My Goals for 2018

Happy New Year!!!! This year we all went to my mom’s house and had Chinese food and played minute to win it games, it was so fun! I love that each year there is a reset button and we get a fresh start! I am constantly setting goals throughout the year and love to have goals going into the New Year! A lot of them are continuations from my goals last year because they are things I will always be working on and want to always be reminding myself of and some are new ones! So here are few of the goals I have been thinking about for myself and I have also included a few of my favorite quotes that I think will help me accomplish these goals this year.

My Favorite Moments of 2017

1. Stay Positive 

I want to continue to work on always having good and positive thoughts! And realizing that I have the power to make a situation good or bad based on my thoughts and that I do have control over how I choose to react to situations. And also surrounding myself with people who have that same goal in mind.

2. Be Present

To continue to try to be more present! (which I know I have said a million times gahhh! I swear I am not trying to preach its just REALLY hard to do and really important to me!) If I have 30 minutes with Atticus in the morning before he leaves I want to try to enjoy those 30 minutes. Make breakfast, tell stories, talk with him, and not think about anything beyond those 30 minutes. I have started to set alarms for say when I have about two minutes to get his backpack and go hop in the car – but everything leading up to that alarm is just in the moment. Do you guys have any helpful tips for others who want to be more present?

3. Try New Things

Some things I want to try this year: David and I want to take some dance classes together. I want to take a pottery making class — I always really wanted to do this as a little girl and I think the classes were always pretty expensive so I never got to try it. So I really want to try this! Cooking classes! We love taking cooking classes and I want to continue to take them and learn to be more confident in the kitchen because as of now I would be terrified to cook for a group of people! Rock climbing – I have done this a bunch before but there is a rock climbing wall at our gym and I want to do it more regularly as a workout because I think it is so fun!

4. Spend Less Time on Phone

We definitely made this a big priority of 2017 and I think we did a pretty good job but I want to be even better at it this year. If I have to be on my phone I want to get an activity going for the kids and go in the other room or something.

5. Exercise Gratitude

I want to be more vocal with our gratitude and say it daily with thought behind it. Sometimes (this is so bad to say and don’t judge) but I think we say our prayers at night and occasionally just say the same obvious things we are grateful for. I want David and I to talk about more than the obvious things we are grateful for and to talk about them with the kids. I also want this to bleed into all areas of life and to be content and grateful for whatever stage of life we are in. I get anxious wanting to be in our new home and I want to remember to just be grateful and content for the home we are in now and not look for the next best thing. Basically just being content with all things in life. We are going to incorporate this into the kids bedtime routine and make sure we are all saying 3 things we are grateful for that day instead of just the person saying the prayer.

6. Get Organized

And last one is to be more organized — gahhhhh. I am so unorganized and such a go with the flow person. But I am so busy and have a lot of people (my employees) who are depending on me being organized, on time, and dependable so I am really trying to be all of those things!

What goals or resolutions have you made for yourself for 2018? I think it will be a really exciting year and I am ready for a new start.


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  1. I absolute love all of your New Years resolutions. Ironically I choose the same New Years resolutions as you but I also want to work harder on being still and just listening instead of always talking. anyways I hope you and your family have a great start of the year:)

  2. So i used to just say a bedtime prayer with my daughter, but this past year, I started asking her each night what she was thankful for that day and what her favorite part of that day was. A lot of times she’ll be tired and say the same thing for both questions, but i’m hoping it will get her to really think about that stuff. It also has me thinking about it, too!

  3. My goals: Save money (less unnecessary purchases), learn to like people more (as observing daily people’s ignorant behavior on the street, in traffic, at work, etc. is giving me quite negative of an outlook on people I don’t even know in general), be less on my phone. Be kinder to my husband and more patient with my daughter.

  4. We have always wanted at least 4 kids with my husband but I get pregnant very hard. We wanted siblings close in age but it never works. We are waiting for baby 3 for 1,5 years now and I was so baby hungry and sad about it all.the.time.. So your post really helped me and I want to be more present! It really hits me because I just realized that I always waited for the next baby instead of relish in my kids. I really love them and I want to enjoy every single moment with them.

  5. Awesome!! Amber where is your necklace fron?! I’m absolutely in love!

  6. As far as being present goes, I recommend Headspace – it’s an awesome meditation app and it’s really helped me be more mindful and present. The meditations are short enough so it’s not overwhelming, and there’s packs for different topics like sleeping, happiness etc.

