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Before I get started with all my regular outfit posts (I have a fun Free People collab to share with you tomorrow! Shot by Jessica) I wanted to share some photos from Morocco! We absolutely loved getting to visit and experience their culture.. we even got to be there on their religious holiday, Eid al-Adha where they honor the prophet Abraham and each family sacrifices a sheep (or sometimes a goat or ram). They were telling us that millions upon millions would be killed that day. There were countless dead animals and blood lining the streets while they burned the heads of each animal. It was definitely different for me to experience and someone said it is kind of like our Thanksgiving where we slaughter millions of turkeys each year, although we don’t do it in the streets, it was really cool to see how they celebrate their holidays.

The food there is incredibly cheap so most days we would just walk up and down the streets trying new restaurants and different food carts. They even had 25 cent fresh squeezed orange juice that I definitely took advantage of 🙂

Check back tomorrow to see the Free People collab and some info on a Braid Bar I will be doing braids at in AZ next weekend! xo

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  1. Love this post! I know it’s old and you may not even see this but I am planning a trip to Morocco and 1. Want to know what city this is? and 2. Where did you get your black head scarf? Love you and your blog! <3

  2. Hey Amber! I absolutely love your blog! I just started following but as I love traveling I was drawn to your travel section! This trip to Morocco looked beautiful and like such an adventure. I’m only 22 so I want to travel as much as I can right now. Did you arrange your trip through anyone in specific or just kind of go with it?! Again, you look stunning xox

  3. Hi! Love this post, and I’m dying over your sunnies. I see they’re from Nordstrom, do you mind sharing the brand? Thank you for a great blog.


  4. Amber, I just want to say thank you very much for putting such a positive spin on the Eid al-Adha tradition of slaughtering a sheep! Many people would have missinterpreted it, but instead you compared it to how we eat many turkeys in this county every year although, we don’t see the process of how they get on our table. As one of your Muslim woman readers I wanted to say thank you!

  5. Love your photos! I’m heading to Morocco with my boyfriend next month so I was excited to find your post on it. I’m curious – I’m also a blonde and wondering if I should brings hats or something to cover my head. Did you feel like you blended in a bit better with your head covered? Did you buy the one you are wearing there? Thanks! xxx

  6. I was wondering where you husbands swimsuit is from, I’m headed to puerto rico in a couple weeks and need some more board shorts.

  7. Hi love your blog and these amazing travel pictures! I am trying to plan a long traveling experience with my boyfriend right now. What are some tips for planning and traveling on a small budget? Thank you!

    1. Thanks Kelly!! I would suggest to travel during the off season, use to book your tickets, get a rental car, grocery shop instead of eat out, and use priceline! xx

  8. Beautiful photos and stunning colors! However, I really feel terrible for those animals. Specifically the monkey in chains. So sad.

    1. I know 🙁 thats what my husband and I were saying it really was sad! But I had never held a monkey before and really wanted to!

  9. I LOVE the white dress! Where is it from? Morocco looks amazing! Love your posts!

    1. Thanks!! Some are with my iphone and others are with a 24-70 2.4 zoom lens!

  10. Incredible photos, Amber. Thank you to you and David for capturing so beautifully a place many of us will never see.

  11. These pictures are amazing!! Love the picture of you infront of the green door!! I can’t believe the story about millions of animals being killed in one day and seeing it in the streets.. I don’t think I could handle that but it’s definitely an experience to see how other countries live!! 🙂

    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Thanks girl!! Yeah it definitely made me a little queazy haha but still very interesting!! xx

  12. I can’t get over how cute that full picture of the lone camel is…plus morocco is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL CITY captured in your photos, I’m wanting to visit there for every aspect for the food, for the colours, the culture..everything. Beautiful photos Amber! X

    1. Hahah is that not the cutest camel ever? Love it! And yes you should definitely visit at some point! I think it may have been our favorite place! xx

  13. I can see why Morocco was one of your favorites!! So pretty! And you look like a beauty in every picture! Love you!!!

  14. That turquoise door is stunning. Also I love the shot of the camel!!! (Happy hump day)
    Love your blog by the way 🙂

  15. this trip looks like a dream; so different from many people’s travels!

    by the way, you are about the cutest and most glamorous woman i have seen wearing a head wrap! (not sure what the technical name is)

  16. So fun to see all of your travel posts!! You and your hubby look like you had the best time despite some setbacks (sick and car being towed, etc.) but those things just make the stories better when you tell about them years later. I can’t help but imagine what your kids (when you have them) will think looking at these pics of their parents years from now! I think they will be lucky to have you guys for parents. Many blessings to you! You are a smart girl to follow your travel dreams so young! I am older now but wish that I had been more “brave” at your age 🙂

    xo Kathi

    1. Kathi! That is the sweetest comment ever and totally made my day! I hope one day our kids like to look at our travel photos because I know I love looking at my parents old pictures 🙂 Your comment really was one of the nicest things ever and means so much to me! xx

  17. Amazing photos! I’m not sure how I would stomach seeing those poor animals but I’m sure it was a crazy experience! Love the hair and can’t wait to hear about the braid bar! 🙂

    xo Mel

  18. Wow! What an amazing experience. I’m not sure I could handle all the dead animals in the street, but that’s just me… I realize it’s a cultural thing, but it’s just so far from what I’m used to. Otherwise, Morocco looks amazing! I’d love to go sometime! I actually got to ride camels while I was in Israel two years ago and it was one of the highlights of the trip. Not sure if you’re planning to travel to Israel but you should really consider it, if you weren’t already. It’s such an incredible place, what with all the history from so many different religions.

    Thanks for sharing your incredible photos!

    1. So fun that you got to ride a camel in Israel! I am sure that was so amazing 🙂 We definitely have that on our list!

  19. LOVE your black dress! It’s totally something I can wear now that I’m pregnant. And super excited to hear about this braid bar!

  20. Not sure why, but I love that you’re riding the camel barefoot. It just adds to the appeal.

    As always, beautiful photos!! I’ve loved following along with your guys’ trip!

  21. Okay that camel’s stance just killed me!!! I want that picture on my wall haha. We need to hang out with you guys ASAP! 🙂

    1. Haha is it not the funniest thing ever!? Glad we got to see you guys last night!