If you saw that instagram yesterday ^^ you’ll know I have a tutorial for you all today! It is a simple loose curl that is kind of my go-to!!

curling iron used: NuMe 25mm Wand / lipstick worn: MAC ‘Pink Nouveau’ / shirt worn: ASOS (sold out similar here) / eye linerMAC liquid liner


So if you read my post a couple days ago, I’m going to Barbados for my birthday in May, so I’m really trying to get swimsuit ready! So today, I’m boxing again, and the muscle group I’m working out is chest. I had some oatmeal with blue berries and black berries for breakfast (my new favorite!), for lunch I’m having some lemon chicken and steamed veggies over brown rice, and for dinner we’re having black bean pesto wraps!!!

 Today’s Daily Fav is actually a friend of mine! Her name is Shannon and I was so happy to see her instagram a daily fav pic because she just started a blog about her cute family and you all will love it!! Check out her feature: HERE

P.S. A lot of you asked about my dress and heels from my instagram on my way to the gala- well I am featuring the outfit tomorrow but for those who asked and wanted to see it now- DRESS: ASOS (sold out similar here) / PINK HEELS: J.Crew (sold out similar here)

Photos from My Go-To Loose Curls Tutorial

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  1. Love this! I’m always curling my hair so it’s always great to learn new and better ways of doing it!

  2. This is so cute! I was curious, do you alternate the direction of your curls?

  3. Gorgeous hair girl!!! I love this tutorial. New follower of yours 🙂

    Mel from I pink I love you

  4. I love your hair style! Mine is kind of similar. I grew out my bangs and now I’ve got no clue how to style the shorter pieces (my former bangs) on the sides of my face! I’ve tried a few different styles but am never happy with the result in the end. What should I tell my stylist so that I can get the same cut as you? Thanks!

  5. My stylist told me to NEVER use argan/moroccan oil before curling/flat iron! :$ It is an oil right, so it conducts the heat and fries your hair…

    1. Oh really? Well everyone says something different 🙂 just depends who ya talk to I guess!! xo

  6. You have such beautiful hair!! You are gorgeous!


  7. love the tutorial! can you please please please do a daily makeup tutorial ?!
    curious about foundation and eye makeup/brows! thanks 🙂

    1. I always think about doing one and then talk myself out of it! Haha I will try to soon though!! xx

  8. Amber…PLEASE do a makeup tutorial!!!!! Your makeup always looks so good and I’m dying to see how you do it!!!! Thanks 🙂

  9. Do you ever use a heat protector on your hair before curling? I like to curl my hair a lot but I am noticing the repercussions (ie: split ends, dry hair).

    1. Yeah!! I used argan oil before this one it is by NuMe but I also use S Factor heat proecting spray! xx

  10. Black bean pesto wrap sounds amazing! Can you please give the recipe?

  11. Hey Amber! I do my hair like that as well, but I also spray hairspray afterward. Do you use hairspray at all??


  12. I do my hair pretty much the exact same. I like to curl different pieces towards my face and some away from my face just like you did!! Great tutorial girl your hair is gorgeous!!! 🙂

    Sincerely Miss Ash