the whole way driving to arizona i was perpetually flexing my butt.
flex. unflex. flex. unflex.
for 10 hours..
do you think that even does anything?
i mean my butt is sure sore.
so lets hope so. otherwise… HUGE fail.
6 mile turkey trot tomorrow!
went to see my favorite little kids tonight..
honestly, (humble brag moment).. they were so excited to see me and it made me so happy.
i love seeing their smiling faces waiting outside for me and then watching them run up to me and attack me with hugs and kisses and i love you’s and i missed you more than pie on a stick’s (idk.. its just what they say). there is honestly NOTHING better than that. nothing nothing nothing.
(dont judge my appearance in these pictures.. i have no make up on. and im using retin-a soooo my face is PEELING OFF)
but here are my munchies that im in love with:

ahhh i DIE!!!!

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  1. Haha I love that you said you’re using Retin-A! Yes!!! I’m so sorry about the peeling tho!! My brother-in-law said if the peeling is really bad to start using it only every other night and like just on your forehead…that way your skin will get accustomed to it! Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!