have a trainer. It is a 12 week program and has set work outs for each muscle group so say on Monday I decide to do the “legs” workout it would take me through the entire work out including rests. The only thing it doesn’t tell you is how much weight to do but I tried to always be upping my weight and make it so by the last rep I am literally struggling to finish the rep.. but you can do it however!

My Fitness Favorites
Amber Fillerup Clark at the gym while using the PWR Program | Barefoot Blonde
Amber Fillerup Clark at the gym while using the PWR Program | Barefoot Blonde

So in a nutshell – if you are a beginner at weightlifting or if it intimidates you, the PWR program is perfect for you because it literally takes you through the entire work out and you will always be getting a killer work out in. I had soo many people come up to me and ask me what app I was using because they could see the video step by step playing on my screen!

After I finished the program I kept doing the PWR 2.0 and would keep going except that I have been enjoying coming up with my own workouts now that I am much more confident in navigating my way around the weight machines and how much weight to use etc. So for the last 6 or so weeks I have just been doing my own workouts. I do still pick one muscle group to work that day.. like shoulder day, glutes day, etc. or I combine muscle groups like bicep and tricep on the same day or back and shoulders.

A lot of you ask about how many days a week I work out. When I am in town I work out about 6 days a week. It has become the part of my day I look forward to and I love to start my day with a work out so it is actually kind of hard for me to take that 7th day off. However, on trips I do find it hard to work out. When we were in Europe I worked out about 2 times a week. It really is just hard and I wish I had a good solution for that but even if the resort has a gym I am just never in my same frame of mind with fitness.

For length of my work outs I still kind of do the PWR model which is two 4 min supersets as a warm up, a pyramid of 3 exercises, then two 6 min supersets. So my work outs usually are around 45 min to 1 hour.

Amber Fillerup Clark at the gym while using the PWR Program | Barefoot Blonde
Amber Fillerup Clark at the gym while using the PWR Program | Barefoot Blonde

As for my diet.. I do try to get at least 20 grams of protein for each meal. But beyond that I really am not great at eating healthy or sticking to diets. Especially when I am working out a lot and sooo busy with work and the kids, I always need quick meals. I love the chicken burrito bowls from costco and things that can be eaten quickly while still getting my protein in. I try my best to be AWARE of sweets and fried foods but if I am out with the kids treating them to ice cream, I am getting some too. I could always be better with my eating but beauty definitely comes from the inside so if you are miserable trying to stick to a diet that doesn’t make you happy, you aren’t going to look any better.

I hope that answers your questions!!! I know to some my muscle gain might not seem like a lot but I found it is incredibly hard for me to gain muscle so I am really proud of the results I have seen! Feel free to leave any tips for others below in the comments of favorite work outs, favorite meal plans, anything.

Amber Fillerup Clark at the gym while using the PWR Program | Barefoot Blonde

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  1. I think it’s just great and i can’t wait to start getting back in to my exercise I want to start off slowly and build where I can carry on and lose weight and then finish toning up all my loose skin that I have that I’ve got to get rid of and will get rid of all my weight that I’ve got to this is really important to me.

  2. You have done an awesome job of gaining muscle! It has been inspiring seeing your transformation! Could you tell me some other ways you try to get 20g of protein at each meal? I find it really hard to get that much. Also, do you eat a certain amount of meals a day or just eat when you’re hungry?

  3. I’m so impressed with your muscle gain!!! You look incredible and must feel incredible too! I’m also super novice when it comes to gym stuff and don’t know what to do either. I know a lot of bloggers love the Sweat app and maybe I should give it a go. It is hard for me to put muscle on, but it’s so important for raising kids and general life to have strength

  4. Thank you sooooo much for sharing. I have been wondering what you do and as I enjoyed some ice cream tonight, I literally was thinking I bet you do not do it that often. Anyways, you look sooo great and healthy. Thank you for making it human…Love and I am soooo lucky I found your blog

  5. I love that you treat yourself when you treat the kids. I do the same when I treat my son. I try not to beat myself up over it, but I do try to make healthy decisions without withholding treats when I want them (everything in moderation type of thing, I guess.).

  6. I keep hearing such amazing things about the Sweat app! And now especially after your review I am going to go for it! Thank you for sharing this post! You look incredible! I always have admired so much how you carry yourself, you are seriously such an amazing role model! And after following you for years you always look so good whether it is when you are pregnant, post pregnancy or not, you look fantastic! Your self confidence and happiness shines through so much! Anyways thank you again for sharing you life and family it is always so encouraging and so fun! XoXo

  7. This is my first comment on your blog, though I’ve been following you for a little while now. I just wanted to say that I admire you a lot and I think you look amazing.
    I wish you and your family all the best ! Thank you for being such an inspiration.
    Much love from Paris!!

