Mother's Day

Since it is Mother’s Day I figured I would share some things I love most about being a mom! Here they go…

PS Happy Mother’s Day to all you hardworking and incredible moms out there! My friend Naomi shared this video and I thought I would pass it along since I thought it was really great, here is the link. Hope you get SPOILED!

My Five Favorite Things About Being Atticus's Mom

1. His excitement for life is absolutely INFECTIOUS! Several times each day I will hear “mom I am sooo happy!” — he says this even if we are just in the car driving somewhere on a hot Arizona day. Sometimes he will tell me he is feeling sad too and he is really good at just talking to me freely about his feelings which I love!! He also is a great listener when other people need to talk about their feelings and always tries to cheer people up. I feel like he is a grown up in a little persons body sometimes because he feels like my friend, and I love to tell him about how I am feeling too!

2. I lovvve watching him make new friends! He is so great at confidently walking up to a group of kids and hopping right in. Every single place we go he leaves with a new friend!

3. Since being in school he loves to teach us new things and I live for this! It is the best hearing what he learned that day.

4. Atticus 100% appreciates the little things in life and is always so appreciative of EVERYTHING! The cute thing is that its never just a “thank you!” its always a “awww thank you mama! This makes me so happy! I love it! wow mama!” doesn’t matter if I bought new trash bags – he is excited!

5. Such a great helper and listener! He really loves to help me out with anything and has turned into such a great listener with directions, I rarely have to ask him twice to do anything.

My Five Favorite Things About Being Rosie's Mom

1. I mean obviously watching her eat is toward the top of my list haha! As you can tell by now homegirl loves to eat (with such passion!) she likes pretty much all food – she eats iceberg lettuce plain, broccoli, anything!

2. Her dance moves are sooo precious and make me soo happy! She points her left toe out, shakes her booty, and snaps her fingers haha every time! Cracks me up.

3. She is my dolphin lover which makes me so happy because I am so crazy obsessed with dolphins it’s silly!!! Anytime she sees one in a book or sticker or anything she gives it a kiss and says “awwwwwww!!!! its soooooo bewwwwtful!” I also just love how much she loves animals and babies – she is so soft and gentle and sweet!

4. My snuggle bug! Rosie doesn’t take naps anymore.. unless she is snuggling me. I love it and she has been like this since the moment she was born. Always wants to be held, always giving hugs and kisses, and wanting to snuggle. She loves to sit and read with me curled up under a blanket.

5. I love seeing what a carefree kid she is. Truly a free spirit and is down for anything, SO go with the flow, patient, loves being messy, loves to travel, and always is wanting to try something new and couldn’t care less if she gets hurt. Man that girl is tough. She falls and hops back up and I expect to see her bawling but nope she just carries on like it didn’t happen. I often just stare at her and watch her be her cute and fun self because she is such a character – she makes my heart explode!

Planning Activities With Kids

I wanted to share today how we plan activities to do with the kids and also some tricks I have found give me some follow through so I actually do activities with my kids! I think it is really easy just to stay at home most days with the kids – and don’t get me wrong it feels gooooood to stay home and nothing is wrong with it and I actually think it is really healthy to have those lazy, unplanned days.

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Mom Guilt

Since Atticus was born I have written emails to him and now Rosie too. I started with a baby book and quickly realized that a physical book didn’t make sense for me because most of the time when I get the urge to write to them, its when I am in bed at night thinking about them. So now every couple months or just whenever I feel like it, I write them an email with updates on what they are into, funny things they say, what I love about them, and just favorite memories from those couple months.

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  1. I love all the pictures of you and your kiddos! You look like you’re having such a wonderful time and the love is palpable from the screen.


  2. Happy Mother’s Day Amber! Met you back during NYFW this past fall and the way you described how sweet and excited your kids are, they get it from their momma! Telling you about why I was in NYC (interning at NBC) and how I’ve been following you forever made you so happy that I have pictures of you and all your expressions! Made my day! Hope to see you again soon! Your kids are lucky to have you. Don’t forget your first fur baby, Chauncey! ❤️

  3. You’re an amazing mother! Happy Mother’s day Amber🌷🌷

  4. I love love LOVE THIS POST! All the pictures and sweet reasons and that video made me cry! Happy mother’s day to you. You’re so beautiful inside and out!

  5. Cutest mom around! Love these tributes to them and their little personalities.

  6. These images are so beautiful and your kids are precious. What a blessing being mother is. Happy Mamas Day!

  7. This is so beautiful! I remember a post you did years ago about how you used to picture yourself sitting in your car with your future kids in the back and how it was just a dream but now it’s reality! My heart melted when I read that because I am so excited to be a mom someday. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  8. I LOVE this post!!! All of our children are so different and I truly enjoyed reading what you love most about each of your little loves. Thank you for sharing