My Favorite Nursing Bras + Honorable Mentions

Here to share my favorite nursing bras! Frankie is now a month old and I feel like I gave each bra a fair shot – even ones I didn’t like I tried to wear for at least 5 days to see if I ended up liking it. I am sharing my top 4 that are my favorites and some honorable mentions that were good but not my favorite! For a nursing bra I mostly look for something comfortable, not so much something that is “sexy” so just keep that in mind. Here are my favorites!

Bravado Designs Maternity 'Body Silk' Seamless Nursing Bra


'Body Silk' Nursing Bra

Bravado Maternity

This was by far my favorite! I felt like it had really good support, full coverage, super comfortable, and didn’t show milk spots too much. I also love that the bra straps look like normal bra straps (they go straight back) so when you see it through a shirt or something it looks like a normal bra. This is the one that I wanted to wear more than any others.

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Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra


This one I wore exclusively with Atticus and Rosie and I love it! The only reason it is getting 2nd place is because the Bravado bra is softer and this one has more of a sports bra style back and I don’t love that! But it is supportive and super comfortable.

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The French Terry Racerback Nursing & Sleep Bra

Kindred Bravely

This one is probably the “sexiest” of all of them and actually looks really good on for a nursing bra! So when I want to feel pretty I wear this one 😉 but it is super comfy and I like that you just pull it down to nurse instead of doing hooks. It isn’t quite as supportive and I feel like I should have sized up because it is quite revealing which is hard with the nipple pads since they don’t really fit in it for me but I think if I sized up it would.

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The Simply Sublime Nursing & Maternity Bra

Kindred Bravely

This one I also really loved! It is supportive and really comfy and was true to size for me.

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Honorable Mentions :

1. Bravado Designs ‘Body Silk’ Seamless Yoga Maternity/Nursing Bra  – my only complaint is that it could be a little softer

2. The Marvella Classic Maternity & Nursing Underwire Free T-shirt Bra – my complaint is that I felt it wasn’t true to size and I had a lot of side boob.. but it is really pretty on and if I had a size up I would probably love this one!

3. The Hanky Panky Cotton Nursing Bralette – this is really pretty with the lace but not very supportive – otherwise super soft and comfy


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  1. Do you by chance use the willow pump? Do your top picks support the pump well?

  2. Bravado was my absolute favourite nursing bra when feeding too. Amazing bra 🙌 so comfy and Super easy to unclip when baby needs feeding. By far one of the best bras I have ever had. When the sales lady told me Angelica Jolie wore the bravado bra when nursing I was sold!

  3. The bravado body silk has been by far my too!! I wish I had read this before purchasing the yoga bra version by Bravado as you mentioned the fabric isn’t quite as soft which is disappointing. I loved the Cotton Candy Cake bra for my first two pregnancies but I disliked how much the band stretched out around the ribs. My Cake bras quickly became my nighttime sleep bras for that reason.

  4. loveeeee the ballet nursing bra by bravado! I ordered 3 when I was nursing my daughter 🙂 They are cloud-like haha

  5. Have you found a nursing bra you like for working out or running? Or size up in a normal sports bra 🤷‍♀️ My baby is six weeks and I feel ready to start jogging again but can’t find something comfortable

    1. Goooood question I actually need to add this to the post! I just wear a normal sports bra because I don’t want my nursing bras to get all sweaty and have to wash them after that one use! So I found its easier to wear a sports bra also because they are way more supportive and my boobs are literally huge right now which I am not used to lol

      1. Ha yes!! Seriously I cannot squeeze myself into a single pre-pregnancy sports bra. Time for a little shopping. Thanks for the response!

  6. I love the Kindred bravely bras. I switched to them this month and they are so much better.