My everyday makeup routine:
1. I put Photo Ready Revlon foundation around my eyes and then blend it down into my cheeks and anywhere else I feel needs it.
2. I brush a little bit of bareMinerals Matte Foundation over my whole face. This stuff is amazing and it helps your make up to stay all day long. 
3. This is actually an eye shadow from Mac called, “Free To Be”, but I use it as a blush and put in on my cheeks, nose, chin, and a little on the edges of my forehead.
4. I use Mulch from Mac for my eyes most of the time, if not Mulch then some other shade of brown from Mac.  I put it only across the crease of my eye.
5. I am obsessed with this mascara. I will never use anything else! I like the orange one too, they are kinda the same to me but for some reason I just use the purple!
6. I always always always finish my make up by outlining and filling in my lips with OutLast Lipstain! Its amazing and makes it look like you aren’t wearing anything on your lips, just gives them color and defines them. 

Photos from My Everyday Makeup

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  1. I was just wondering which covergirl lip stain you use. I went to purchase some and got stuck after realizing they come in more colors lol 🙂 Id definitely like to try. Thanks!!

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you have any tutorials, or know of other girls who do good beautiful makeup like you, for people who don’t have very much experience in putting on makeup. I’m really embarrassed to say this, but I’m 21 and I don’t really know how to use makeup cause I grew up Mennonite. I really like all your looks and think you do a really really good job of keeping your makeup flawless and “normal” looking. I tried to find makeup tutorials for beginners, but a lot of them are for heavily made up looks. Could you suggest anything for me to learn how to apply everyday makeup? Thank you very much, I really like reading your posts.

  3. lisa! well this is just what i use for my every day, day time make up! And i usually dont wear bronzer during the day until spring/summer time! but i use tanning lotion on my face so my foundation and powder are not super light! if that makes sense? I will post what I use for night though soon! love you!

  4. Alyssa- I love it too! I will have to check yours out and see what you do 🙂 and yes definitely try the lip stain! thanks for reading cute girl!

  5. I love this! Thank you for sharing! I did a post like this a couple days ago an love hearing what other people use daily! I am definitly going to have to try outlast lip stain I’ve only heard good things about it.<3