PANTS: J Brand / TOP: c/o Chicnova / SHOES: Nordstrom / SUNNIES: Miu Miu / BACKPACK: Urban Outfitters

 On Sunday we decided to take Chauncey fishing with us! It was so funny watching him splash around in the water – even though wet paws + dirt = a muddy muddy dog – and how are you supposed to not let your dog jump all over you and cuddle you?! So I went home covered in mud and very very wet 🙂

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  1. My husband’s favorite thing eeeeever is fishing. I’m pretty sure he’d kill to go on a fishing trip these days. Also, you look beautiful as always. And I saw a girl comment on your blog asking about dying eyebrows, is that possible? I have suuuuper light eyebrows and have always wished they were darker. If I can dye them-I’d totally do it.

    1. Same with my husband he lovves it!! We go all the time! And yes you can definitely dye your brows!! I highly recommend it, it makes them look fuller and frames the face better I think! xx

        1. Let me rephrase that, “is there special dye for eye brows, or can I buy regular hair dye for them?” hah, I should really read over my messages before I post them.

  2. Just wondered where you got the turquoise bracelet from in this post? I love it, as well as your blog!

    1. You have never been?! Girl you need to go!! Haha we go like twice a week we love it!! xx

  3. Catch anything :)?
    I have been admiring your nail polish since your first photos at St. Croix. Any chance you can help a girl out and tell which brand this is?
    All the blues I’m finding don’t seem to much, and I loove this color (makes me think of the sky on a REALLY good sunny day). Thank you!
    Ps: Happy belated birthday!

    1. Well I didn’t haha I was too busy playing with Chauncey but my husband did! YES! My nail polish is Essie ‘Bikini So Teeny’ and girl you have to get it, it is my favorite!

  4. How the heck did I just find your blog?! Love your style girl! There is nothing sexier than a girl in a baseball cap- love this outfit!

    xx Lynzy

    1. Agreed I love when girls were baseball caps and baseball tee’s!! Thanks for your sweet comment! Glad to have you following along now!

  5. Hi Amber, you look cute!!:) but you always look cute!!:) I was just wondering when you bought that cute hat at forever 21 from that adidas swimsuit post!? I can’t find it online or in stores!!:( I love it!!! And bummed about the suit being sold out!! Um freaking adorable!! Well xo Brittany

    1. Thanks girlie!! I got it while we were in NYC just recently so about two weeks ago! I have found that NYC’s Forever 21 has stuff ours doesn’t so that could be why and I havent seen it online! If I find it I will let you know!