  7. Love your Goals! You are such a motivation. I feel I could help with some of your goals this year. Young Living Essential Oils are amazing for all the things. They support every system in our body. Ours is even safe for our babies. I would be so honored to be the person to educate you on the topic. Ours is 100% pure and we grow our own plants and have our own farms. I follow you on Instagram @aloha_essentials and my personal @eleaka1978 if you want to check me out before reaching out to me. This year I chose the word BOLD for personal and business this year. So this is highly out of character for me. But that’s what a new year brings right, growth. I look forward to hearing from you. Mahalo

  8. love love those new year’s resolutions! I actually have a lot of the same ones! my news resolutions are to be more in the present with my loved ones, less time on phone, start a better diet, exercise more, & to keep positive thoughts. life is too short to be negative ✨

  9. Love your goals and blog!! I can relate and have my own goals about less phone/screen time, wanting to play and laugh more with my three kiddos. More acts of kindness. Overall just wanting to be a better human being. Looking forward to reading about how you accomplished all of these goals in 2018!!

    Sidney /

  10. I love this, Amber! It is hard to not worry about the next steps– I totally get that! It is hard to be present when worrying about what needs to be done. Definitely take ball room dancing! My husband and I did when we were just bf/gf, and it was a blast! Then we got to bust out our moves a couple years later at our wedding!

  11. These are amazing goals! I go into more detail on my blog but my goals are: to explore more and travel, be active, unplug, declutter, and self-growth!

    Brittany |

  12. These are all fantastic and you have inspired me to not only add these to my resolutions as well, but also read these authors whom you quoted. Thank you so much for sharing! One of my goals this year is to be more forthright with my gratitude, too, and with my thoughts, because I often find that by sharing, you grow but also it allows others to know other people are just like themselves and go through the same things/have similar thoughts on things. Thanks again!

  13. Great goals; I can relate 100%!! Also, your photos are the CUTEST! So fun, and grabs attention.

  14. My word for 2018 is “engaged” because I want to be more present as a wife, mom, co-worker and friend!

  15. Hi! I love reading your posts. Did you get the quotes from a book or did you design them in the pretty pink boxes? Love to know!

  16. I really loved this and can relate to so many parts. I gave myself a word for the year and it’s “praise”. In hopes of cultivating a positive and more grateful mindset of what God has done and what he continues to do in my life. I loved your idea of setting timers to be more in the moment. I tend to be sooo future focused that I don’t even know how to just BE. Thanks for sharing I loved this!!

  17. Love these SO much, especially being more present! I love that quote about anxiety, how true is that. You know- my new planner actually has a “daily gratitude” section on each day and I love that, I have been using it all day and hopefully I stick with it.

  18. Loooove the photos and your goals!! I think being present is something I’m going to work on more this year too! I’ve noticed that I’ve improved on it a lot while I studied abroad but I think maintaining it when I’m here at home will be ideal! Happy New Year to you and your family!! 🙂


  19. Love following your blog and Instagram.
    So inspiring and always make my day.
    Thank you.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  20. I love the quotes you included with your goals, very good to ponder and judge our lives.

  21. Very inspiring goals,I will surely add some of them to my list too!I love this post, and I think it is interesting to hear about your family “rituals”, values and traditions you make. It is such inspiring to se how you connect to your children and to each other! To be a happy and healthy family is a lot of work an self discipline!wish you a happy new year!

  22. I love the quotes you included in this post!

    My goals include being more authentic, being more mindful, simplifying my life, and as always save more money!

  23. Love you goals! Finding gratitude in every situation was one of mine last year and a book that really helped me achieve that was “How To Be A Badass”. It is written informally but is extremely motivating and encourages and teaches you how to find a positive in each situation. Happy New Year!
    Xo Tori –

  24. Happy New Years Amber! These are great New Year’s Resolutions!!! Being present is huge! I definitely want my son to also feel like I am giving undivided attention! Thanks for always being so inspirational!

  25. Yay! Happy new year! I love all your goals and these pictures are so fun! I stopped doing resolutions because I honestly didn’t ever follow through with them. Now I stick to a word for the year and this year it is thoughtfulness. I want to give more and think about others more than myself and my own situation.


  26. I love these goals that you’ve set! Being specific is a huge part of actually sticking to your goal and you’ve done a great job with that here. Love your photos too (as always lol)!


  27. Happy New Year! Being present can be so hard when I feel like it should be so easy. It’s definitely something I am trying to work on as well. I love those special moments with my kids, and I never want to look back and feel like I missed them out on them. It’s so easy to get caught up in our phones, or look at emails, or even feel like we need to respond to blog comments. There are seriously not enough hours in a day and I am hoping to find a way to utilize them more wisely. All the best to you and your family in 2018! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  28. Being present is hard! I mean the brain will take moments after the fact and make It a memory, or history, the brain can also dream about the future but the one thing I feel it can’t do is be present. I do believe it’s something you have to be consciously aware of and work on because it isn’t easy. It is also my new year resolution. Stealing a few of yours also because it’s just too good. I make goals in many aspects of my life spiritual, physical, emotional, parenting, spouse exc. anyways loved this post!