My 3 Favorite Simple Hairstyles

We are officially moved into our new home, yay! Since we have moved in I have really loved this spot by my vanity. It has been such a fun inspiring space to get creative with my hairstyles, here are my 3 favorite simple hairstyles I am loving right now..

For the first look I used our BFB Up in the color Barefoot Blonde, it’s 1 weft, and is the equivalent to 4 wefts. It adds thickness and volume to updos and is super quick to insert, perfect for anyone on the go! We are doing an Up giveaway on instagram. You can learn more on how to enter below or watch my most recent instagram story. For the side twist, I used our BFB Fill-ins for added volume. For the simple little bun, I used one weft from my classic set, but the same look can be re-created with the Up.  You can check out the tutorials on how to do these simple styles on BFB Hair’s insta highlights under the highlight “Amber.” Hope these looks inspire you!

Outfit Details : Dress | Earrings | Necklace | Wrap

1. Formal Updo

I love doing simple formal updos to add a little class to any look. This style looks a lot harder than it is, to do this you can braid your hair and then twist it into a bun. To finish off the look I used a little golden clip.

Here are a few hair accessories I am loving right now :
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Amber Fillerup Clark in her bathroom in her new home at her vanity showing a formal updo, one of her favorite simple hairstyles.

2. Simple Side Twist

This is my most simple look and takes less than a minute. Just gather a section from the front of your hair, twist it 2 to 3 times and pin it, you can pull some hair out if you want it to look a little messier. For this look I used the BFB Fill-ins to add some extra volume. You can see how I did this on BFB Hair’s instagram highlights under the highlight “Amber.”

Amber Fillerup Clark showing a simple side twist, one of her favorite hair styles.

3. Simple Little Bun

Love this classy little bun, it is fun and different, but super easy. If you want to go for an undone look, this one is for you! I used just one weft from my classic set. I also used tons of texture spray, right now I am loving the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and it smells amazingggg, love it. You can also see how I did this look by visiting BFB Hair’s instagram highlights under the highlight “Amber.”

Amber Fillerup Clark showing a simple little bun, one of her favorite hair styles.

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Amber Fillerup Clark with a braid sitting at her vanity in her new home.


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  1. The cutest hairstyles for moms on the go! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I love the messy bun and really all your looks…all so easy and elegant

  3. Absolutely in love with the vanity and anticipating patiently all the pictures of your new house. Thank you for little sneak peaks here and there. I never had hair extensions and would definitely love to try yours although I don’t know much about hair “do’s” and only really always focused on keeping it healthy. XOXO, Magdalena

  4. You are perfect in every way!!!!! ❤❤all the styles and your new home!!!!!

  5. I’ve been following you since Atticus wasn’t even born 😍 I always find you so inspiring and creative as a person. Love your values, your family and your hair is as flawess as your personality is! It’s always precious to find ways/or to find someone who teaches how to take care of our hair and how to style it. Let’s be honest, sometimes we just to know anymore 😍😘💕

  6. Love that peach wrap from Zara! Do you know what it’s called?? Can’t find it on the site. And I love the easy hairstyles for all the mornings I snooze a million times! 😴🤰🏼🤰🏼 Also so happy that I’m pregnant at the same time as you! You make styling this growing belly easier on me! 😍