  8. I’ve never commented before but I’ve been following you for years and I just want to tell you how proud I am of you! You’re truly an inspiration and I so admire the dedication you put into not just reaching this goal of muscle gain but also with your family and business! It’s so easy to tear others down in this digital age and you go out of your way to lift others up 🙂

  9. You’re always an inspiration! I enjoy reading your posts so much! ♥️

  10. Actually the muscle gains is real, I see a big difference from here! really great!!

    Besides, “but beauty definitely comes from the inside so if you are miserable trying to stick to a diet that doesn’t make you happy, you aren’t going to look any better” is what I should definitely keep in my mind.

    Thank u Amber! have a nice day

  11. Wow I can totally tell you’ve gained muscle and you look AMAZING! (I mean you’ve legit always looked amazing but you know what I mean!) I am the most unmotivated person when it comes to working out but you’re passion for it gives me some motivation to start trying 😂😂

  12. Loved this post Amber! I find it so hard to develop muscle but thanks to the sweat app I’m getting better slowly. I LOVE smoothies after workouts and salads for lunch. You are my idol girl!

  13. Amber you have always been so beautiful, but now it seems more than ever because of the confidence you have in your body! And it seems a lot of this has come from the muscle you’ve gained – something I’ve wanted to focus on for a long time but keep making excuses for, really. I am much shorter than you so I wouldn’t expect to have the same results if I started weight lifting haha but I know it would be the best version of myself that could happen! I’ve been considering getting the Sweat app for forever so this might be the last little push I need. Thank you so much for sharing and always being so transparent with your readers<3

  14. Oh Yes! Thank you so much Amber!
    I really love your work out and fitness blogposts (or videos) and after seeing your amazing body in your bikini pictures on IG I really wanted to know what you’ve been doing!
    You look absolutely fantastic!
    Also, I really would love to read more job / blog related content on your blog cause I am really interested in that topic too 🙂

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  15. I recently started weight lifting too and as a lifelong cardio junkie it has changed everything! I pick a specific section of the body to work on a day, so arms + chest, back, abs, or butt + legs and usually find most of my moves on Pinterest. I like to do 2 rounds of everything, and of course I have to get my cardio in so I run a mile before I workout everyday! Sometimes I’ll change it up and swim a mile and that will be my workout, or I’ll run a 5k and that will be my workout, but a combination of cardio, weights, floor exercises and if your gym has them group fitness classes provide the best most all-encompassing workout routines!


  16. I love that you are real about food! It’s so hard to be on point every second and I’ll just never be one of those girls who counts out every almond and tracks Macros and crap. I about went crazy trying to do “everything,” so instead I’m going to try to focus on ONE part—the fitness part. You are awesome!

  17. NICE! do you do cardio training too? is it included in the PWR plan ? 🙂

  18. Actually, the #1 most important thing to muscle mass is having a caloric surplus. If you don’t eat more than body maintenance then there’s nothing left over to build. Muscle building takes calories so your body requires that surplus. Secondly, the weights are important and increasing weights will be more effective. Thirdly I would try to get more protein than that – 3 meals at 20g is only 60 unless you’re snacking on protein bars or protein shakes and 60 isn’t very much even for a small person.

    1. I was about to say the same thing – much more protein is needed to build muscle. Don’t be afraid of lean meats!

    2. I increase weight as often as I can/feel is right! And when I say at least 20 grams with each meal I mean that is the minimum I get, I usually get around 40 with each meal but my point is just that if I am having say pasta or something without protein I make sure to add a source of protein with at least 20 grams! Thanks for these tips.

      1. I’m trying to gain muscle weight too and am having a hard time getting enough calories/protein. Any recipes or tips you can share?

  19. I totally agree. I started the PWR on Monday and at first I was like OMG wait what does she want me to do ??? But then I looked at the video and was more like yeah i can do that. I do hope that it helps me gain muscle, but reading that it helped you gives me hope. So thanks for sharing your Story !
    Also with dieting. I feel ya! I am an au pair and when I buy the kids Ice cream I can NEVER say no to not buying myself ice cream too haha 🙈

  20. Hi Amber! Thanks for sharing the info on your workout. I have a question not related to the article, but the pictures. Loved the braids! Is that your real hair or are you using extensions? if so they look very natural and I would like to know how did you braid it.
    Thank you ☺️

  21. Love the sweat app as well and find it a non-intimidating way to do the gym. Keep up the good work!!!!

  22. Do you use any type of protein powder? I am trying to gain muscle as well!

    1. eat more than maintenance calories. whey protein after working out.