For some reason I always get iTunes giftcards.. I am not complaining at all because I actually love it so much because then I can buy photography apps and ibooks! I bought the Steve Jobs book a bit ago and it has been amazing so far.. I also bought, “Smart Women Finish Rich” by David Bach .. totally aware that the title makes the book sound kinda lame but I am so frugal and want to know more about smart investments and what not and I heard amazing things about this book so.. I bought it. But so far is it sooo good! I seriously want to go open up a retirement account.. and I might. haha you should all read it with me and we can all be smart with our money 🙂 when I finish it I will tell you all more!
I got a new nanny job and today was only my second day but I am obsessed. The kids are adorable and totally have my same sense of humor. Today while the boys were at school of rock (this awesome program that teaches kids musical skills and they get to perform as a huge band.. so cool right?) anyways.. while the boys were there Chanel and I went and got manicures.
Lately I am obsessed with American flags so I got my favorite purple with American flag of course 🙂
 I swore off magazines a year or so ago.. mostly gossip mags since I think they are silly and I don’t necessarily care what fake wedding Kim K is planning or who has the sexiest beach body.. so I haven’t read any in soo long! I glanced through a glamour mag today though and loved every second of looking at pretty things. I’m relapsing. I just hate that everything in magazines is so expensive (generally) .. aka I can’t get it and it makes me wish I could.. which isn’t healthy. But then, is pinterest? That’s another story. Anyways I am ranting but I am going back to my no mags policy.. so much better not lusting after expensive items and wishing I looked like airbrushed girls in ads.
 lipstick = Pink Nouveau by Mac
(the best bright pink I have found.. and in this pic it is kind of rubbed off.. it goes on brighter at first)
Hope everyone had a good Monday!

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  1. sierra- that is one of the sweetest things ever! thank you so much 🙂 and good im glad youre with me on the mags.. they just stress me out with all the gossip and what not! thanks so much for reading! xox

  2. I agree on swearing off mags, I did the same thing. But you’re prettier than any air brushed girl in there for sure! Your blog is one of my new favorites!

  3. Your blog is so cute!! I read on one of your previous posts that you use self tanner. What kind of self tanner do you use? I am trying to find a good one! Thanks doll=)

  4. Your nails are adorable and look how freaking cute her little nails are…awww 😉 And I am with you!!! I haven’t looked at magazines in ages…I try and stick to the fashion mags I hate the gossip! And I love your lipstick!<3