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I wanted to share some new podcasts I have been listening to a lot lately! I go back and forth between listening to books and podcasts while driving, working out or traveling, but podcasts usually win since I love that I can finish an episode while at the gym or on a drive. Here are some new ones I have been loving and at the bottom I will have a list of the ones I have already mentioned but still listen to all the time.

1. Dirty John: I mentioned this one the other day but it was recommended to me by a friend and I really loved it! I listened to the entire season on my plane ride to NYC not too long ago. It is kind of murder mystery vibes and really entertaining.

2. Masters of Scale: This is a podcast by Reid Hoffman who founded Linkedin. I really really love this podcast because he really dives into details on specific topics with founders of companies or people in business. He interviews a lot of the same people who have been on How I Built This but instead of hearing the story of how they started he will pick a specific topic like “How to scale fast” or “How to know when to seek investments” etc. so you get to hear more of their story which is really fun. I have really enjoyed the episodes with Peter Thiel, Mariam Naficy and Marissa Mayer.

3. Armchair Expert: I could have mentioned this one before but this is Dax’s podcast where he does really long (sometimes almost 2 hours) interviews with celebrities and has really candid and open conversation with them. Sometimes a little too open where I am like okay could have done without that visual, Dax… haha. But I love that he asks questions that aren’t your typical interview questions and it feels like you are hearing them just hang out and talk. Our favorite episodes have been: Kristen Bell (obviously), Jason Bateman, Amy Schumer and Ashton Kutcher.

4. Dr. Death: Ah this one is crazzzy! It is about a surgeon who has his degree but was not properly trained so he ends up killing and seriously injuring his patients in surgeries and hops around from hospital to hospital — it kind of exposes how the healthcare system tries to protect itself from lawsuits but in the process ends up with situations like this. It is sooo fascinating and concerning to hear. Definitely recommend!

5. Oprah’s Masterclass: Oprah came out with this podcast not too long ago and it tells the stories of how famous and influential people got to where they are. It isn’t done in interview style – it is just the guest telling their story and advice to those listening. I really loved Jay-Z and Dwayne Johnson’s episodes.

Podcasts I listen to and have already mentioned on the blog:

1. How I Built This
2. Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations
3. Freakonomics

What are you listening to right now? 

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  1. I’m going to start Dirty John soon and I’m so excited! Where are your boots from?! I’ve been looking everywhere for ones like that!!

  2. Thank you so much! I started listening to How I built This based on your past recommendation and have listened to all of them. Fascinating. Masters of Scale and Armchair Expert sound wonderful too. I really enjoy Ask a Clean Person. Great tips on cleaning things like cashmere sweaters or men’s shirts with sweat stains. Not glamorous, but useful and entertaining info.

  3. I love listening to Young House Love. They are a husband and wife team who talk about home renovations, DIY, and their business. LOVE. They are hysterical.

  4. “Cold” is my recent podcast addiction. It’s a podcast that dives deep into the Susan Powell murder by her husband Josh Powell. Super crazy!!

  5. I’ve been addicted to My Favorite Murder podcast! So good and definitely recommend for true crime lovers!

  6. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Dirty John!! I’ll have to listen before the show starts. Thanks for the recs Amber! I’m always looking for new podcasts and books! p.s. these pics with the blossoms are so cute and fun!

  7. I was just trying to look for new podcasts so this is perfect! I love Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe (the former Bachelorette), it’s my go-to for long car rides, she is SO funny and also relatable.

  8. Checking out some of your suggestions! I like The Goop Podcast and Undiscovered— two very different options but both are smart and entertaining !

  9. Jordan Harbinger podcast is by far my favorite! Especially his negotiating series. They’ve helped family members with job offers and sales. Incredibly useful.

  10. If you like true crime, listen to Up & Vanished, Happy Face, and This Is Actually Happening!

  11. Current favorites are WHAT THE EFF & RISE TOGETHER. What the eff is by a blogger you may know! Rise is by Rachel & Dave Hollis.

  12. Totally love Dax’s podcast and agree with your assessment haha sometimes totally TMI. Thought you might enjoy Imagined Life. It’s new and I’ve been eating it up. Tells the untold stories of famous people before they were famous—their childhood, highs and lows, but you have no idea who it is until the very last sentence when they reveal! It’s so tempting to fast forward and see if I’ve guessed right!

  13. I love Joe Rogan podcast – I skip the ones with MMA fighters but all the rest are so so good! Very long but he just knows how to have amazing conversations with very intersting people.

  14. You’ll have to check out Coffee + Crumbs! It’s a podcast all about motherhood and it’ll make you laugh, cry and everything in between

  15. So.. (= thanks to this blog post, I began listening to Masters of Scale and O.M.G.!!! it is so good! I loved the Arianna Huffington episode and enjoyed your recommendations of Peter Thiel and Mariam Naficy episodes! Thanks!! Love all your book/podcast recommendations. I feel so inspired and really think you have great taste!

  16. I love Jaci and Chelsea’s what we said podcast! Every week is amazinggg but can’t wait to listen to Dax’s too!!

  17. I love the Ladygang podcast!! And they just got a TV show too. Super candid and super real!

  18. Ok, I am LOVING the podcast “terrible, thanks for asking”. It’s intense. But GREAT stories

    Also happier by Gretchen Rubin is amazing

  19. I loved Dirty John! I saw that they were making it into a mini-series and knew I had to listen before I could watch. I kept having to remind myself that THIS IS REAL THIS REALLY HAPPENED because it just sounded so crazy!! I’ve been loving the Skimm’d From The Couch podcast – check it out!
    -Kelly |

  20. Thanks for sharing these! I absolutely love Best of Both Worlds, it’s for working moms and focuses on various situations that working moms deal with, they interview various working moms in different situations, etc

  21. Love these recommendations! Definitely going to check them out, thank you!
    – Nicki O.

  22. Definitely will check these out! Love Masterclass.

    My current favorites are COUPLE’S THERAPY with Casey Neistat and Candice Pool, How I Built This!, Supersoul, LIMETOWN. I work in podcasts (Endeavor Audio) and we are releasing some really captivating fictional podcasts in 2019!

    Fiona @

  23. Zen Parenting is AMAZING and inspires me to be a better mom and just a better human! Get the feeling you’d love.

  24. Those sound so good! Especially the one about business and Oprah’s Master Class! I’m listening to Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger and Christy Wright’s Business Boutique! Goal Digger is fun a casual, but fills with nuggets of good entrepreneurial info and Business Boutique is more structured with a story, a lesson, and an interview with someone who’s been there done that! 🙂 Love your blog! It’s my fave! xo

  25. So nice hearing about your favorite podcasts! I’ve been really trying to listen to more lately, and the one I’m really loving is the Deliciously Ella one, I don’t know if you’ve ever given it a go but I really do find it super interesting!

  26. oh man I LOVE Oprah’s masterclass. It’s so nice to hear these huge celebrity’s experiences and road to success. Makes you think how normal you are. I always come out of an episode feeling inspired.

    chevrons & éclairs

  27. oh my god amber you are the great inspiration for me, I admire you and your family again and again! You are a great mum and one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen! keep it up love you