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My Morning Routine

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I am sure you guys have heard the saying that “the secret of your success lies in your daily routine.” I fully believe that is true and when I don’t have good habits I don’t get as much done and notice a difference. Our daily routine at home is always a little different depending what projects we have going on but for the most part a lot of it always stays the same. One really consistent part of our day is our mornings. We always wake up with the kids in our bed (co sleeping fam over here) so the kids wake us up .. lately by saying “mama come play” or something haha. We eat breakfast as a fam – David makes acai bowls or protein pancakes or we have something easy like cereal. After we get the kids ready for the day (David has been doing Rosie’s hair the last month or so and is getting so good at braiding it! He is cute because he tries out new styles and watches tutorials which I think is so cute he is such a good dad) and David and I get ready for the gym. Before we leave for the gym I always have a glass of water and my prenatal vitamins. If I don’t have them first thing in the morning, I forget so even if I don’t have time to go to the gym I have it before I leave the house.

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Amber Fillerup Clark holding her New Chapter Vitamins, an important part of her morning routine. Barefoot Blonde.

I love these New Chapter prenatals because they have vitamin B’s to help give you energy and there is no sugar or artificial flavors in them. And if you ever need to take them on an empty stomach it is really easy on your stomach and never makes me feel nauseous. I do have to cut mine in half because I am a wimp with swallowing pills. New Chapter also has an Every Woman’s One Daily Vitamin that contains nutrients for energy, stress and immune support. These multi-vitamins deliver all the superfood ingredients (made with organic veggies and herbs plus probiotics) that women need! New Chapter’s Bone Strength Take Care is another supplement that I have been trying for bone, joint and heart support… great for my everyday workouts. These supplements are derived from whole food calcium, they are 100% vegetarian, and plant sourced. I feel like it’s very important for women to take care of themselves, not only in pregnancy, but in the everyday. These vitamins help me do that!

Amber Fillerup Clark's pregnant belly - Barefoot Blonde - Images for Amber's morning routine
Amber Fillerup Clark in Hawaii - Amber's morning routine - Barefoot Blonde

After the gym and up to dinner time is where it is often different day to day. Some days I have to go to the office, some I am with the kids all day, just always different. We always eat dinner together as a family though and I love our night routine with the kids. Then of course David and I usually end the night by watching an episode or two of a show. 😉

What does your routine look like? Our morning routine is super simple but when we are out of town I always crave our morning routine and especially going to the gym in the morning I think its the best way to start the day.

Amber Fillerup Clark in Hawaii - Amber's morning routine - Barefoot Blonde

What I have been doing at the gym:

I have been working out about 4-5 times a week (when we are home that is, I stink at working out consistently or at all on trips!) I usually start with a warm up like doing 3 rounds of 2 different work outs (an example would be 15 lunges then 15 jump squats – and repeating that 3 times) then I will do weights. I love to do legs and shoulders especially. I pick 3 work outs to do and I do 3 rounds of each, trying to increase my weight each time. (*I know everyone is different with weights and being pregnant but since I did weights before I was pregnant I feel totally fine continuing and I never push it too far and always do what feels comfortable!) In between each of those 3 sets I try to do 5 minutes on the row machine when I have time but often I don’t and just try to do a quick 40 min work out. If I have extra time though I row!  


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  1. Please please do a pregnancy post about your workout and food regimen!!! Love your post always xox

  2. I am so amazed you have the energy to workout while pregnant! I was always too tired! Keep it up girlfriend!

    1. Oh man it can be hard a lot of days but it helps that my husband is going anyways and I always like to tag along 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing your healthy routine. I definitely agree with you that I feel so much better and accomplish so much more when I start my day with working out, drinking a green smoothie, etc. And probably the biggest benefit for me is the mental part. I have way better thoughts and a more positive attitude when I do these things for myself.

    1. Yes exactly it is sets the tone for your entire day both mentally and physically! So good to take time for yourself in the morning. xoxoxo

    1. Kind of — I am using the same structure (the two work outs to warm up, both being 4 minutes then the 3 circuits of weights) but I don’t end with the 8 minute circuit all the time just because my energy is lower haha 😉 I have to swap out a lot of work outs because the are harder with a belly or I just do them differently with a bump. Sorry if this didn’t answer your question – it is confusing because I do but don’t!

      1. No problem! OH ok interesting! Where did you do the PWR program because I was looking on wher to do it and how…

        1. You just download the Sweat app!! Its on there along with BBG and BBG Stronger! The app is $20/month which is kind of expensive but they do actually have sales quite often if you wanted to wait for one of those. Like I know my sisters bought a full year for $80 – things like that!

          1. Oh cool! what kind of programs do they have amber? Cuz I really need a non gym workout lol

  4. I love this so much Amber!!!! Sounds like you’ve got a perfect routine going! Are you still doing the PWR program????

  5. Thanks for mentioning probiotics to your blog.Probitoics is really amazing and good to our health.

  6. Nice routine 🙂 So when you are both leaving for the gym, who is staying with the kids?

    1. Our gym has a really great kids center that they go to! They do yoga classes, crafts, sports classes etc so they have a lot of fun. We drop them off in there for 45 min while we work out.

    1. I know it is really sweet to watch them together while he does her hair! She loves it too 🙂