My Five Minute Makeup Routine

Happy Friday! I am sharing my everyday five minute makeup routine, using all of my favorite products from Nordstrom.  I also decided it would be a nice challenge to try my makeup routine with Atticus and Rosie crawling on me, ha ha,  and it still only took me about five minutes, so I promise these products get the job done!

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  1. i always enjoy your videos, you have a really carefree aura about yourself that is addicting and envious. i find your calmness very refreshing! xo
    i have to say i was a bit surprised that you apply lid color after your mascara, that’s a first. thanks for sharing your life with us. you’re amazing!

  2. *buys everything on Amber’s list*

    P.S. for those who are trying to look for the sigma eyeshadow primer- I googled it and found it on in the right shade! Everywhere else seems about sold out!

  3. I LOVED this video! Do you mind if I ask or is this a question for her husband David what camera amber is filming this with? I know Her husband is filming with a separate camera but I was wondering what camera amber is filming with! Thanks So much! Love your content ALWAYS!


  4. Curious what color you use for the flawless fusion foundation as well. Do you use another color when you have a spray tan? Thanks so much for sharing I loved this video!

  5. I love this easy routine! Gonna pick up some of these products for sure! I definitely want the Sigma base and CT lip liner!

  6. It’s honestly amazing that you can make yourself look THAT good in just 5 minutes!!! I work as an au pair and waking up early and trying to get ready to look after the kids just never seems to work with me!!

  7. This is a great post to read this morning! I will be stopping at Sephora today while doing some shopping so I will have to look at the options to speed up my daily make up routine!

  8. What color do you wear in the foundation? I’ve been wanting to try this one forever. It looks amazing! Thanks!

  9. what color did you have in the flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation from LAURA MERCIER?

  10. Such a cute video!!! Thanks for sharing! What is the product you would say makes your skin look so glowy?

  11. Loved it and wanted to purchase the Claudali but when i read the ingredients i saw they out benzodiazepine and other things usually used in nail polishes.. so im not going to buy that for sure.. anyway always lovely to see your videos;)

  12. Yikes just bought a couple of the items. Looking forward to trying out!

  13. Thank you for sharing! I always admire your makeup! I can’t wait to try the face oil step!
    PS -Where is your robe from?

  14. Thank you so much for this!!!! I am in the market for new make up so this was perfect!!! Where did you get the make up applicator for the foundation? Thanks!!!

  15. Hi! What color was the Lip cheat lip liner? Also did you list the eye primer name/color? It looks amazing. Thank you!

  16. I love Charlotte Tilbury products! They all provide such glowing results. You look gorgeous! If you ever want to do a quick contour, the Charlotte Tilbury Brinze and Glow works really well! xAllie