My 10 Favorite Amazon Purchases 

Ordering things on Amazon is way too fast and easy it is frightening – haha. It is almost becoming a hobby for me just to search for fun, new gadgets and try them out at home. Even though I have zero space in this rental for any “new fun things”. I wanted to share 10 of my favorite purchases that come to mind. These are ones we use a lot so that is why they all probably came to mind. Also just in case you wanted to know, you can order a 5 lb bag of watermelon sours on Amazon. Sorry and also you’re welcome.


Silicone Baking Liners


If you don’t have these you NEED to get them!!! They are these nonstick silicone baking mats that I put on my baking sheets and bake cookies on them, pizzas, anything in the oven! You can also use them to roll out bread dough or anything like that where you don’t want it to stick to the counter. We have had ours for a year now and they have held up perfectly. This is the brand and 3 pack we have but ours have the circles on them for baking – not necessary but nice to have so here is a pack with the circles!

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Bed Sheets


I know I have mentioned these before but I just really love them and how cheap they are.. Especially with kids sleeping in our bed! We have used them for so many years now and love them.

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Hydroflask Handle


I drink my water out of a hydroflask (obsessed with them! We have them for the whole fam) but my only beef was that mine is so big and it can be annoying to carry so this little handle thing solves that and I love it!

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Phone Sanitizer


I actually just recently got this but can’t believe I haven’t gotten it sooner. Phones GROSS me out. I refuse to touch other people’s phones because I always wonder when the last time they cleaned it was haha. This thing sanitizes your phone in 10 min and you can charge it while it is being cleaned. Def a must before a baby comes too.

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Metal Smoothie Straws


We make smoothies a lot and David ordered these straws so we can stop using plastic ones and we and the kids love them. Especially how thick they are which is why they are so great for smoothies. David keeps one in his car for when he gets sodas too. I don’t really drink soda much or else I would do the same.

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Micro Mini Scooters


These are the best scooters for kids, ever! They are so easy for the kids to learn because turning and steering is so easy on it. We have had A’s micro mini for at least a couple years now and it is in perfect shape! We got Rosie one too and they just love them.

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Net Shopping Bag

Beach Bag

I use this for everything. Shopping, the beach, the pool, as a purse.. It is so chic to me and also love that price tag. 😉  

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Trtl Pillow


The best travel pillow I have ever used. Hands down. The end.

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Bottle Brush


My favorite brush for washing dishes!!! Plus I love how simple and pretty it is but really something about it is just GOOD. Also love this lil guy.

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Tongue Scraper

Dental Hygiene

Just clean your tongue please 🙂 these are amazing.

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My Favorite Amazon Prime Wardrobe Picks

Online Shopping

I was so excited when Amazon Fashion asked me to tell you guys about their cool, new benefit for Prime members, Prime Wardrobe, because you guys know my Amazon obsession! Basically, if you are a Prime member you can order up to 8 fashion items through Prime Wardrobe for free. Once you get them, you can decide what you want to keep or return, and you’ll only get charged for the items that you end up keeping!

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  1. Where is the price list before ordering. When are your famous weekend specials?

  2. Great suggestions!! I can add them to my ever-growing Amazon wishlist!!

  3. I had no idea they made a phone sanitizer!! I am so buying this!

  4. We bought the same scooter for our daughter (I mean, Santa did) last Christmas and we cannot say enough good things about it. I highly recommend it to anyone too! She loves it and the pink is extra cute. It steers so easily too, she’s totally learned it by herself just intuitively…

  5. Not sure how often this actually happens to people but I’m terrified to use metal straws after I read about someone tripping and impaling their trachea on it! Definitely a silly fear but I always use reusable plastic lol 😂

  6. Thank you for posting this. Ive been looking for good yet affordable bed sheets for forever now!!!

  7. Ooh I’ve been looking for a good net bag! Ordered this one immediately. 🙂

  8. thanks for the recommendations! i love all the little blurbs about why you like them. thanks for sharing.

  9. I love your 10 items…totally things that I never knew that I needed but almost all are now in my cart. That hydroflask handle is so going to come in handy!