This week I have been in the weirdest funk.. it was one of those weeks where no matter how hard you try to get ready you just don’t feel cute. Maybe because I am sick or maybe because my skin freaks out when its my time of the month.
I was frantically tossing everything in my house around like a rag doll searching for my Retin-a and finnnally found it last night and already my skin feels better. I also went out and bought a new face wash last week.. I never buy expensive face washes.. I mean its on your face for a matter of seconds I can’t imagine it has time to do much for your skin anyways besides take your make up off and cleanse. I spend more money on toners and creams that have time to work over night.
Since a lot of you ask for my nightly routine I figured I would share!
$7.99- found here
I kept seeing these “yes to” skin care lines at Target so of course scoured the internet to find out more about them. They have other kinds “yes to berries” for anti aging, “yes to tomatos” for acne, but I found that while all the others (berries, tomatos) received around 3 stars this one (carrots) was getting 5 stars on almost every website. It really is amazing!! I have only used it for a week but my skin feels really soft and clean after, which is exactly what I want in my face wash. And no it doesn’t smell bad! At least I dont think so!
$28 found here
Arcona is an AMAZING skin care line! They were sponsors of a few shows at fashion week in September and they were using a bunch of their products on the models at various shows before they would go have their make up done. I got to talk with some of their reps and get samples of all their products and I have kept purchasing 3 of their products after the samples were gone and this is one of them! These toner pads smell amazing and they help minimize the appearance of my pores and clean my skin even further than my face wash. It also helps to clear up blemishes and has vitamins to help nourish your skin. A lot of people don’t use toners or don’t realize what they can do for your skin, so if you don’t use one I highly recommend getting one, you’ll love it!
$32 found here
I have recommended this product before and I have gotten emails from readers saying that of all the products I have recommended this is by far their favorite! It really does work WONDERS! I use it every night around my eyes AND every morning before I put on my makeup after I do my sugar scrub. It helps moisturize the skin around your eyes which is soo so important. It is the thinnest layer of skin on your face and needs to be taken care of unless you want to age a lot faster 🙂 so I would definitely say to go get this.. even though it is a bit pricier.. an eye cream is so important if you are 20 years old or older.
$22.44 found here
Since I have really really oily skin, I cant use heavy creams so I use this serum as my moisturizer for the rest of my face the nights I DONT use retin-a (you sleep with retin-a on your face so those nights I only use my eye dew) This is a serum that moisturizing and is an anti aging serum that will help keep your skin youthful. This is the serum I got for my husband too.. men don’t love doing the whole routine like we do so this is a good basic that they can serve as an eye cream and moisturizer for their whole face.
If you DONT HAVE OILY SKIN try this, this, or this for you cream.
If you want to see my post that I talk about Retin-a click here
To see my sugar scrub, click here
Hope you all have a good weekend!! xo

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  1. i will check these out. Very helpful article thanks for sharing

  2. i just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the yes for carrots range. I went out and bought yes to tomatoes (for acne prone skin) moisturizer and it has made a huge difference. I had the worst skin after exam study period and over night 50% had gone NOT EVEN KIDDING. thankyouuuuu, and it wasn’t even that expensive. Paraben free products make such a difference to sensitive or eczema prone skin. I will def. be using this on all my flights this year as well to prevent icky dry skin.

  3. Jane! I know what you mean about it looking weird over it since it is a stickier serum. I actually put my concealer on after my foundation.. so I will put on the eye dew, put on my foundation, then my concealer, then use my hands to blend around my eyes and blend any lines from the foundation! It works for me, so maybe that will help!

  4. Sylvie!! YES! I have SUCH oily skin!!! I use the Loreal oil blotting pads like 5 times a day haha by the end of the day they are filled with oil! Honestly I just use those pads.. I use Revlon Photo Ready Foundation and it doesn’t necessarily help but it is a lot better than others. I also love Bare Minerals Matte Powder to put over my foundation and it helps with the oilyness A LOT! I will have to try milk of magnesia, thanks so much for the tip!

  5. Amber! I have the Arcona Eye Dew and I can’t figure out how you use in the morning before your concealer. I have tried this a few times and the product is so shiny and tacky that putting concealer on looks weird as well as it feels weird. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT though and use it every night!!! Any tips for using in before your concealer/what concealer do you use? Thanks!

  6. Amber! I had no idea, nor would I ever have thought that you have oily skin! I have THE worst oily t-zone. Do you have any favourite products to help combat the oilies, and what foundation do you use? Have you ever tried milk of magnesia under your foundation? It’s the only thing that I’ve tried (out of the hundreds) that actually helps – HUGE difference when I put some on, which is every day, and so cheap!!!