My 10 Favorite Amazon Beauty Buys

You know how I love shopping on Amazon. I recently published a post on my 10 favorite amazon purchases, it covers a bunch of random products I have bought on Amazon, including a  5 lb bag of watermelon sours on Amazon ha ha! You can read that post here. Today I am talking about all of my favorite Amazon beauty buys. Do you have a favorite beauty item you purchase off Amazon?


Reusable Facial Cotton Pads


After I wash my face I always find drying it off such a struggle because sometimes there is extra mascara or makeup that comes off on the towel and then I have to wash it. And a wash cloth is nice but I only need to use one corner of it and then same problem where I am wanting to wash it etc. — so I really really love these because it is the perfect amount needed to dry your face off. Then you put it in the bag it comes with and you can wash and dry them all in that bag.

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Makeup Organizer


I have soo much makeup and while I love the idea of being minimal and only having my core products, I love to experiment with makeup depending on my mood so I end up having way more than I need. Love this because it keeps my makeup and skincare products organized and more visible so I don’t forget about certain products.

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Shaving Gel for No Ingrown Hair


I get ingrowns really bad ugh my skin is so sensitive when it comes to shaving. I heard about this stuff and had to try it! It doesn’t get rid of mine completely but definitely way way less than normal! So if you get ingrowns too its definitely worth a try. I feel like it lived up to its hype.

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Facial Steamer


I know I have mentioned this before but I just really love it! It is so relaxing and I love using it before an at home facial or before extracting blackheads!! If you want to see my post about extracting you can see it here.

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Dr. Dennis Gross Daily Face Peel


I used these before I was pregnant (sad I had to stop using them ah) and they are amazing!!!! I really felt like I saw a difference in my skin when I was using these. I also loved that it was so easy to travel with them.

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Tinkle Razors


Ya know when you are shaving and you don’t want to get too close to your ankles because there are all those bones and you have (like me) probably cut yourself a dozen times? That is so me and because of that there is always a few stray hairs that never get shaved because I am too scared to do it in the shower haha. I use these little razors to get any hairs like that. I also use them for shaving peach fuzz off my face when needed. I really only have a “mustache” in that direct sunlight BUT STILL I never want it there.

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Bio Oil


The most multi use beauty product. You can use this so many ways but I love to put it on my body before I work out (hate to admit that I learned this tip from Kim K) so when you sweat your body can soak up the oil and your skin feels so so soft after. (I usually only do this with black or darker pants because I am scared the oil will ruin any lighter pants) I also love to use it at night and on the kids scars.

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ScarAway Silicone Sheets


When I got my tumor in my breast removed I was really nervous about the scar because you could see it in a lot of my swimsuits. We were also living in Hawaii at the time so I was nervous about the sun affecting it. So I pretty much always kept one of these on it and honestly now if anyone asks to see the scar I have a hard time even finding it! It is so so faint and I am so happy with how it healed. I tried several similar products before this one and this one is by far my favorite.

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Clear Lipstick Lids


I have posted about these before too, but gosh I love them!!! Love not having to open up every MAC lipstick to see which color is in there. Makes it so easy and these are by far one of my favorite Amazon purchases.

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Pimple Patches


I love these so much more than zit creams because I always feel like the creams are messy or come off so I love that these just stick on!

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My 10 Favorite Amazon Purchases

Online Shopping

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  1. My Friend used the Bio oil after her pregnancy to overcome stretch marks. But the results are zero. Now she is using coconut oil and the slowly but the stretch marks are vanishing.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of these! I haven’t heard of half of them and they look cool to try out!

  3. Those scar sheets work amazingly well!! And I’ve been meaning to try the bio oil for a while now, i might have to get some to try it for pregnancy stretch mark prevention! Thanks for the suggestions<3

  4. Great finds, thanks for sharing! I was wondering if you also use bio oil on your face??

  5. I love Amazon but there are so many products to look at and choose from that I normally get overwhelmed and don’t buy anything so this is great!! I am especially excited to lool at the bio oil, face peel, scaraway sheets and steamer!

  6. Oh my goodnesss! I guess I haven’t been around long enough to know that you had a breast tumor that had to be removed!! That’s so scary… I am so so so glad you’re okay from that!
    I absolutely love all of the products you shared and seriously can’t wait to try a bunch, especially the facial steamer and those reusable cotton pads! I’m always finding myself buying more packages of cotton pads because I go through them so quickly.
    Thanks for this post Amber! 🙂
    Amanda Carmela

  7. What kind of improvements did you see in your face with the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads?

  8. Love this! Do you have the outfit she’s wearing linked somewhere! 🙂 the pink on pink is SO cute

  9. Hello. The beauty organizer looks WAY cool, and great for saving counter space. However, when I tried to click the shopping link, it just brought me back to your blog post. Do you have the Amazon link for this item? Would love to check it out. Thanks! Nice post!

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for noticing the link issue. We have updated the product with the proper link!