My Favorite Things : Children's Clothing Websites

Today for our Favorite Things series I wanted to share my favorite places to shop for kids clothes! I do have a lot of favorites so I tried to narrow it down to the ones I frequent most. I try to get most of their clothes on the cheaper side (thank you Zara!) but I do like to splurge on certain pieces if they are unique and I feel that I will have babies #3 and #4 wear them. I am also gifted a lot of clothes for the kids which is really nice because I have been able to try lots of different shops and qualities and see what is worth spending the money on and what isn’t.


Alice & Ames

They have the sweetest dresses ever! And they are so soft and comfy. These are always my go to for Rosie.

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I mean, obviously! Zara has the besssst kid stuff everrrr! And best prices. Love getting the bulk of their clothes here.

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This is a cute curated shop that has really great brands and all the cutest shops in one place.

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The pieces I have from here the kids wear over and over and over again. They definitely get their wear out each piece.

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Greenberry Kids

LOVE getting unique pieces for the kids here!

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These swimsuits are so dang CUTE and such great quality. Your kids will be able to wear them for over a year and they will still be in amazing condition.

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We love rags! So comfy for the kids and always what we put them in when we travel!

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They have sent us a bunch of their soft pajamas for Rosie and she loves them because they are so comfy!

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Hanna Andersson


They have really amazing pajamas! Especially for holidays or when you want the whole fam to match!

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Haus of JR

These pieces are super high quality and always look so cool. Atticus wears tons of pieces from here.

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I get SO much of my kids stuff at Nordstrom! My favorite brands for the kids at Nordstrom are Peek, Mini Boden, Monica + Andy, Mini Rodini, NUNUNU, Native Shoes (my FAVORITE shoes for kids), Hunter Boots, and Saltwater Sandals!

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My favorite brands to shop for on Amazon are Kickee, Burt’s Bees Pajamas & Leveret (these pajamas are similar to Hanna Andersson but are at a more affordable price.)

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Favorite Children's Books

My kids get obsessed with books and ask to read them over and over again so these are the ones my kids are currently really into. I love to read to them when they are eating a meal or before bed or during “quiet time”. I love finding books that I enjoy too so I don’t mind reading it 100+ times….

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  1. Thank you for this! This week I said to myself, “ah, I really need to find some great baby clothing stores online now that i’m going to have a baby! and voila your blog post haha!

  2. I’ll definitely have to check out these stores! I also love to get kids clothes from Next!

    1. Thank you for the tip! I didn’t know you could shop Next in the US! Just bought my daughter the most adorable swimsuit with a matching hat!

    1. A. Not a polite question and really none of our business.
      B. She’s said before that she wants more kids. That does not mean she’s pregnant.
      C. Seriously. NOT A POLITE THING TO ASK. You pregnant?