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The Anniversary Sale is now live for anyone to shop so I wanted to share some favorites. The first being these work out looks! I have been really diligent with working out and love having cute stuff to wear. For bottoms I honestly don’t care how cute they are though I just want a good fit. These blue leggings are evverything!!! They are a thick material that is super flattering and makes everything look nice and smooth. Honestly if you find leggings that make your butt look good then thats all that matters right? haha 😉 I also got these two tanks which I love!

Every year I always have my little list that I get every year and one of them is my Donna Karan deodorant trio!!!! If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to, and your life will change! My second is I love to get denim. This year I got this pair of Hudson jeans – softest pair of jeans evvver. Okay and my third is a good coat and/or sweater for winter!!! I shared some of my favorites above. The great thing about a lot of those is that they are under $50. It feels a bit weird to be ordering coats when its over 100 outside but ya know, I am always happy I did when winter rolls around. And if you can’t tell I love the military style coats.

A couple other favorites – this Kate Somerville exfoliator has been a favorite for a couple years now. I use it about once every other week and I love it so much. SK-II is a really awesome Japanese beauty brand with amazing products so this little gift set is a good deal.

Anyways, those are some of my favorites!!! xoxoxo

Thanks to Shopstyle for sponsoring this post and to Lauren for taking these photos

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  1. Hey!! I am trying to invest in a good pair of leggings. It always makes me so mad when they start to sag in the knee area and the hips… how have the leggings help up? Do they stretch out??

    1. I actually didn’t mean to publish it yet! haha! It will go up tomorrow! 🙂

  2. I just got BFB hair gift card for my college grad present and I’m the happiest girl in town. lol just had to tell you!! xoxox

    1. Oh wow that just made my day!!!! I hope you love them!!! If you haven’t worn hair extensions before then you have to play around with them a bit and you will LOVE all the ways you can use them! Congrats on graduating babe!!! Thank you for your support it means the world! Xoxoxoxo

  3. I never ever thought before that choosing cool design and beautiful patters could motivate me to work out, but lately I find myself also obsessed with great workwear. It is just a way to boost my performance 🙂 I am just curious to know if you have tried some of the more innovative breathable fabrics or sensitive sports textiles? Anything you can recommend?

  4. I LOVE those shorts! I practically live in running/workout shorts when we go camping, so I will definitely have to get them! And cardigan no.1? To die for! Thank you for sharing these, I probably would not have found them on my own!


  5. Alo leggings are my absolute fave! They totally tuck and tighten! lolol! And I am ordering the rag & bone jeans as we speak. Did you feel like they were tts?
    Thanks so much! Love all your choices.

  6. Great picks! I love when bloggers share their favorites from the Nordstrom sale because the actual Nordstroms website can be really overwhelming (scrolling endlessly to find clothes that I love). Hope to get some new fall/winter clothes for this season! Thanks, Amber!

    Simply Lovebirds

    1. I agree!! I have been waiting on this very post cuz I love Ambers picks!

  7. I LOVE those shorts! When we go camping, I practically live in running shorts, so I will definitely have to take a look. Just out of curiosity, do you use other exfoliators other than the Kate Somerville? I have been looking for a good one, but I don’t want to spend more than $40 on it.

    -Amanda// amslade.com

  8. I am trying not to spend too much on extras right now and the anniversary sale is making it so hard! You’re looking amazing, mama, all that working out is paying off. Agreed about the bottoms – they’ve just got to be comfy and flattering!

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  9. Chauncey!!! Seeing him in your pics makes my day always!!! Thanks for sharing your favorites!! I chose a few of the same things for my favorites post. Great minds think alike!! Hahaha jk i’m just flattered to choose some of the same things you like.
    Beautiful pics as always, Amber!!! xox
    Fondly, Emily

  10. I saw you last point and really enjoyed it.t We are Arizonans and could relate to the weather/ also the podcasts just as humans beings lol. Im sorry you felt you had to delete. Anyhow I LOVE the Norstrom sale and got my Nuna stroller/carseat on sale this weekend.I wouldn’t have even looked there had you not posted about the sale!

  11. Your hair looks adorable styled in a ponytail